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  1. It seems to me that the editors have been the captains of "Team Amy", showing Matt off as being the biggest asshole of all time. His impulsive spending, his fun-killing attitude during family vacations, his disregard for anyone's feelings or opinions - it seems every episode over the years was carefully crafted to show these aspects of Matt, and who knows what fell to the cutting room floor? That being said, Amy sure has changed her tune concerning the big farm house. She clung fiercely to her castle during the divorce, claiming that "this is where all my memories are!" and "Here is where
  2. Well, that's one way to have a horde of men all watching Whit be her "senshus" self.
  3. Uh, no thanks. We don't need Nanny Gub'Mint dictating what we "should" and "mustn't" eat.
  4. Yep. Let's keep on rewarding that bad behavior. Can't wait until this li'l princess is 16 and wanting the keys to the car.
  5. Ah, but it has been wonderful to not have water/sewer bills, and that chlorine smell in the water. As you say, to each, their own.
  6. I've lived with a septic system for decades. It's really no big deal (oh, beg pardon - "dill"). If properly constructed and of adequate size, it'll handle the household. I have a tank and leach field set up. I occasionally feed it a box of RidX or a bag of yeast (last time I had to have the tank pumped, and that was decades ago, the technician told me that baker's yeast does much the same thing as the commercially-sold "septic tank maintenance" products. It just gets the digestive action going/keeps it going). I don't have a garbage disposal, but I do have a dishwasher, laundry equipment and s
  7. Love me some old time Rock and Roll! What I am wondering is how much Kody had to pay for the draft of his Magic Kingdom centerpiece. That had to be costly. So, too, all the trips to look at the Flagstaff area, singly and in groups. Having lived on a threadbare budget, I find it difficult to believe that they could just gas up a fleet of SUVs and go on these multiple trips.
  8. Dayton was helpful? I didn't see him do much of anything except shift from foot to foot and nod like a goofball. College man? Hmmmm. Don't think so. Gabe, on the other hand, is getting royally screwed. Do love how Robyn refers to Dayton and Aurora as "OUR" kids.
  9. I thought I caught a glimpse of Derek. It's such a shame that TLC has bowed to the PeeCee gods and won't show the whole Duggar family, especially during these big family events.
  10. Not really a big fan of any of the "gotcha" stunts pulled at these weddings.
  11. Sorry. We're just going to have to agree to disagree on this one.
  12. Well, to be honest, the Duggars ARE a family, and they actually enjoy each other's company. The children elected to have one big bedroom each for boys and girls instead of carving up the space into smaller rooms that would still have to be shared. That provided space for a sewing/crafting room for the girls and a media studio for the guys - with doors that could be shut to keep the littlest Duggars out of harm's way. The Browns don't share that sort of family structure, or family closeness.
  13. Really? To do so would to incur the wrath of the PeeCee gods. And Whammo! The gravy train would abruptly derail, just as it did to some of the Duggar clan, who spoke their mind regarding another TLC sacred cow (bull, actually). Kody needs the money! Morals and The Bible be damned!
  14. Yeah. My feelings exactly. What the hell is this with the "twitchy people"?
  15. Yeah. Being "Fat, FIERCE and Fabulous". Just ask her. If you ask me, she's got just one out of three.
  16. The "wife du jour", undoubtedly.
  17. Just common sense remarking here: She has had no social interaction to speak of. Other than what she has learned watching the likes of 'The Jerry Springer Show', 'Oprah' and 'Dog, The Bounty Hunter', she has no practical experience with details of Life outside her living room/bedroom/bathroom-in-one. She has never been to an airport, so she has no idea just how vast they are. Any lack of information, or incorrect information for whatever reason (including that she didn't know what questions to ask in the first place) means she is being lied to - of course! Never had a job. No concept of money.
  18. I didn't get that vibe at all! He undoubtedly deals with a lot of young girls with this problem. They are already at a very tender age, feeling awkward and ugly. Add to this the problems with the scoliosis - I'm sure his remarks were to reassure her that she's NOT an ugly person. There was nothing inappropriate to it.
  19. Kissing that fat bum, Buddy, has to be the next best thing.
  20. Amen to that. The men could dance! Even Glenn had better moves than our "career dancer, Whitney". She just made her usual pre-orgasm face, rubbed her front parts and set her "back field in motion" - in other words, she did the same non-dancing stuff she always does.
  21. Okay, a few random thoughts: - Kody was so inappropriate, it was ridiculous. It's a shame he doesn't drink. At least being plastered would have been an explanation for his behavior and remarks. - Yeah, Truly's hair did look just like Daddy's. A rat's nest. Poor child. - After all the expense and planning, you might expect the bride to put a little effort and thought into her vows. What an embarrassing moment. - I have little-to-no fashion sense. But even I was aghast at what the moms chose to wear. - Why was the little sister carrying the train up the aisle during the
  22. Fine. That's one less person in the checkout line.
  23. Oh, I haven't seen that second Skittles commercial. Thank goodness. The first one is skeevy enough!
  24. Well, I guess you and I will not be sharing the same TV viewing couch. I love the Duggars - ALL of the Duggars - including the "imperfect" and non-PC ones. And I would love to see the whole extended family in these episodes.
  25. And we did see in a recent episode that airport personnel are very accommodating in helping people get around the airport, through the security points and to their seats on board the aircraft, if necessary. Why some of these patients can manage to do this and others just freakin' lose it at the least inconvenience is puzzling - the only answer can be, it's for The Drama Of It All.
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