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  1. Sure. Dealing with the public - with her charming personality. Exactly someone whom I would entrust with MY company's image. And, there's the little problem of the drug test, which many companies require.
  2. I prefer the term "honesty" for Babs' remarks. That's not cruelty, especially in the light of the horrid things Whitney says to her parents and everyone else in her orbit.
  3. My Big Fat Fabulous Boyfriend? Hey, he does have a cat.
  4. B in Lee


    A la Jer & Auj? I mean, all those MONTHS of married life - what a gold mine of wisdom! Perhaps the two power couples could collaborate.
  5. Probably a stretched out pair that Twit took off and forced Babs into wearing. Without washing them first.
  6. She keeps dodging medical bullets (A1c, passing out at danceathon, etc). She seems to think the fact that she hasn't had a bad-enough episode (yet) is proof that she is "fit and healthy". The girl is the Queen of Denial.
  7. She used the kids as an excuse. If they had to go to Gramma's in Cleveland, so be it - Mercedes needed to be hospitalized. I think her REAL fear was of losing control over her food choices/portion sizes. It's just really easy to play the Mommy Card.
  8. Please! Since there is a chance she does read these posts, PLEASE do not give her any ideas!!
  9. HEY! The Last Princess of Alderaan has SO much more style and class than this thigh=gapper.
  10. I am sorry. If "Going To College" produces the likes of Whitney, who has NO knowledge, NO class and NO life skills, why in the hell did Daddy write all those checks?
  11. In all fairness, Erica's sister and her family stood up to her. Erica was called a bitch. It was pretty obvious that Erica had been manipulating and guilt-tripping her family members for quite a while, yet they were called uncaring and unfair to her. After a while, people are going to shrug and say 'hey, it's your life; whatever.' or 'oh? Now you want help? Again? Prove it!'. Or both
  12. Dayum. I am SO glad that I am missing out on the YouTube craze.
  13. Caryn wouldn't want the big farm house because it is completely built to Matt's "little" specifications. She'd be stooping over any time she worked in that kitchen, for example. On the other hand, Matt wanting OUT of the "dw" was such a theme for quite a while. What is going on? Changes of heart? Producer shenanigans? Stay Tuned!* *Actually, I think that's the whole idea, don't you?
  14. I suppose you could pose as an investor and ask for a (what's that word?) prospectus(?).
  15. Walmart is only really annoying on the first weekend of the month. And the day before any major holiday. Otherwise, it's like any other grocery/big box combo, although a bit more entertaining. Wally World snobs are either 1). Lying about never setting foot there or, 2). Missing out on a whole other world of wonder. Granted, I live in a rural area, so I cannot speak of Walmarts in city settings. I can say that for some of the far-flung farmers in this county, a trip to Walmart is akin to a trip to Disney World, judging from the looks of dazzled amazement on some faces. And the Amish horses hear
  16. Sorry. I'd have the windows open, the back doors open, and I'd be aiming for every pothole and curb I could find. Not sorry.
  17. #EnoughWithTheFreakinHashTagsAlready!
  18. Oh, and didn't another relative (male cousin? brother?) pony up the money needed for the down payment? Yeah, she might think herself independent - from the Browns. She just attached her dependency to another branch of her family tree.
  19. My Nana was under 4'10". She was not a dwarf.
  20. Have none of these poundtestants (that's the term, right?) ever noticed that on their beloved fast food menus there are HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES? I can't think of one burger chain that does not offer some sort of salad. And, guess what else? It is not mandatory to order the biggest burger, or the most heavily decorated burger, or a whole bag full of burgers. I am shaking my head so hard I just might induce whiplash. And I'll just bet Dr. Now has come close to doing the same, a time or two.
  21. Sorry. I just can't use the term "addict" to describe - and enable - these gluttons. By granting them the label of "addict", you are giving them the gift of being able to claim "victimhood". There's far, far too much of that going on nowadays. No responsibility and accountability. Just excuses.
  22. Careful now. Whitney would call that a classic example of "fat shaming"!
  23. Come to think of it, Matt hasn't mentioned anything about having to remake that newly acquired house in Arizona to suit his special needs. That Arizona Sunshine must have been magical and miraculous for his tortured, crippled body.
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