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  1. 1. Will and/or his daughter said something "fat shaming" or "judgmental" - a/k/a tried to correct her in something she was doing wrong? 2. Handsome new gym dudes need their share of the glow which is Whitney? 3. Oh! I know! Check out the flag hanging DIRECTLY above our Whit - She Is Going Olympian! And so, naturally, she needs more advanced, more intensive trainers.
  2. I can easily imagine Twit braying about her bein' a Mountain Momma. Or, a MOUNTAIN of a Momma (with some lewd comment about being worth the climb).
  3. Well, that has been her little head-cocky by line." I'm a fat ass. And I'm a BAD ass!". I just shake my head and return to folding laundry or emptying the dishwasher. Never once have I felt the urge to cheer.
  4. Well, hold on now. Before we get all High Falutin' Food Virtuous about this, it's not necessarily the QUALITY of what she's consuming as much as it is the QUANTITIES. Hell's Bells people - she scarfs down STARBUCKS! That's "quality", right? She could eat at McD's every day, if she ate just a Happy Meal, and a salad. Or, she could eat three free-range, organic chickens (healthy, right?), roasted with a couple pounds of organic potatoes slathered with half a pound of organic, grass-fed butter (Yeah! Healthy!!) with a tossed salad of organic microgreens. And a cheesecake for dessert -
  5. Honestly, clothing sizes mean little or nothing. Whit could come up with her own set of sizes: a tank top for a 300 pound woman 'could' be called 'X-Tra Small' if she so decreed. But, BMI doesn't lie. And she can rant and pose and jiggle as hard as she wants. She can't change the facts. And, yanno what? Isn't the whole idea of shaming someone an indication that there is a situation that is not acceptable and needs to be fixed? We "shame" puppies when they misbehave in the house. We say (or at least used to, before the PeeCee Monster came to live among us), "Shame on you! You never pu
  6. Back during my active duty days we had phrases of wisdom for such as this. One comes from my basic training instructors, "Boo-Hoo. Sure sucks to be YOU!". The others are from the latter days of my career, "Handle it, Sarge. Handle it." And, " Sound like you got a personal problem. Deal.".
  7. Discretion. It's the best fashion statement one can make, and it never goes out of style.
  8. Perhaps Whit should check out the definition of the very word, MORBID. Nothing healthy, happy or wholesome about THAT.
  9. Damn. That means I am average. And, being that I am a military retiree, I am very ashamed of myself.
  10. Please don't insult Rolling Thunder by associating it with Whitney and her grand delusions.
  11. Hey! It does work. I've wondered how to do that. Thank you for your assistance.
  12. I really think she's ridden this pony as far as it will go. "Divorce as a Little Person"? How is that so different than what other women face? We've already been through endless episodes of "Empty Nest As A Little Mom". That is NOT any different from what any other mother deals with. Enough already, Amie. We get it. Move on.
  13. No judgement here! I am now more of a Warrior, but I started out as a Trekkie. And Lt. Uhura is totally AWESOME.
  14. The parent or primary caretaker who put a child in that nightmarish situation should also bear responsibility. This is just as unacceptable as "forgetting" the baby is in the car seat in the back of the mini van on a hellishly hot day. You cannot delegate parental responsibility!
  15. I have two nieces who are sisters. One is Nicole, and the other is Michelle. I didn't bat an eyeball at the name Nichelle. But I get where you're coming from.
  16. On whose calendar? Where and when did that come from?
  17. And sometimes a "grab" is just a "grab". I think we are trying to read too much into this.
  18. Why do people think that snot snagger is appealing in any way?
  19. During their Sad Story segment, did I really see them eat two enormous helpings of spaghetti and meatballs EACH? Was all that food, including the ice cream and the pizza ONE FEEDING? And then they started talking about "what's for dinner". Oh, boy. This one's gonna be a long, uphill haul for Dr Now.
  20. Okay, I've had enough of Matt and the Yearly Drama! of Punkin Season. They've been doing this for, what, twenty years or so? And yet every single year is just as tense and unknowable as the freakin' lunar landing in 1969. Really, Matt? You don't know how things are going to work? This year, TAKE SOME NOTES!
  21. Whoa. It would seem the crown for Queen of Denial as been passed down. The weight wasn't what killed her? Come on, Danielle.
  22. Well, Steven the Ass had a personal assistant, and we saw that there are limits to what they can do. Princess put up with a lot of abuse, and worked hard to track him down when he went drug shopping (to cite one example). Unless the patient wants to cooperate, if (s)he is still deemed mentally competent, they can do as they choose - within the limits of law, of course. These people get all the help and tools available, but it's up to them to use the tools and programs and do the hard work.
  23. Well, perhaps she will. Now that she has buried her mother. What a sad ending, for a sad woman. It was unnecessary. But, the choices you make dictate the life you get.
  24. She has PCOS, remember: Picks Cakes Over Salads. As for the comment about the whine, is there anyone who takes what this braying ass proclaims as Serious Advice?
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