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  1. That goes without saying. Zach and Tori are more authentic people.
  2. Five hours of 'HERE COMES THE BRIDE'? no, no. Danger, dude! Beware!
  3. He can join forces with Todd, who has been doing the same snark-from-the-back-row routine for years now.
  4. Well, perhaps in YOUR part of the US. Not the same all over the place.
  5. Sorry, it's still pretty much jiggle, jounce and twerk. But not as obscene as what Twit does all the time. Not really much in the way of "dancing".
  6. My Maine Coon settles himself on one end of my desk and then just spreads-himself-out like a lava flow - anything in his way is just displaced, shoved aside, knocked to the floor until he has sufficient room for His Comfort. All the time he watches me, blinking languidly.
  7. "Decisions and a game plan"? Like, maybe, knock off the moonpie foolishness and get yourselves honest-to-goodness JOBS?
  8. But....BMI is just some arbitrary number "they" use in order to discriminate against fat people! It's the very definition of Fat Shaming!!
  9. Mothballs are effective. Critters don't like those.
  10. When do we get to break the news to these self-absorbed funksters (or whatever they're calling their precious selves these days) that they're not doing anything any more special than what I, and my mother, and my grandmother (who bore FOURTEEN) to life and thriving existence did - and all without social media cheering squads?
  11. Is that one of the babies' bibs she's sporting?
  12. Did the plot just thicken? I read that paragraph several times, and it seems that the the Parawan house is to be used as Meri's second home - so how can she run a B&B there? No legal beagle here!
  13. That's going to be hard, isn't it? Because there will always be "The Boy", and then the "First Female Lead", and then the rest. Much more difficult to make a tight group that way.
  14. Just watching this obnoxious episode again (why?). Twit says, as she wallows into the hot tub, "There are certain rules in my life. When I'm in water, I pee". Revolting.
  15. Whitney doesn't follow ANY rules. At All. She is totally undisciplined.
  16. I'm thinking it might be a habit she developed to ensure that various body parts, folds, or whatever aren't sticking together. Or, it could have something to do with knowing there's a camera aimed her way, or somebody watching - you know, being"senshus".
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