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  1. I'll throw this out there for consideration: I don't think Mariah is homosexual. This family has a proven track record of doing unexpected, outrageous, puzzling things all for the sake of attention and ratings for their show. I can totally hear Kody saying, "Hey, here's an angle we haven't explored. How about exploring how a plyg family embraces and accepts a gay couple? Should be good for a season or more, yes?" I mean, there's the rainbow nuptials to be planned and executed on a GRAND scale. Then we can follow them while they are doubly persecuted while trying to adopt a kid - I mean, c
  2. Fellow Pounders, I have had an epiphany! I am watching Schenee's episode again. Dr. Now just called her out on the fast food wrappers found in/near her hospital room. Of COURSE it's not her food! Oh, it's Freddy-The-Enabler's food...HE ate it! He even says so. My idea? Start weighing the enablers along with the poundtestants. If Schenee is only dining on parsley sprigs and good intentions, and that extra-large pizza box is empty, and Freddy is claiming he's full...then weigh Freddie. He MUST be picking up some extra poundage Keep calling their bluff, Doc Now! You rock!!
  3. So much for that vaunted college education.
  4. Perhaps he is channeling his inner John Boy Walton?
  5. Or, Twit saw the reference to "plus one" as being a reference to being Plus Sized, which of course is.....FAT SHAMING!!!
  6. I'm thinking it's just a "woke" way of saying, "Be Yourself". But I'm just a cranky, jaded, NON-PeeCee military veteran. What the h@ll do I know?
  7. Well, to be honest, a divorced woman with two kids to feed is never going to be satisfied with the stipend this show offers. A single guy might tend to be more satisfied.
  8. I've never seen this show. I've never even heard of this show. But I chuckle every time I look down the list of programs on this forum site and notice that 'My Feet Are Killing Me' comes right after 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life'. That is all.☺️
  9. In that picture, Todd looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else. At the dentist's, maybe.
  10. This ol' maman just needs to know - does this mower blow bubbles? 'Cause my son's little lawn mower blew bubbles as he pushed it along ( some 33 years ago). Some of these classic toys are still around, although updated a bit. I do get a kick out of exploring the toy department from time to time, noticing the Golden Oldies that have survived the test of time.
  11. I tend to use "kidlets" when referring to really young kids (the under-4 set, say). I have earned my rank as Master Curmudgeon, since I don't especially like kids these days; if I use a term like "kidlets", it truly is a term of affection or endearment since I generally refer to children as "your freakin' brats" or somesuch. I do agree with that "nails on the chalkboard" feeling over the use of "babe-uh", "Bay" (or however the heck they want to spell this non-word; "Bae"?), and all the foolishness of DH, DYS, DD, and so on (unless you really do mean Dunkin Donut, then we can talk).
  12. B in Lee


    I think the caption explained it quite well, "Decorated for Halloween".
  13. Why would you need a free trial period? We have seen every butt-waggle, belly-jiggle, and boob-rub already - and numerous times. Same BS, different day.
  14. Why? 'Cause it tastes good! Zucchini is disgusting any other way.
  15. And the Baconator probably settled better. Nothing like trying to be all orthorexic to be popular.
  16. B in Lee


    Oh, sweet Lord. And my Mom always ridiculed me for living in blue jeans, tshirts and sweats. May she be tormented in her afterlife with images such as these!
  17. Sorry. I don't give a f@ck how "woke" you are (just what does that MEAN, anyway?) I don't wanna see a closeup of your hairy arm pit. No. Nope. Uh-uh.
  18. Well, I have full-on disdain for phoniness. I hope she sprains her back and has to stand naturally - "non phony-lee" for months and months.
  19. I would freakin' HATE to have to parent my child in accordance with the whims of social media. Really, people.
  20. Hmmm. Think Amy will want her "second wedding" held on the farm? Could be interesting for a few reasons....and quite a few episodes.
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