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  1. I literally cringe when her fish lips gp towards the chocolate! I not only mute it but I don't look at it either!!
  2. I just saw that scene on YouTube!! I can't believe a scene that crucial to the story was cut out!!! I have been watching reruns since the show ended and now I wonder how many other important scenes have been cut!! Peeves me!!
  3. It does sound important and still peeved I've never seen it!! I am still watching the girls..Im addicted bad to that show! On TVland they are 35 mins for even more commercials...😡😡😡 Jake was totally one of the beat looking men Blanche ever dated so I never quite got her dumping him other than he wasn't rich and I supppse she was after money.
  4. DAMN Lifetime and TVland!!! I knew they did alotta cutting but never knew that much...I!!! I want to see that scene! I have been Golden Girls obsessed since they first started!! All for commercials!😡😡😡
  5. I have been watching the reruns since they have been on and can't stop watching, Im a GG addict but I have NEVER seen Blanche and Jake in a dive bar, is that for real or a joke??
  6. I totally agree with that! Just because Clayton didn't like the women Blanche set him up with, so what if he had actually slept with Rose! They were teo unmarried adults! I hate that episode as well. He was far far from a superhero and pretty damn ugly as well!!! I agree and that makes it seem impossible they lived together for so long and at times said they felt like family. I think the attacking each other just made for more storylines. When those chicks were horny nothing was going go get them to believe the man they were with was in the wrong!! But yes, they made up awfully fast but it's a 20 minute sitcome! 🙂 Those fat jokes bothered me too!! In the first few seasons she was very slim and in the end was only a bit heavier and nowhere near fat! I think the whole Shady Pines being horrible was just a joke on Sophia's part, especially about being put in a home. Although she did often call Gloria her GOOD daughter and that was a bit over the top!
  7. She was funny but what did she say she lost? I could never make that out other than she said it fell off the beverage cart! I loved that episode!!
  8. That so annoyed me that supposedly Blanche dated EVERY available doctor in EVERY hospital in the area! Not even close to possible for someone that truley was gorgeous! There were alot if stupid things said at times!!
  9. I just wanna know what's up with her eyes! They seem to look in two different directions and yeah its kinda unsettling for me..lol. Yet they keep saying that Adam has a lazy eye or eyes..his voice is crazy weird but Erica's eyes unnerve me!
  10. So Im not the only one that thinks that Erica is barely a singer...well honestly I cringe when she sings but yet she is supposedly a singer in real life??
  11. Yes and the real Adam said his family was yelling all the time but still makes for annoying tv at times. They made the oldest son into Erica so they could tone the yelling down to make for better tv.
  12. Beverly is actually my favorite on the show!! Her heart is endless for her kids and she will do anything no matter how crazy for them!! Yes she screams like the rest do..but its not as annoying to me as the kids or Murrays screams. I do qish they would tone down the yelling!
  13. Totally agree!!! I only made it theough half of one show and that was it, show sucked!!!
  14. I feel the same, I think she's slighty cockeyed. Her eyes don't seem to focus on who or what she's looking at.
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