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  1. I certainly haven’t killed myself to get that score. And getting the prrk of cheaper money makes it worthwhile. Just use cards snd pay off every month. Make a larger purchase on card, then use savings to pay off. A high credit score generally means you know your limit, use vendors money without interest for thirty days, and are low risk. When I was young, credit cards pay monthly payment at least interest was tax deductible. When that stopped, I quit spending beyond my means. Much happier.
  2. Odd to me how few people on this blog really understand FICO and credit ratings but pass on bad info anyway. My own FICO is 848 out of possible 850 and I am not rich. Nor am I a penny pincher, have charts and checklists, or am considered either overly-generous or a tightwad. I pay off balances monthly which is big part of credit rating.
  3. Wow! So much analysis. But interesting even though too much to read. i think Rachel and Jose are ok. She’s down to earth and young people make debt. Teachers low pay Texas. And he said they’d work it out. Organized with checklists has brought success. What’s wrong with that? I think she’s seeing that he might be good for her. It seems like they’re a match socially. Having a husband who cares isn’t being domineering. I hope thet stay together. Predicting they will. BTW, top credit score 850 Anything over 800 excellent He should be proud Myrla befuddles me. Not authentic.
  4. Well, folks, I think we now have evidence that couple are NOT matched for similarities but for differences. From Brett’s mouth to viewers’ ears. I’m sorry for them. And Poor Bao. Showers 3x a day? Anyone else suspect Johnny OCD? Bao has a serious crush on Johnny. She’s almost a schoolgirl again. She’s the real catch. The real Johnny revealing ... ✅
  5. Sorry. I love couples cam. Watching small slices of their lives. Anthony’s daughter is button cute snd bright. He’s a great dad. Don’t like? Don’t watch So easy. :) Some additional thoughts: I love Brett. Totally her own woman. And after removing make up, Ryan said liked her looks even better. I’m waiting on Ryan and the couple. This is one I want to work out. She is authentic. Is he? And I ❤️ her dad and mom. Unfiltered better after airing. More connected to current episode. Jamie good questions and good follow ups. I’ve liked her Couples Cam segments too.
  6. Me too. I liked the dress way more than her. Everything above re Myrla I second. Just something inauthentic. And I wish Gil were with Brett who i like a lot. I think with very little evidence they’d be a good match. What brought Myrla to MAFS is a mystery to me. i feel sorry for Rachel. Love Bao and Johnny and expect everything about them is authentic including traditional tea ceremony. Rented attire? In the families? Totally authentic people. sad looking guy(???) a mystery. Give him time. Brett might fit with him but better with Gill who has sense of humor which I believ
  7. I loved the wedding. We got a lot of insight into Bao and Johnny. Cultural norms are diverse and interesting. For me this marriage will be fun to watch. And I am optimistic.
  8. I see not one bride that reminds me of Mia. Esp in looks. Guess I’m missing something.
  9. Way too much repetition. But I watch. Really loved the wedding. Marketers give such misleading clips together I’ll make it a point to judge nothing before seeing whole episode. Such karma that their first meet in college as equals really. Presidents of Vietnam groups. I sincerely hope they have an easy time. And I love that they’re Asian. This program needs more diversity.
  10. Much as I said would never watch again ... can’t wait! Thanks for update.
  11. I know late to game here but I’m really liking him and Stephanie of course. I think he’s funny and did a good job cleaning. He’s always entertaining to me. And I didn’t like him during the season. I can see how great the two of them are together. Makes me happy.
  12. They are now tv stars. The pay probably commensurate with other reality shows. Also, they had a YouTube show but not sure still on. Paul made good money at his tech job but he doesn’t seem to work much does he?
  13. WTF? Sorry. Humor lost on me. Maybe I’m a dummy.
  14. As ghastly as this season was, when does the next season start? LOL!
  15. Isn’t that what this show is about? Putting people together and trusting they will learn to like and then love the stranger they married? It’s ok if you don’t like Doug or Jamie but Calling them names just doesn’t seem fair. Would you call Sam’s final love for Neil a desperate need for love and stability? I’d say - like Jamie - Sam fell in love with a guy she was previously so contemptuous of he couldn’t love her back.
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