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  1. I only saw about 20 minutes of this episode, and without rehashing points already discussed here it was one of the most unpleasant and infuriating episodes of reality TV I have watched. I think I am out for part 2.
  2. I kind of wonder if the dream Malcom had was foreshadowing that at some point "slasher Ainsley" will come back and threaten a member of the team? Either way, probably safe to guess that they are building to a revelation during the season where Ainsley remembers what really happened (at least I hope so).
  3. This show really does know how to use its musical cues. "Malcom dancing in a sex dungeon with a whip to "I Feel Love'" is a scene right on brand for this show.
  4. Yes, this was a solid choice given their history! I like that the show seems to be leaning into the crazy this season so far (watched first two episodes back to back last night). The primeire was a little more Cocoa Puffs, but I enjoyed this one as well. In both cases, as is typical with this show, the chase ends up being a lot more interesting than the actual murderer. I get where the show is coming from with the JT storyline. As a police procedural of sorts, with two of the police on the show being people of color, I can see where they would feel the need to address current e
  5. Really! Pass a kidney stone Eddie and then you can weigh in. I don't mind Rachel much of the time, I find her potty mouth kind of entertaining (learned some new phrases from her!) and she is obviously an amazing chef, far better than any other chef they have had on the franchise. Her out of control drunkenness, along with her lack of concern about such behavior after the fact, is really unpleasant though. I had full on cringe watching her, and not in a fun way. Are we supposed to find James and Elizabeth's "romance" interesting? Because I... zzzzzz..... I find Rob's weirdn
  6. Agreed, enjoyed watching this group a lot more than "the circle" (even though there are some standouts there - Symone!), in a world of drama their calmer energy was much more entertaining, plus there is a really nice diversity of looks/approaches to drag in this group. I don't really mind the multiple episodes without elimination - honestly, I could probably go for a format where no one is eliminated and they are competing for points each week or something similar. I was a little disappointed with the Lip Sync - "If You Seek Amy" seems like a gimme, and while both Denali and Rose did a fine
  7. It did feel a little gimmicky and repetitive, but there was definitely a benefit of being able to see all the contestants a fairly equal amount of time - this is the first season where I actually remember all of the contestants after the first episode. So if it only serves that function the "twist" did its job. I am fairly suspicious that ultimately all the "pork chop" drama will be handwaving and everyone will stay around for now. All in all I am cautiously optimistic about the season.
  8. I agree that Francesca, at least in what is being shown, isn't giving a lot of specific feedback now, but even when she did in earlier episodes Elizabeth didn't seem to pay much attention ("check on the guests if they need drinks", "bleach the clothes outside"). I think the bottom line is Elizabeth is not a good fit for the job - at one point she even said she is a bit messy and disorganized. I can sympathize, I am too! But, I would be shitty at this type of job and so is she, it really needs someone organized and officious, and also who doesn't require constant oversight and direction give
  9. In general I think that sharing of information without any strategic plan is sort of silly, but I don't really have much of a problem with what Gabby did - it is not like she was sharing top secret info that teams couldn't figure out if they just read the clue (or paid some attention to what was going on with the other teams who finished).... Although the optics weren't great, who knows maybe the two teams had the start of a little alliance already. In general I am liking the season so far - no team really getting on my nerves yet (at least to levels teams have in the past). Maybe it
  10. https://jezebel.com/for-599-a-real-housewives-accountability-program-teac-1845104513 "For $599, a Real Housewive's 'Accountability Program' Teaches What Sounds Like Disordered Eating"
  11. I can't seem to add this to my last reply, I just wanted to say yes, very well put.
  12. I generally like Leah and think she is a good addition to the cast, at least bringing a slightly different perspective to the mix (definitely more successful than RHOBH attempt to add a younger cast member: Teddi, yikes). She is annoying when she is wasted, but that can be said about all of the cast (I think I have had my fill of watching Sonja flail around incoherently). I can see both sides of the bipolar issue. On one hand Leah already put it out there, so the concern of Ramona making it public rings hollow. On the other, there was a very gossip-y feel to how Ramona approached it with h
  13. I rewatched the finale this week (bc between COVID and smoke I am stuck here, what else is there to do?), and I appreciated it just as much if not more than the first watch. TPTB did an admirable job of pulling things together given the missing episodes, even if the plot lines did feel a little rushed (I think the biggest hole was not getting to experience another episode or two of Endicott really being a villain). And the ending was perfect - the show does a pretty good job of taking expectations and twisting them a little bit so there is still a surprise. Although I had guessed pretty ear
  14. This summarizes my feelings about the whole second half of the season. Why should I care whether or not Denise fooled around with Brandi (other than being traumatized by the image of anyone fooling around with Brandi)? Or if she lied about it or not to these women? Being on a reality show doesn't mean laying bare every aspect of your life for the camera, and even if she did hook up with Brandi and chose not to own up to it, so what? She doesn't owe these women the truth about all personal aspects of her life just because they are on the same show. It is not even that I feel particularly ba
  15. Yeah, that exchange in pretty vile. I find people who think the worst go-to insult they can think of is "fat" kind of pathetic. The most enjoyable part of last night was how it became so evident that Rinna et al (including AC) were acutely aware of what public opinion has been and their desperate (and seemingly futile) attempts to try to change it.
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