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  1. Hilarious episode, I loved it actually. Poor Clare Claremont, the script attempts to give her some agency, but IRL, she was pretty much a gushing Byron groupie with not a wit of common sense---she let Byron take their daughter who he packed off to a convent school where the poor little thing died. I thought that Shelly took the premonition of his death pretty well eh? And yes, I sort of assume Yaz is crushing on the Doctor? funny after the last 2 young romantic doctors who did have "romances" of a type the show runners have kept Jodie's doctor as pretty sexless, so I was surprised that they had Bryon hit on her, and then Yaz's cryptic comment.
  2. Damn I keep forgetting that they now have de-aging CGI capability, LOL, oh if only I could use it IRL!
  3. Loved it, more adult than the first new episodes this season (several people died!) not overtly political (like that dreadful second episode) and I adored the fierce black Doctor, got a kick out of Walsh--Barrowman kiss. I happen to be a fan of the episodes that move me emotionally organically and this one did, Ruth's bittersweet memory of her childhood (that it was not real did not diminish the fact that it touched me.) Jodie was very good as usual.
  4. That kiss between Asriel and Marisa was swoon worthy! For one thing I just love Ruth Wilson as an actor, I didn't see the movie, but I can't imagine that Nicole Kidman played the character any better.
  5. Excellent episode and I for one think that combining elements of the first and second books was a good idea. The Roger death scene was heartbreaking and Dafne Keen was terrific in it. I can't wait for the next series!
  6. Loved the episode but I am such a wuss that I looked away during the CGI bear fight, LOL. The Seattle Goodwill had a stuffed Polar Bear that someone shot 100 years ago in a glass case on display, the bear was shown on it's haunches and man, it is hard to conceptualize how enormous these bears are, this one stood about 12 feet---it was huge! One thing that sort of bugs me is that Daphne looks nothing like the people cast as her parents, both of whom have blue eyes (statistically it is unlikely that parents with blue eyes would have a brown eyed child, I think that Andrew Scott should have played Asriel because he looks like Daphne could be his daughter--yeah I am anal.) Ruth Wilson continues to kill it as Mrs, Coulter IMO, she was terrific and terrifying in this episode. I haven't read the books but I have listened partly to the audio versions of the next 2 novels so I pretty much know what is coming, but it doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the series at all I find, in fact I am looking forward to how the series handles the next 2 books. I will miss this show until series 2 premieres next year.
  7. Great episode, I thought that Wilson did a particularly wonderful job expressing the golden thread that binds a mother to a child even if she has given up that child as in this case, and Daphne screaming Mother! was perfection.
  8. Best episode so far. I especially love how they cast the series, Daphne rocks.
  9. Wait a minute I thought that they were going to time jump the final season? at any rate, they are bringing in new plot lines that will have to be resolved in some way. Jack Farthing was touching as George in his intense grief, good start for the last season I think.
  10. re Princess Louise, wasn't she considered the beauty of the girls? The rumor was that she had a passionate love affair with an artist, and I think that most certainly her husband was gay, but that gave her the freedom to pursue her art instead of being constantly pregnant. As for the business of Victoria saving the Duchess from the loony bin our Vickie is turning out to be a real Mary Sue eh?
  11. hahaha, just to prove how lame that whole story line is, the purported hunk's name is Joseph!
  12. That was preposterous, sorry but I laughed my ass off, WTF? I understand that Albert's health had been precarious for some time before he died, but this fainting just before sexy time, where in the hell did DG pull that out of? As for the Duchess and the Hunk, please can this be over now? I guess that ship taking Joe and hopefully the Duchess off to America couldn't be the Titanic eh? I can't even with the fictional fly in the ointment, Feo, and the daughter that little Bertie (the future creeper par excellence so much so that he was nicknamed "Edward the Caressor") inexplicably is in love with.
  13. YES! I don't even understand the casting of that Dude to play the footman (I guess most footmen had to be tall? he exudes zero chemistry.) This episode was particularly ridiculous IMO, and the footman and the Duchess screwing in various places in the palace? yeah I believe that, hahaha.
  14. Watching ABC's coverage, is it me or does that chick in the yellow dress look like an extra on Reign?
  15. Is Adam Lambert already doing fillers? Maybe it is the heavy make up...
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