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  1. snuffles

    S09.E20: Mother!

    I don't think she was asking for permission to go. I think she was asking her mother if it was ok if she missed Mother's Day. Yes, I know Alex was asking if it was Ok to miss the Mother's Day get together. I just meant, she didn't mention the part about the motorcycle trip at first (when she told Phil and her siblings) and acted squirrely when she added that tidbit in the end of her request. I took that to mean she knew both parents would be worried about her going on a motorcycle trip. I think the show has demonstrated the parents and children are very much dependent on each other and the kids would definitely want to have their parent's ok before doing anything dangerous (motorcycle riding is dangerous).
  2. snuffles

    S09.E20: Mother!

    I actually kinda liked this episode. The annoying part for me was when Alex was asking Claire if she could miss their Mother's Day get together so Alex could go with her boyfriend on a motorcycle trip. Seems like Alex would need to ask both of her parents if she can go on a motorcycle trip. But I guess the writers are saying Claire rules the roost and Phil isn't part of the parenting anymore.
  3. snuffles

    S03.E21: Defection

    I hope Shepherd hasn't somehow connected Remi and Roman with her super high tech stuff and if one dies, the other dies.
  4. snuffles

    S09.E14: Written in the Stars

    How did Alex's professor even have her number? Even though Haley is not a student at the college, her sister is in his class, so definitely there is a conflict of interest.
  5. snuffles

    S03.E16: Artful Dodge

    Another Sandstorm agent turned whistle blower?
  6. snuffles

    S11.E16: The Neonatal Nomenclature

    Normally I would agree, however in this particular situation, I feel like it came across as negligent parenting and being inconsiderate to your friends. You left your unseen baby, Halley, with your friends for hours and you didn't feel the need to check in on how your other daughter is doing? Not to mention, you don't thinks it is necessary to let your friends know an ETA on how much longer they have to "babysit" Halley? Even though Amy, Sheldon, Raj, Penny and Leonard apparently have nothing better to do than spend their entire weekend at Howard's house, at some point they will have to leave to take care of personal matters, go to work, etc. Finally, at this point, they are much closer to their friends then their own family members. Another pet peeve, is how easy it is take care of babies in TV land. Really, Halley was asleep the entire time the gang was there? She didn't need to eat, have a diaper change or play? She NEVER cried? Bernie sure recovered quickly from her delivery and 8 stitches. I guess she isn't nursing, so that helps with getting sleep. I wish my babies were as easy to care for as a TV baby.
  7. snuffles

    S03.E15: Deductions

    What an action packed episode. This season is far better than the previous 2. Glad I stuck with the show. I do wish they merge the storylines soon because it continues to feel like 2 separate shows. The minute Hank poured the scotch, I was thinking it was poisoned because Roman had mentioned his fondness for tieing up loose ends. Too bad Hank was just messing with Roman. The irony if Roman died the same way he killed the real Tom Jakeman. Could do without the dumb Avery storyline. Obviously it’s not going to go well for Jane, Weller or Avery. Poor Cade! I guess death better than being locked up away forever.
  8. snuffles

    S03.E12: Two Legendary Chums

    So, I’m guessing the moderator for the PTSD support group is going to meet an untimely accidental death very soon. It seems incredulous Roman, the guy with extraordinary high tech skills combined with the ability to foresee the future and know what is going on with the entire FBI team at all times, forgot about the PTSD group members and moderator. The stolen identity is the sloppiest plot point. For inexplicable reasons, Victor choose to withhold the information of Roman being an imposter from Crawford? Instead of telling Crawford the minute he found out, he instead decided to wait and taunt Roman about it? Even worse, a man of Crawford’s stature didn’t bother to do an in-depth background check on a too good to be true suitor of his ONLY daughter? I never thought I’d think this, but good grief, Weller is a saint for putting up with Jane. I can’t believe how chillax he is with the whole having an affair while I was searching the world for you. So Jane doesn’t feel like she needs to regain Weller’s trust? So stupid. If the show doesn’t get renewed, I really hope there is a spin off with Patterson, Richdotcom, Boston and Zapata (the CIA liaison). It could be the new Leverage show.
  9. snuffles

    S03.E06: Adoring Suspect

    I loved Patterson's diss of the "movie star" by refusing to tell him what she does for the FBI and repeatedly stating "I keep it real". I loved the ending where they are having fun plotting Hirst's downfall. BUT, can we please get the team to be a team and be honest with each other for just once? Good grief, Kurt tell Jane the truth. Zapata tell them about the CIA tattoo. Reade tell them about the Hirst/Reade tattoo. They really never learn... And the stupid award of the week goes to Weller, again. Roman has told them repeatedly, he wants them all to suffer, especially Jane/Remi. Kurt thinks telling Roman that Jane will be devastated if she finds out about Berlin is a good idea? Dumb, dumb, that is what Roman wants. Remi to bleed. I wish someone would call Kurt "dumb dumb" like that alien used to tell Fred Flinstone. ;) I don't know how I feel about Roman being an omniscient villain. Being able to possess extremely high tech knowledge, being a badass fighter, being incredibly good looking, speaking unlimited languages, and having Wolverine healing powers was not enough...
  10. snuffles

    S11.E10: The Confidence Erosion

    I thought the mathematical approach to the wedding planning was actually innovative. The initial wedding plans were hilarious and I would have loved to go to that wedding. I was so glad Sheldon paused because he wanted to have an actual wedding and not because Amy wasn't going to change her last name.
  11. snuffles

    S03.E10: And the Wrath of Chaos

    I loved the "Star Wars"'shoutout with the Han Solo frozen in carbonite, Jenkins .
  12. snuffles

    S08.E12: Do You Believe In Magic

    I don't like the Sal character either, but rolled over laughing when she greeted Lily as "chairman sour" or something like that. I can't believe Cam and Mitchell would be ok with leaving Lily home alone (Sal's kid doesn't count) with Sal's nanny. They know nothing about her and Sal's judgment is usually impaired. I would rather have seen some Lily and nanny shenanigans then the same old boring manny plot.
  13. snuffles

    S02.E11: ZRTORCH

    I thought it was hilarious Will put all his faith in numbers and truth serum and didn't know what to think at first when he realized Leon was lying. So it's not a very good truth serum. Plus, it totally looked like Harry was lying too. The best character is Harry. The actor elevates the other actors whenever he shares screen time with them.
  14. snuffles

    S03.E10: And the Wrath of Chaos

    Jammed packed episode. A little too much previously recap at the beginning and way too many commercials in between. Overall though, pretty solid episode. Jones got the short end of the stick. Love potion, heh. I hope the magical tattoo is a one time only deal. Cute how their gifts/powers turned Apep into a human being so he could be the sacrifice for the eye of Ra. Of course, Flynn would never think there was another way. Self centered to the end, even when he is trying to sacrifice himself. Questions: 1. Why wouldn't "The Library" tell Flynn there was another way? Charlene is part of the The Library's soul, she could have told him. 2. Why did Flynn have to rescue the artifacts? The whole plan with DOSA was so they could house the artifacts to prevent it from being destroyed by Apep. It was funny to watch Flynn get creative in ways to take back the artifacts.
  15. snuffles

    S02.E10: Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron

    I think we are giving the writers too much credit. I am still hoping there's a bug in Patterson. "Nikita" did it twice and in an awesome manner.