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  1. Yep -- and before that, the stupid clog dancing and bagpipes. Any excuse to make noise just to get our attention.
  2. See, this ad and others which misuse sound to irritate the shit out me -- well, they, ah . . . they irritate the shit right out of me. It's a boorish gimmick used by inconsiderate creatives who don't know how to behave as guests in our living rooms. And yes, it's all the rage and I hate it.
  3. I think my biggest problems with it are: 1) Visually, it's a bit much for unsuspecting viewers (of which we all are); and 2) It runs at all hours of the day. People lost their minds over the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle ad with the three cute girls "trimming their bushes," but so far as I know, that ad only aired during certain hours or during shows that were already aimed at more mature audiences. We all know what razors do. I'm not sure we need to see close-up camera shots of anyone, woman or man, shaving their pubes on TV.
  4. I'm trying to sort out my feelings about this ad. Anyone else?
  5. Liberty's "wet teddy bears" isn't a commercial -- it's the ad agency giving Liberty Mutual a public teabagging. "Look!" they are saying. "We can get this client to buy ANYTHING!" In my blog review of this ad, I included Liberty's contact information so people could speak out. If you'd like to give the company a piece of your mind, here is how to do it: https://www.facebook.com/libertymutual https://twitter.com/LibertyMutual Customer service phone number: 1-800-290-7933 Mailing address for the corporate headquarters: Liberty Mutual Insurance 175 Berkeley Str
  6. Probably been answered already, but here is the link to the FCC page detailing the CALM Act and how to report too-loud commercials: https://www.fcc.gov/media/policy/loud-commercials I also like to call them out on Twitter at @FCC.
  7. You aren't kidding. What twisted mind thought this stupid song and dance would make a great way to sell tax software? Especially when competition within the category is heating up. Shouldn't the ad be about Turbo Tax features and advantages? I had meant to review and rate every Super Bowl ad this year on my blog. Couldn't do it. The sheer idiocy would have given me an explosive aneurysm. I settled for writing a post that highlighted a few ads and suggested that the best Super Bowl ad (a full-page ad in the New York Times from Ryan Reynolds for Mint Mobile) wasn't a TV commercial at all.
  8. Bingo. What a shocking admission that Liberty Mutual has no message and no competitive advantages whatsoever. "Drek" is right. Wow, that's a really excellent analysis!
  9. For other reasons? 😯 My reaction upon first seeing the ad was similar to yours. As I said in my review, "As a married man in his late forties, my days of contemplating the nether regions of nubile twenty-year-olds ought to be long over." But of course, this ad is not for me. The ad works well for its target audience, I think, which helps to explain why it's been on the air for four years. And having looked at it closely for the purposes of the review, I appreciate the ad's more subtle and humorous touches, such as the girls' facial expressions and the interplay between them.
  10. Oh, hey! Liberty Mutual is back with the next dementia-induced evolution of its "Truth Tellers" ads. Whaddyall think?
  11. What's people's consensus on Schick's "trimming the bushes" ad for its Hydro Silk TrimStyle razor? I'm about to review this commercial for my site (yes, I'm way late to the bush-trimming party), and wanted to take people's temperature on it. I know the commercial has generated a lot of complaints and even boycotts over the years, but the ad is still running. I think that's because it works. What are some opinions here?
  12. Oh, the goddamn cookie and the star! LOL. I wrote a review of that ad recently. Holy cow, you aren't kidding. So bad. If you don't already know how these commercials are made, the people in them really are people off the street. They're approached by young folks with clipboards and asked if they would like to participate in "market research" for $200. So they're paid, which means that once they find out the job is to ooh and ahh over Chevy vehicles on camera, that's exactly what happens -- along with the incredibly stupid blurtations you hear in the ads. I agree with you, it's time f
  13. Excellent point. Unfortunately, nothing is sacred on Madison Avenue.
  14. It seems TV advertisers are hellbent on grabbing viewers' attention from :01 of the spot--if that means blasting an obnoxious voice or noise at twice the volume of the TV program, so be it. In that context, maybe driving a truck through a glass store front isn't as insane as it sounds. (Hint: It is still insane, and stupid too.) As for the My Pillow guy, yeah - his style isn't for everyone. Maybe his pillows aren't, either, but we have two and like them a lot. They are always--always--soft and full, and they seem to be the only pillows in the house that don't leave me with a sore nec
  15. Not mine, but this parody video gets me every time... LOL!
  16. Last fall, I dropped by the Liberty Mutual Facebook page for a bit of research I was doing for an insurance job. I seriously LOL'd at all the comments from people complaining about the stupidity of their TV commercials. "I hate hate HATE these ads, and I'M NEVER BUYING FROM YOU BECAUSE OF THEM!" Sooo good. 🙂
  17. Still remember the FIRST TIME I saw an ad with that slogan and its dumb little jingle. I cringed so hard, my face is still stuck.
  18. I just assumed this was another play for Millennials who often shorten their favorite celebs' names. For example, Jennifer Lawrence becomes J-Law. Kristen Stewart becomes K-Stew. But how a 1970s "Starsky & Hutch" vibe jibes with that age group, I have no idea.
  19. These ads--and the new "LiMu Emu & Dave" ads--are spectacularly stupid. I'd be embarrassed for LiMu and its agency except I'm sure they're blissfully and cluelessly proud of themselves.
  20. Also, those new "LiMu Emu and Doug" Liberty Mutual ads. Wut? Is this for real? What in the holy hell are Liberty Mutual and Goodby Silverstein & Partners thinking? I'm embarrassed to be in advertising. https://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/liberty-mutual-gets-into-the-insurance-mascot-game-with-the-duo-of-limu-emu-and-doug/
  21. Has anyone mentioned the Kyleena birth control ads with the loose ladies and their stupidly raised eyebrows?
  22. Has anyone mentioned the Kyleena birth control ads with the lusty ladies and their stupidly raised eyebrows?
  23. After the last round of (ANNOYING) Liberty Mutual commercials that essentially suggested the company INCLUDES add-on coverages such as accident forgiveness, new-car replacement, etc., in its standard policies -- NOW the company is saying "Hey! You pay less cuz you can get only what you need!" Totally shady. Plus, this new volley of weapons-grade stupid is even MORE obnoxious than the prior ads. It's got me so riled, I wrote a scathing review of the campaign on my blog -- click my profile pic and follow the website URL if you're interested. Edit: Checked the TOS and I think it's OK to
  24. Yesterday I had the misfortune of seeing (hearing) this one and a Liberty Mutual commercial one after another. FREE FREE, FREE FREE FREE-- LIBERDY LIBERDY LIBERDY LIBERDY-- Madison-Avenue hotshots, you all suck terribly.
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