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  1. NOW we get a promo??? I’m glad they are finally pulling more of the Michael is Jones’s son thread. And seeing Max hopeful after his talk with Dallas?? All the feels.
  2. The only thing I enjoyed about this episode was Isobel getting knocked the hell off the bench when she tried to mindscape Dallas.
  3. SICK TO DEATH of Max being on the edge of death in some way. And now he’s not even part of the triad? Gtfo. This show has taken such liberties with the importance of his character.
  4. It would have been nice seeing them pull Max out of the pod and seeing an emotional reunion.
  5. I think Max will end up staying in Jones’ body, which would then solve the heart failure issue.
  6. SERIOUSLY!!! I thought the same thing. I was like, ummmm. Don’t celebrate. Run.
  7. Not sure how I feel about this one other than I am into Nathan playing Jones.
  8. Episode was good. I struggle a little bit with the “wokeness” of the show sometimes. I get that bringing in current events can make an emotional and strong story line, but damn it makes them seem so galling. I found that I cared much more about Kyle getting impaled last week then I do about maria being attacked this week. And I like Maria. Also, when is the deep sky coming back into play? And can Max and Liz just get back together already??
  9. The good thing is they would never cover up a murder for a racist POS that killed Kyle. So we still don’t know who it really is. But damn that wound is wicked.
  10. 1) Liz in the trippy vision was great. Loved her more there than I have all season. 2) I hope Wyatt goes away for good. 3) Love Jones. 4) The ending? I was not ready to be shocked.
  11. We can all agree that the murder is probably sanders yeah?
  12. Mr Jones is hotter than Max. I said what I said.
  13. Such a good episode. That’s it.
  14. Not bad! Could have dealt without 5 minutes of commercials for 1 minute of show. Kyle made the episode.
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