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  1. Mom2twoNonna2one

    Dirty Characters In Other Roles

    She was also great in Nashville. Connie Britton has become one of my favorite actresses, Spin City, West Wing, FNL, Nashville. It's hard to see her on this show, but, she is certainly hitting the naivete out of the park. I really have no reference with Bana, but, I'll have a harder time separating him from the park than Coach Tami Taylor.
  2. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    I realized i had it wrong after I closed my computer.
  3. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S01.E06: One Shoe

    Every time I see Alan Ruck in a show I squee a little. He played the attorney spot on.
  4. Mom2twoNonna2one

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    In your opinion. And yes, I agree many names are stupid. I don't know yours, but, people may have the same sentiment. Apple, Zippedooda, and many other celebrity children names are stupid. That's the first time I've said that out loud. We can't control what our parents name us. I'm actually grateful my parents didn't name me Lisa, as mom was wont to do. Thank God for My Three Sons in 1970 saving me from that. My name is less common, I hated it as a child because nobody, including me, knew exactly how to say it...Dawn. But, now, I'm grateful that there aren't a ton of us out there. I was actually named after Dawn Lyn, the child who played Dodie and is Leif Garrett's little sister. I was also not a huge fan of my grandson's name, but, my daughter tells me it's a family name on the paternal side and I've grown to love it and love the uniqueness of it. You would call it a stupid name. Shad was named by his murdered mother. He probably loves the uniqueness of his name, as well as having something she chose for him to keep for the rest of his life.
  5. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    On the podcast his sister said the Dad was in fact like that. He taught John to be a conman and to not respect women. It looked like Ronnie worked for some type of spa or plastic surgeon. He was doing it to Ronnie. Terra was the young girl who wanted mommy to stay home from work and rub her head (I just can't with these kids and their entitlement).
  6. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S01.E04: Shrapnel

    On behalf of my best friend and her family, that's a little harsh. Her husband is Shad and he's a perfectly wonderful man. There are many names out there that I hate. But, I'd personally never say it. I finally listened to the podcast and it's quite an eye opener. One thing Tonia said is that the heart and brain are different organs. That puts a lot into perspective about smart woman making poor choices in partners. Same with men choosing poor partners in women. Basically, we can all make poor choices in our partners and often let our eyes and hearts overrule our brains.
  7. Mom2twoNonna2one

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    Not to my knowledge. She has always said Shad and I believe even their wedding invites only said Shad. That was 19 years ago, so too far back to remember exactly. They are in AZ.
  8. Mom2twoNonna2one

    Fact vs. Fiction: The Podcast and the Real People

    My best friend is married to a Shad.
  9. Mom2twoNonna2one

    7 Little Johnstons

    They have a huge tract of land, it's not like just 1 acre that's visible to the street. I'm sure it's on a piece that's not visible to the street, so it's more private and less accessible. However, I covered my eyes and cringed when that ladder went up myself. That is an accident waiting to happen.
  10. Mom2twoNonna2one

    7 Little Johnstons

    Oh it is exhausting. My grandson won't try new foods, and doesn't eat the normal kids fare. He cries bloody murder and it's exhausting. He's 7 and slowly trying things with great motivation and coaching. You just have to help them push through or they won't try new things. My grandson is so excited to call and tell me when he actually does try new things and likes them. He's proud of himself, but, that pride doesn't translate into excitement to actually try it.
  11. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S13:E14 Christmas!

    If you recall they did have the cameras banned for a period of time while they bonded with Zoey. Eventually they did let them back in and it was towards the end of her treatment, as well.
  12. Mom2twoNonna2one

    7 Little Johnstons

    Helen, Ga is my husband and my favorite place in the world. We were going to retire near there last summer after our son graduated from high school, but, I found a job I love. Hansel and Gretel candy shop makes delicious candy. If you ever have the chance to visit (NW Georgia) do! There is a fun train museum and a toy store that has all non-electronic toys. It was such a treat to see the little town of our dreams. They also have a Victory motorcycle rally at the beginning of June, too. I never noticed the Wild West photo place. Those costumes did seem to fit their personalities.
  13. Mom2twoNonna2one

    Season 10: All Episode Talk

    My 2x gg left Ireland in 1848. (First family of my last name who came here that can be found, according to one of those Genealogy papers you get at fairs. They list the first known "D" to come to the US was Steven, who happens to my 2xgg). They ended up in Pittsburgh. I have no idea of family beyond them, but, best I can see is they married in January, boarded a ship and arrived here July 7th. Fortunately, all 9 of their children were born here. Mandy's 4x gg may not have come for the gold rush, but, just to find a better life. Did they say exactly when in the 1840's he left? I don't recall. Wasn't the 3x ggmother the one who married in Australia and made her way here? I got a little confused. Those work houses were so sad. I'm sure I have family who lived, and possibly died in them. Ireland in the 1840s was not the place to be, at all. I'm sure a great many of those of us with Irish heritage can trace their arrival to that era.
  14. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    Thank you. It was. 7 years later and I still miss him. I always will.
  15. Mom2twoNonna2one

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    I never wanted to see China except for a few years ago. My oldest nephew moved there after high school to teach children to speak English. He absolutely fell in love with the country and said he never wanted to live in the US again. To him, he'd found home. Sadly, he got his wish. Just before he turned 20, he contracted spinal meningitis and was gone in days. Now, I see the beauty he saw. I was kind of glad that Zoey was asleep at the school. I was happy seeing Will experience the Chinese school all by himself. I hope when they take Zoey to India she gets the chance to experience something of her culture on her own. The kids don't have to both do everything.