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  1. Absolutely untrue. Talent is not evenly distributed, this is simply an excuse. I do not have the talent to play Major League Baseball. It’s not because of some excuse like I have no opportunity.
  2. Well, I’m sure it’s been discussed, but I again watched that Southern New Hampshire University ad (“stand up”) where they list how online college is apparently just for some people and not others, not to mention “active deployed” meaning people not there. But I can’t stand how they say “talent is equally distributed.” They are trying to pretend everyone has the same talent, but when they don’t succeed it’s because they didn’t have opportunity. Absolutely idiotic commercial for losers.
  3. Seems to me she’s the toxic part of the environment. Leno says a stupid joke and doesn’t return, another contestants offense is cut out of the episode, but she’s still crying. The race card gets old when it’s pointless. I’ll bet they don’t miss her. And the rest of the stuff about Cowell, Stern, men, women, looks etc? lol. What is Stern even saying? Was he under the impression that the men are on the show for their looks as much as the women are? He hired Howard Stern and Howie Mandel vs Heidi Klum and Jullianne Hough. Yeah, the hiring process is the same, lol.
  4. I’m still confused by the issues about both judges appearances. If Gabby decided to wear a Pogo the Clown outfit and Julie came out in full Wolf man makeup, would the producers/directors have allowed them to sit at the judges table? Of course not. Its not like the judges have full autonomy on what to wear or how their makeup looks... this is decided on set by staff. Discounting Simons trailer park white t shirts, I don’t believe the judges would be allowed to even get as far as to walk out there looking in a manner their bosses didn’t approve of, so all this BS about appearance is smoke in my opinion. I think the show didn’t care for how either judge worked out. They weren’t very good, that seems to be the consensus. I don’t think they liked Gabbys whining about the social injustice of whatever and they probably didn’t care for Julie’s public announcement that she’s nonbinarygenderlesssexual or whatever that was about. They couldn’t fire just one so they both had to go. Gabby is taking the victim route while Julie isn’t interested in burning any bridges, it seems. Wont miss either one at this point.
  5. SG11

    S17.E07: No Vacancy

    I don’t have much use for Torres either. I’d like to see a decent match for Bishop.
  6. SG11

    S17.E07: No Vacancy

    Well, a blind and deaf brain damaged monkey would be a better character than Palmer every day of the week, so there’s that. I think when he said that to Torres, the writers decided they can use Palmer to deliver any idiotic message needed or desired, with no risk of loss of status to the character. That’s got to be why he’s still on the show. And I’m thinking that the graphic opening is another example of the writers trying to “keep up” with other shows. They did such a terrible job trying to keep up with Criminal Minds they made Ducky into a mail order Profier over night, and this feels like more of the same. Although I am surprised at the sensitivity of some reactions to this. It was that disturbing?
  7. SG11

    S17.E07: No Vacancy

    I couldn’t stand that guy. Pairing Bishop with him would have only been a half-degree better than having her date Palmer.
  8. Excellent post. It’s interesting that Nick Cannon left in a huff because he felt he was being censored, free speech blah blah, but here Union needs to lose her mind over a stupid Leno joke that no one heard and the offender never returned. Odd how that street runs one way. What does Union think of Cannons treatment? As said, Leno’s joke was edited out, he never came back and the Beyoncé impersonator was edited out as well. What does Union want, them guillotined in the public square? How far can virtue signalling cancel culture go? And whining about notes and comments on their appearance? Julienne at least had some credibility as a dance judge, but you would be pretty dim to not know she was hired for her appearance. Guess what, that means comments on her appearance are clearly fair game. And Union, with zero qualifications whatsoever, replaced Mel B. So she appoints herself as the racial offense arbiter of all and still cries about stuff that was addressed. Wow.
  9. SG11

    S17.E09: IRL

    Re: the OP, the kid said he was 9, not 11. I thought the combination stereotypical woman hater gamer/incel was just a little more boring that the combination incel/kidnapper (which there’s no precedent of) from a couple weeks ago. Are the writers proud of themselves that they finally heard of an Incel years after Elliot Rogers and the TO Van Guy? Nice that you caught up. Still, pretty good episode, the kid and Jethro play well together. Too bad Moms not a little cuter, Gibbsie could have himself a ready made family.
  10. SG11

    S17.E07: No Vacancy

    I have to disagree. Bishop reminds me a lot of a young female agent we had start in our squad. Super bright, quirky, small town but had to learn about working with people and doing the job. A couple years in, she started to demonstrate a real maturity personally and on the job, again reminding me of our agent. Bishop went through the changes personally with the divorce as well. I like her character a lot, shes my favorite after Gibbs. Unlike Torres, who is the same childish narcissist with the same curious overconfidence and self regard that’s hard to even understand. And I’ll say i despised Kasie at the start. No, not due to some loyalty to Abbey (I had none). She was so off the charts obnoxiously crazed every week we actually stopped watching the show. Tonight I had to acknowledge that the writers must have realized this and fixed her personality back from 110 to 30. She doesn’t bother me any more. Palmer remains the only one I hate. I definitely would have stopped watching if they did that. I thought they might, too.
  11. What a horrible episode, the worst PD in years. Of course she talks about an abortion appt and of course like in 100% of TV and movies the woman never, ever goes through with it. Of course a kidnapped and raped woman describing the joys of having a child due to systemic kidnapped rapes is just the image Burgess needed to keep the child. Usually love Burgess but now all we have to look forward to in PD is pregnant Burgess and the city melting down over the guy framed for killing the kids. Call me in week 8, maybe it will be over.
  12. Actually, at Chicago Med, Burgess would show up for the abortion and NataNutbag would kidnap her and lock the door and not allow her to go to her appointment.
  13. Like someone said, people rag on Ruzek for being stupid, but he is legitimately not that bright. But every storyline that involves Jay he just makes one stupid decision after another. How does he walk in on that woman with the gun who wanted to out him to killers minutes before? And he thinks playing with her kid fixes anything? And tells her in the first place? Ugh, awful episode.
  14. Thats a good point about Lindsay. Too bad Chicago is sooo cold outside and the work is sooo hard for poor Sophie Bush. Halstad has earned his value throughout the seasons as a superb shot and an exceptional hand to hand fighter. His military, straight arrow background gives him legitimacy. But his constant doubting of Voight is maddening, even when he’s been proven to be a problem with his second-guessing. If I were Voight I’d feel like this is not a guy I want on my team. Take an order, do what I tell you, trust me and shut the F up. If you can’t be a member of this team because you cannot trust me, then go work for ISP. You’re a great cop, but you aren’t a fit here. Its also weird that his actor is also a goofball, kinda anticop actually.
  15. I agree with this. I thought she was brought in to finally give Atwater a love interest, but now she essentially adds nothing to the show. 3 females does seem like a lot for that mix, frankly. Did they need to replace the Missing Hispanic when Antonio went off to Druggieland? I don’t see anything she brings to the table. I actually miss Lindsay, even though her real-life actor is an insufferable jerk. Kinda miss Alvin, too. Don’t miss Antonio one bit, and I still wonder why Voight keeps Halstad around. I can tolerate Haley when she’s not judging her fellow officers. Burgess and Atwater are the bright spots and Ruzek, yeah he’s a dope but I love his uncompromising pro cop pro brother attitude. I still think they need to bring back all the scenes with Trudy at the front desk, that’s such a loss now.
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