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  1. SG11

    S01.E01: The National Anthem

    Thanks. I liked the Entire History of You the best. As time goes on and we see more Easter eggs in Black Mirror with the use of the eye recording/re-do playback function or whatever the correct terminology is, it makes this episode a little more dated. However, when I saw this episode for the first time it was tremendous, and it encapsulates everything that is Black Mirror: incredible but believable tech in the near future, people en masse accepting it without question and the mind boggling loss of humanity it can deliver. Just more versions of how people have become so much less human with social media, iPhones, texting and the general rejection of human interaction. Everything about that episode is what’s great about this series.
  2. SG11

    Chicago PD in the Media

    Totally agree. Bush and her politics just makes me think of other people who behave like her these days and it makes me doubt what she has to say about how horrible she had it on PD. She does enjoy wallowing in it though and preening about her titanium spine or whatever other GirlSuperPowers she endowed herself with. As long as she hints and equivocates and kinda sorta suggests what horrors she endured, I’d just as soon not hear from her. Too bad, I liked her work as an actor, but like many she appears to be insufferable as a person. This whole drama sounds remarkably like the Paullie Pierette (sp, Abbey) routine leaving NCIS. Oh I don’t wanna go, but it’s sooooo awful... but I can’t talk about it... but I’ll hint about it... I’m sooooo brave and mistreated ya know. Geez, ladies, if ya got something to say then friggin’ say it.
  3. SG11

    S01.E01: The National Anthem

    After watching the newest 3 episodes and feeling unsatisfied, I went back to watch this episode (and a couple others again). It’s still brilliant. I notice that when people are trying to sound smarter than everyone else, they say they are “bored.” If you were revolted, sickened, horrified, turned off, whatever, I get it. If the psychological terror, rape of a famous man in public and “will he do it” dimension of this bores you, I think you are a liar. Some plot holes exist. I don’t believe his handlers let him do this... “giving in to terrorists” and all. I’d expect a national announcement that succumbing to this would invite more kidnappings. Maybe it’s different with UK, who seem more easily intimidated; I’d expect most US people to react with, “Uh, I don’t think so.” I was surprised at the key moment, the UK handlers bullied the PM into doing the deed with the threat that his physical safety would not be guaranteed. US handlers would have told our President, “sorry Sir, we cannot allow you to do this.” The finger was obviously not hers. It was obviously not cut off on camera. They would have shown it if they did. That was a major plot problem for me. It leads me to believe the Princess was in on it from the start, participating in some spoiled girl obnoxious act with spoiled obnoxious rich friends. And yes, that actress was terrible. I thought the female advisor was excellent though, even though she hung him at the end. The option to try to pull off the fake video was a good shot, one that I’d hope someone would try for me. You can argue it helped turn public sentiment against refusal, but this might have happened anyway. The person I disliked the most was his wife. It was awful for her, but freezing him out a year later because he didn’t take her calls while he was busy being terrorized and raped? “Hey, yknow what honey. I understand you are have a very bad day, but I’m busy being beastialty raped on national TV right now.” I understand their relationship being shattered, but she’s a flaming jerk. The episode was pure brilliance anyway, with the intersection of psychological terror and social media. Wish the TV Reporter was shot to death though. The time frame put such a pressure on the entire thing adding another level of tension. I was sickened, worn out, a little sad and incredibly uncomfortable after this show, something that is the ultimate accomplishment for a TV experience. Probably my second favorite episode and the series is among the best TV ever.
  4. SG11

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    Not sure why it seems so important to some people that the guys were really gay for each other, but it’s so hidden and underlying and universal and, oh please. One of them jumped on the other 10 years ago so this means he really wanted him? So athletes that pat each other on the bottom want it too? The two of them bolted after that ridiculous kiss but they really wanted each other. Seriously, get over the “everyone’s gay” or fluid narrative. The both of them were flat out freaked out that the cyber sex was so much fun with each other but trust me, if either one of those guys thought for one millisecond that it would have been like that in real life they would have simply done it long, long ago. No reason not to. The one part that baffled me though was the one guy describing how great the sex was as the female and the other guy never trying it out. It’s virtual, you dope, let’s goooooo. Remember 11 years ago when you guys wanted to switch characters? Again, NO reason not to explore that. Much of this episode lingered more on stuff not related to tech or other Black Mirror interest. Please don’t do that.
  5. SG11

    S05.E02: Smithereens

    Agree. Not much else going on. Black Mirror? Not the one I hoped for.
  6. SG11

    S05.E03: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

    Agree with this. I thought they would take the happy shiny girl power Nicolodion storyline and drive straight into hell or something, but it was too pink and silly for me. The happy ending was boring and predictable and the little punk version of the doll felt like Goth Barbie... oooh, sooo edgy. Im not a Miley fan but I think she did a fine job acting as did the rest of the actors. I just found the episode too silly for Black Mirror. Have they been told to lighten up? Hope not.
  7. SG11

    S14.E03: Auditions 3 - June 11, 2019

    OK, I can at least say this week was better than the last 2. But as already noted, that’s not saying much. I loved the ballerina contortionist. It’s been done, but she was interesting, hot, entertaining, sexy, athletic, impressive and um, hot. My new favorite act. She doesn’t have a chance. The beer magician was OK, except for the times I saw him reaching for the beers behind the table. He wasn’t very professional. Old guys... impressive strength. They were good. Won’t go far. Latest teen singer. Nice voice. Not great but very good. No histrionics or stupid story, that’s a plus. Fat lady singer. That “he told me I was fat so I never sang again” turned me off so fast I didn’t care what she did. Did it ever occur to you that when you tried out, that’s what being a performer was and maybe skip a few milkshakes? And this tired bullying act is making me ill. That excuse needs to stop. Oh, by the way, I was actually surprised that she wasn’t a very good singer, either. I guess all that stuff was an excuse. AGT has to stop the fake goofball plant acts like that idiot in the costumes. Is there anybody that comes on that isn’t a plant any more? Horrible, horrible waste of time. Kinda mean move by Julianna too. Agoraphobia- he was packaged waaaaaay too much to be the real thing. He didn’t have to look like that. His nonstyle wasn’t interesting and his material wasn’t funny at all. VentriloquistBird- a weak schtick to start off, but funny material. Hoping for a little improvement there. Gross Asian lady. Stupid. Prince singer. He was OK. I was impressed he did the song without falsetto. Another one that might be better with more appearances. The wife thing was tedious. And, hate for how this sounds, but is Gabbys main job to have her eyes bug out of her head and lose her mind for every black act? Golden Buzzer. OK, so the rule is, disability + bullying story + minimal talent = Buzzer at the end of the night. One thing I’ll say is now that they don’t pick Golden Buzzers based on any ability whatsoever, having these acts skip a level or two doesn’t make us sit through how weak they are more times than necessary. Overall, better. Not good. It’s weird that there’s been 3 weeks including Golden Buzzers and I can’t think of a few acts that are sure thing Finalists. These are all semifinal washouts so far. And with plugging in time for the stupid animal guy falling all over, I wonder if they are out of acts. And of course their refusal to show any actual real people fail or get a no or are disappointed, there is zero, zero realism factor going on, just all packaged for comfort. Weak.
  8. SG11

    S20.E24: End Game

    They might be loud, but I don’t believe they are real. Because someone loudly proclaims their devotion to Bruce Jenner, Ummm St Olivia, it does not mean it’s not fake. Have you see the restaurants that get 4 stars?
  9. SG11

    S20.E24: End Game

    This is the first comment that caused me to piss my pants.
  10. SG11

    Saint Olivia Benson: Mother to Us All

    What Dirty Harry move? I finally quit watching after I couldn’t take one more Far Left speech.
  11. SG11

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    OK, I thought I was alone on that. He touched his chest while telling her instructions and I thought supposedly she can’t see you, man.
  12. SG11

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    So, like last week, I spent the night saying “I’ve seen this before, and it was better then.” A lot of kinda mediocre disappointments. Have they actually found all the good acts in the world? Continuing to hate the overpackaged produced version of the show. Apparently they don’t show any bad acts anymore getting buzzed, because someone might get their feelings hurt? That used to be pretty funny years ago. And you simply know ahead of time when you are supposed to be wowed by an act. Gabrielle is betting better. Julianne still seems like she’s reciting lines when she reacts although I continue to enjoy looking at her and hearing envious cracks about her. Terry, although I was slow to warm up to him, is so much better than Tyra. Howie has passed his expiration date and Simon still looks like he has a $50 upper tooth flapper and 1.99 Haynes worn-thin wifebeater T shirt. He needs to lose the Dunkies cup and grab a ’Gansett. On to the “talent”: Suitcase Boy. Yeah, tired of the geeky, skinny dweeb act. It’s been done. No shirt guys. Strong tricks, I guess the chicks like to look at them. It’s funny though that Heidi-Mel-Gabby-Julianne all act like they have never seen a hot guy before. Don’t famous chick get guys? High kick chicks. I was happy to see Howie finally disagree and vote no, even though his comment comparing 15 year olds with professionals was stupid. They really weren’t very good and the “focus” girl in the middle that did a couple things alone was one of the worst performers they had. Who picked her? Coconut Sledgehammer: Dull. I like danger acts, but there’s never any danger. Obvious trick going on. Also, why find the World Biggest Human and use him by... laying on the floor. Huh? Wonder what that “salt” really was. Old Lady singer. I expected her to be better, a little disappointed. Light Balance Kids. Since Illuminate, this tired light show has been done over and over and over and we are still supposed to be interested. Oh look, the parents put their kids in the outfits how shocking. Most interesting part of this was the little girl Kate Moss lookalike who spoke at the intro who clearly has a Vogue contract in her future. BoyGirl Singer. I thought he was a girl too. Who cares. Knew she was lying about coffee shops. Really expected herhim to be much much better, very disappointing. And Simon calls him Harry Styles... completely compromising previous comparisons to Taylor Swift when someone was actually exceptional. Now his comments mean nothing. Comedian Guy. My favorite act of the night. Oddly, completely different from most all AGT comedians, he was actually funny. I agree with some commenters that it’s unfortunate it seems tied to his disability. If a comedian comes on who is funny without a hook, Ill be stunned. Gforced. Could they waste an entire segment any worse? Terrible singing, dancing, mediocre at best Spice girl imitation from a cow town dance school competition. Is Simon actually going to pretend this is a pro act in waiting? Just awful. Painful. GhostChair. Great comment that a chair that old that survived a fire should be less brand new. I love creepy stuff and some acts like the Mentalists in the past have been superb. This was painfully dull and boring. The trick with Gabby was repetitive and that’s all he had. Zzzzzzz. and finally, GoldenBuzzed. Um, huh? Not a good singer, Julie says it doesn’t matter, not a performer, not good at anything. Impressive overconfidence in himself though, unawarranted as it was. Clearly the most unworthy Golden Buzzer ever? Can’t think of a worse one, maybe someone could suggest another. As I said, not a good episode. It seems all the good acts have washed through all the competition shows, so we are left with all second-tier stuff? And Simon and company trying to pretend they are just great? Oh, and I’ll never understand the point in mixing location clips together. Why not do one or 2 at a time for continuity?
  13. SG11

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    This is one of those tongue in cheek posts, right? The first act was Suitcase Boy. The last act was awful. The chair act put me to sleep
  14. SG11

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    And yet... hot. As I said last week, Julianne’s addition was clearly intended as an attention boost as people find new reasons to hate her. Effective.
  15. SG11

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    After reviewing the comments, I think this take easily covers all the bases.