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  1. I understand they didn’t actually show that, which is why I said in my original post that this version of events has not been disputed by anyone. 2 people who witnessed it, Deaven and Elicia repeated the same story and Jihoon, tearfully apologized for it. If Jihoon said anything like, “that’s not what happened” then I would say the facts are in question and agree we don’t know that Jihoon did anything wrong. However, from what we know, a reasonable person would go by the facts presented and his acceptance and remorse for those facts...that he was running for the child, Deaven yelled at hi
  2. I said it already. He was chasing the little girl who was running in the street. He stopped when Deaven yelled at him and yelled back instead of getting the girl. The Gramma had to grab the girl... that’s why she was so mad.
  3. How are people giving Jihoon a pass on this? They aren’t blaming him for the crazy little feral running off. The story is, and no one is disputing it, Jihoon was the one chasing Dracula as she ran down the street, Deaven was screaming at Jihoon as always, and then Jihoon LOST HIS MIND and stopped running after the kid in the street and chose to TURN AROUND and bark at Deaven about being yelled at. Now Deaven and her Mom are both shrews, but how anyone could blame anyone other than Jihoon for what Jihoon did (except maybe his Mom who raised him) is beyond me.
  4. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to reiterate this point any more. I’m shocked at the level of misunderstanding of this point I made. I made a joke about after a season of 4 non US judges and a bunch of non US entrants, this year we had an entrant performing from another country. Ever since there’s been one post after another reminding me that there was a US judge for 1 day this season and that the last straw verbiage apparently was too strong an expression. Please disregard this post.
  5. That’s right. I was talking about the usual 4 judges, including Simon. Its a pretty common observation that America’s Got Talent has no US judges.
  6. Lol, that was me too. I thought the kid was far better and the judges reacted strongly to him, but then I still felt that the judges would just pick the kitschy chubby girls because the Taiwan issue was too much trouble. Last night was the last straw... all non-US judges, contestants full of non US people... and last night a contestant not even performing in the US. America’s Got Talent all right. Pretty awful season.
  7. I think if you are talking about talent and quality, and actually being judged rather than the results of a suspicious voting system, it was a shocker. That kid was waaaaay better.
  8. No real surprises. The one oddball was the chubby girls over the uke kid, who was far, far more talented and entertaining. The girls basically do a drag queen show every time, except they are actual heterosexual fat girls. Not seeing the point. However, I expected the choice to go to them over the kid from Taiwan because I can’t imagine the annoyance on dealing with the kid over there for AGT. There barely 5 acts that were worth sending through, yikes. Innocence Project guy’s story wins the day. Just put him in the Finals so we don’t have to hear the judges pretend he’s a great singer to
  9. I think I could agree with you and still maintain my point. I wasn’t making a blanket statement about his ethnicity (although it sounded like it), but I’ve worked with that FBI list a bit and his face really does look a lot like someone that used to be there. I considered posting his and that guys picture side by side, but decided against it. I think it’s fair to say he is a very typical looking of a Jordanian Arab, although certainly very much on the attractive side.
  10. Kind of a dull group this time. Jenny and Submit and Jihoonie and Deavan’s Thigh Tattoos are the same dull story they were last season. And if the editing was so fake that DeavanDog wasn’t really taking about Jihoonie’s peepee, then this show is too dishonest. The couple I don’t understand is Britt and Yaz. Yaz has some strong interesting features for sure, but looks way too much like a couple terror bombers from the FBIs Most Wanted List too long ago. Britt seems like someone just hit her in the head, like she just suffered a concussion. And the scary part is... she talks exactly like he
  11. We binged The whole 20 episodes and tell all’s in a short time frame to get caught up with this season. Sorry to be behind the curve. Im about a third of the way through this combined tell-all thread, but I need to say stuff before my addled brain forgets them. I may have to adjust when I’m done reading. Anyway: Trying not to repeat stuff people have said, but: Tiff and Ronald: Totally agree this was a plan all along. Completely broke in a foreign country with no employment prospects for either. Yes, let’s get knocked up. All the excuses to leave SA were painfully obvious setups
  12. Catching up on these episodes, I’m surprised so many people don’t like Ev’s looks. I think she’s super attractive as well. I think people are put off by her meanness, but she’s crazy hot.
  13. OK, I just started watching this season and the comments on Tim’s car are getting weirder and weirder, so I have to comment. The “small penis” one is the worst. News Flash, some people like nice cars. Im heavily into cars and I’m not apologetic about it. Tim is driving an early 2000’s Ferrari 360 Spyder. These cars did not change much at all over their run and the later versions (it might even be one) isn’t much different looking. I was shopping for a used Ferrari early in 2019 which is about right for the timeline here. It’s absolutely not a kit car. It’s not Lamborghini unattainabl
  14. If you unexpectedly enjoyed them, check out S1 of the Netflix series “Cheer.” It’s only 6 episodes, I think. It’s the last thing I thought I’d like, but started watching it as background for working out. You really see how these kids are not cheerleaders, they are college athletes with the same drive, competition and training as any other college athletes. I loved it.
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