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  1. SG11

    S07.E18: Lines

    Exactly right. Goodwin vs Voight as a leader and a supervisor is a no-brainer.
  2. SG11

    S07.E18: Lines

    All fair points. I still think Voight’s transfer of Haley is something Goodwin would never have the guts to do. Nat and Will could each be fired because Goodwin never did them the favor of correcting them. Boden would do that, I think. But I see how someone would prefer her to Voight, who could as you say easily have been to jail a million years ago. (Oh that’s right, he was.) Personally as a former LEO, I’d love to work for Voight. That’s the guy I want having my back.
  3. They need an episode where each of them contradicts a Doctors diagnosis with their own stupid theory and by the end of the show they stab each other to death with tongue depressors because Nataloon is afraid of weapons.
  4. SG11

    S07.E18: Lines

    No, actually right now Voight is literally transferring her out to a no nonsense federal agency to get her head back on straight. Not only does he protect his people, but he does attempt to fix them for their own good, even when its uncomfortable. Not unlike sending his son to the military. I didn’t insult Boden, I like him for the most part. But Goodwin is unbelievable. She doesnt just give her people a long leash, she’s a civilian hospital administrator that has her people in her office for repeatedly breaking legal and ethical guidelines and more importantly, puts the hospital in tremendous legal jeopardy and does nothing, ever. She sure doesn’t try to get the staff to change their ways, that’s for sure. She seems like a nice lady and all, but she should have been fired a million years ago and apparently won’t be until the hospital loses that massive lawsuit that she allowed to happen.
  5. SG11

    S07.E18: Lines

    Goodwin? OMG, there isn’t a more incompetent excuse for an administrator on TV. Every Doc under her commits ethical and legal breaches every single episode and when they end up in her office she gives them a stern talking to and threatens to take one of Natalies cookies away (but doesn’t). What a laugh. What is it about Boden, an OK Fire Guy and Goodwin that’s deserving of admiration by their subordinates other their ability to walk all over them?
  6. It does look better there. Even during this episode, it was more styled and less helmet-esque. That one of the handful of Tv episodes I’ll never get over. Right up there with Bobby Simone dying and that guy who was stuck in the subway on Homicide. Oh, that “Time of your Life” Green Day song episode on ER too. The 4 episodes I’ll always remember. I can’t stand the Severide the Wanna Be cop routine, it’s just obnoxious. They need an episode where his impersonating a police officer routine gets an innocent killed.
  7. Spot-on post. Every word. After the surgery I wanted to tell Marcel, “wipe that smile off your face, Nataloon will be proven right, no matter what.”
  8. SG11

    S07.E18: Lines

    It’s funny, last episode I made such a post about Rojas going nowhere and here they give her this episode. Guess what? She’s underused because she’s not very good. She has no acting range and I didn’t buy into any of her scenes. Her being fired would have been a better idea. And while its true that they have been grooming Haley to be #2/Jr Voight, the interaction between Voight and Rojas on her fuckup and her past was vintage Lindsay. That point should have elevated Rojas on the show. It didn’t. Not only is Atwater underused, Ruzek is playing the same supporting knit cap wearing nothing role every week with the occasional nothing spot on Fire. And Burgess, the Senior female agent with accomplishments greater than anyone on the squad, is basically used to stick perp pics on the whiteboard now. Aaaaand Permasmirk. She has gone from Jr IA Miss Look Down Her nose at all of her coworkers Morality Queen... to planting evidence. When she was on the stairs and told Voight she did what she thought he’d wanted I thought he might backhand her. Then in his office I thought, “no Permasmirk, don’t say that’s what Voight would have...ugh.” What a clown. News Flash, Blondie, you aren’t Voight. And Finally, Voight. Lots of people love to hate Voight here apparently. This guy will lay on the train tracks for his people. All I know is, in over 20 years working, I would have been thrilled to death to work in a squad under a guy like Voight. Actually, my first Supervisor was an Ex Chicago Transit Cop that reminds me a bit of Voight and he was the best I ever had.
  9. My wife and I just got caught up with Season 4 and watched the finale this week. We love the show, but some things take longer to make sense and come around to us as we have never seen a single episode of BB, so a lot of the things discussed as common knowledge on the last 9 pages here are not always obvious when you watch this series as a true stand-alone. We were guessing they were building a tunnel for drug transport all this time, but I was corrected in this thread. Still we love BCS and will actually watch BB next. I have a ton to comment on, but something that people kept talking about in this thread... Kim is absolutely gorgeous to some of us, FYI. I love her harsh, sharp features, her trim athletic look and her gaze that would rip a hole through you. I think guys who aren’t comfortable with really bright and maybe too -aggressive women use the excuse that she’s too harsh to be attractive. Sorry man, she is smoking hot, end of story. I think it really is an odd matchup with Jimmy, other than the fact that she clearly loves some of Jimmys dirty dealings and likes playing in that pool sometimes. A commonality of a personality trait like that is often a reason 2 people with disparate attractiveness levels wind up with each other as in this case.
  10. PS, I forgot... the obnoxious product placement of Under Armor gloves worn in close ups of no less than SIX Intelligence members wearing them! And the even had different colored logos on the boy gloves from the girl gloves. Adorable. Hope they charged a lot.
  11. Rojas looks like an attempt to check a couple boxes (female, Hispanic ) but IMO her character has not developed at any level on this show so far. She’s not interesting, she offers nothing. At first she looked like a love interest for Atwater but that’s gone. She was actually a little bit interesting when first introduced, but she’s gone nowhere. I agree that I actually miss Lindsay a little here in the days of Rojas and Permasmirk. I liked her inappropriate connection to Voight and her girlcop attitude. She reminds me of the girlcops I liked the most when I was working. But yeah, the badass routine is a little silly... she weighs 90 pounds soaking wet and they don’t teach you that much at the Academy where she could take down a 250 pound man, sorry. Even Burgess who I love more than the solar system, in between her physical victories has had her ass kicked 5 ways from Sunday in situations that yeah, should have turned out that way given the matchup. Its too bad Lindsay the actress burned bridges with her stupid comments after leaving (“Chicago is soooo cold to shoot outside, wah”) as I wouldn’t mind a return there. I had all the Bunny I needed though. Im also going to repeat my disappointment in the terrible underuse of Sgt Trudy, one of the brilliant characters on the show. Just because Burgess, Atwater and Roman aren’t in queue anymore is no reason to not introduce more interesting patrol officers and use their stories to continue giving Trudy the screen time she deserves.
  12. I love this comment at so many levels. St Olivia still infuriates me, and Permasmirk is my new favorite word.
  13. Agree all around. And there is no logical reason why Marina is not The Queen. End of story. Really liked Voight’s punch. Not gratuitous- just a real reaction. Nice. Oh, and while I hated to see the ex gang guy get pummeled like that, he totally asked for it multiple times. I’m surprised he and Atwater weren’t shot.
  14. Kinda wanted her to go out with him. He seemed like a nice guy and a good match for her. If she’s so hung up on Casey then date him for crying out loud. That Bret is so attractive and sweet it’s absolutely ridiculous that she wouldn’t have 5 guys at a time waiting in line for a shot.
  15. It really was a reach that 5 unsubstantiated complaints by the same old bat that obviously were never fully investigated (DCFS Lady managed to find Casey but never got the full story from Old Bat? OK) resulted in an immediate seizure of the child in the hospital? C’mon. Agree that the actions of the DCFS lady were impossible to follow (rush to take the kid, change her mind in an instant), but if anyone has actually worked with Illinois DCFS you wouldn’t be terribly surprised. Casey and Severide sure have a lot of free time... can they open a Firefighter Supervisors Crimjnal Investigation Division to formally document all their wannabe cop/Social Worker activities? The idiot in the play fort should be fired, period. He’s not a quirky interesting misunderstood guy, he’s a friggin’ moron with zero redeeming features. And, the only thing he is worse at than being a firefighter is being a parent. Good for Severide to suggest Wendy. She seems like the perfect choice for the program, except that she came across at the beginning as someone who was rushed through the ranks as either a political favorite or simply Quota Female, not as someone that had been quickly promoted due to merit like say, Haley on PD. Wendy might be easily criticized from that perspective. But Severide thinks it’s funny that Wendy has the hots for him, knows he has nothing to risk as he didn’t do anything and put her with his girlfriend because it was the right thing to do.
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