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  1. Tavalah

    S02.E13: A Good Day to Die

    ""Mom" going to Hell bugged me because doesn't Luci still have a deal to bring her back to Hell that he hadn't quite fulfilled his end of yet but was also sticking with the technicality that he could/would do it but didn't yet?"" No one really knows what Dad wants, and what Lucifer agreed to was to "be the son You want, go where You want." He just assumed that the open door meant he was supposed to track Mum down. It could just as easily have been Dad saying, "See? I forgave your Mom, too, and set her free."
  2. Tavalah

    S02.E13: A Good Day to Die

    "But I totally, and respectfully, disagree with the poster above who said their is no chemistry between the leads. First, because Ellis has chemistry with a doorknob. Second, because did you see the opening scene from last week? Hot. " Love this! I don't remember who posted this, but I love it!
  3. Tavalah

    S01.E12: #TeamLucifer

    They use the pentagram correctly in other places. I doubt the use of the Illuminati symbol is an error. The Illuminati admit that many artists use their symbolism to lead others to them. It worked for me! I just wonder if Tom Ellis and the other actors are members.
  4. Tavalah

    S01.E12: #TeamLucifer

    Anyone else notice the partial Illuminati symbol in the Church of the Dark Prince book and on the website? Shouldn't that be a downward point pentagram? I've been researching the Illuminati (no longer a secret society, they have a website!) and they seem harmless on the face of it, if not downright benevolent. Why the association with Lucifer here?