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  1. it cracks me up that y'all are puzzled about this. Just google "Red Sox game schedule" and you can pretty much predict his vacation days lmao. he's not a complciated human tbh //not really here, back on break
  2. I was kinda happy that we were gonna have a Joe-less week haha.... buuuut honestly I ended up not actually being able to watch it bc at this point I just can't, I can't with the darkness and sadness and yelling anymore. Again I really actually like Mika, but I can't right now, it's been such a shitty year tuned in a lil today and even the fun and creative Donnie is now doing the unexplained darkness trolling thingy, and I just can't. so, yeah, no. going back on break, wishing all of your snarky hilarious selves a beautiful crazy sunlit summer 🥰 eta: also I'm still upset abo
  3. that may be true, i guess my objection was more that he always assumes they tune in *only* for him, rather than for the team, bc it really did use to be a team before the boxes and apotheosis of joe stuff also regardless of how popular he may be, the whole pater familias my house my show blah blah, shows a total lack of graciousness to his colleagues, his wife and his staff, ugh
  4. i'm laughing because he basically did another one of those articles where the (actually interesting) subject matter isn't at all what the article is actually about, it's just one half-hearted sentence at the end of the article rather than the actual thesis running through it. The actual text reads that journalism isn't dead because Phil griffin gave Joe a chance, like *20 years ago*, and Rashida still gives Joe a chance, and things were happy clappy when Rachel and Tucker used to yell at each other in person. those aren't reasons for normal humans to be optimistic, those are anecdotes for why
  5. yeh but her outrage is so damn wholesome tho. I feel like Claire is basically the Oracle in the Matrix. Not sure if she can bend spoons with her mind, but pretty sure she could do it with her bare-ass hands 😂 I am so so so so disappointed about the Kasie situation, I can't even. WTF is MSNBC even thinking??? It's like in the past 6-8 weeks we 1...Lost Highlemann as a regular...2...Lost Katty!! to some streaming place 3....Lost Shawna, for unexplained reasons.... 4....lost Elise Jordan, ok but she had a baby and that's a sensible reason, but omg I still miss her..... and now 5...we'v
  6. https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/msnbc-streaming-expansion-mika-brzezinski-nicolle-wallace-1235020330/ ok but Rashida Jones, if you're taking requests for new shows and stuff....please can we have a show where Joe and Mika are in the same room and actually talking to each other like normal humans?? If *that* was on Peacock, i'd watch it. It's literally all we want, but apparently it's impossible, even though rumor has it they live in the same house. 😭 Can we crowdfund a better camera or something, like what would it take to get them back together again??? i would pay actual money
  7. did everyone else's corner clock disappear?? wtf?? damnit msnbc, I need that thing so as to NOT BE LATE FOR WORK gaaaaaaaaaah it annoys me how weirdly condescending they all are of Olivia Rodrigo? she's talented and literally just trying to use her fame to do a good thing?
  8. Eliot & Kemper, i hope I didn't come across as dismissive above, tbh I often learn much much more from you guys on here than the actual show, mainly bc we are all smarter, and more interesting and more diverse etc 😂 buuut tbh I'm so confused about the actual real life situation in West Virginia.... they voted overwhelmingly for DJT and yet also elected Manchin??? which yes, is a f-ing miracle, what even. But then also there's the polls from Rachel re voting rights and infrastructure etc, vs general anecdotal stories about what they all actually prefer. It's all so muddled. But without
  9. i like Karine, too, and apologies for misspelling her name. I honestly missed her and she was awesome on MJ, and I do understand she was just doing her job... i don't agree tho that they have to nod to bipartisanship publicly. I've seen graphs on Rachel etc where in West Virginia, an overwhelming number of actual voters support voting rights - so who are all these voters who supposedly pay attention to and value and worship remote abstract shit like bipartisanship and procedural rules? Are there actual voters out there who will think to themselves, "I like this Manchin dude, because I ide
  10. i'm not usually bothered by pronunciation mishaps but yeah, this particular one was kinda bad, in context 🥴 I always wondered about the process of all this, like why isn't there some way they can give Mika scripts a lil earlier or something so she can read through and identify these issues b4 the actual show? any tee-vee ppl on here who can explain how it all works?? do they write these texts as they go along, or? I kinda missed Joe today. Yeah, yeah, i know, Stockholm Syndrome 😂 I thought Mika and Willie did well, but they both always seem a lil tense and stressed. It's sad bc
  11. also, Joe went on a long-ass Facebook rant again, and yes, ok, i'm kinda with him, it's totally justified.... but dude, he's made this *exact same STUNNINGLY SUPERFICIAL speech* a gazillion times! Let's smash Facebook into a million pieces etc etc!! ok!!! but also, how do we do that? Could you maybe bring some anti-trust lawyers on to explain how that could be done, and what the obstacles are, and why it hasn't been done already? Some First Amendment lawyers to explain what the constitutional issues might be? Some tech experts to explain what the practical issues are? Some experts wh
  12. i love love love the adorable new one where Joe and Mika are like laughing with Jimmy Carter & Rosalynn and Madeleine Albright....reminds me of the time when the show was about actual human connections, laughter, living and breathing politics and stuff *cries* dude, is it just me or....are they now re-running these MSNBC news clips from like the night before? depending on when I get home, I watch either Joy, or Rachel, or Brian. And I coulda sworn I saw some of the uhhh report thingies today last night?? what even? since when did they copy stuff from the night before, what even is th
  13. this morning in people who weren't invited to comment ----> Cuban Americans! and Haitian Americans! (many of whom actually work for MSNBC, just saying...!) to comment on Cuba, and Haiti and the...."worker's paradise", quotation Joe, snarking unhelpfully on a complex situation he knows f-all about *headdesk* *insert Dr B gif here* At least we got a direct! report! about soccer! from expatriate Ed Luce's nominally English but non-soccer-fan countryside parents, riveting close-enough almost on the ground reporting!! 🥴 Though visually the gorgeous music room is still A+, Ed baby, your pare
  14. Plumbago this is so badass. we want stories!!!!!
  15. i was gonna take a break, and I wiiiiilll because I wanna spend this summer waking up and living my life like i'm actually alive, but but but... I read this and then I looked up the clip and I actually do think it's an important conversation, but they need to clarify wtf they are talking about, because it. is. not. Critical Race Theory. A gazillion people, including the professor who coined the term, who did an actual interview with Joy, have pointed out this is an advanced academic theory, and claiming that it's being taught to kids is like saying kids are being taught Quantum Mechanics.
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