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  1. I thought the two photos in the article were really poignant side-by-side on twitter, although Mrs B ca 1970(?) had much better taste in hats than Mika. I know and kinda understand why there are different opinions about Mika, and that's totally fair, but since she's an elderly lady who is maybe having a tough time right now, I just wanna take a moment and speak up for Mrs B, who, independently of all the drama, and all of her family members, including Mika and Dr B and the lil B's, is the actual real deal imo, in terms of actual talent. Just going off google and the stuff they've sh
  2. I took one for the team and listened to Joe's podcast on my commute! Actually, there were two episodes about 40 min each, the first one was kinda bad but the second one was much better First of all, I was cracking up because Joe, I swear to god, named his podcast "The Joe Scarborough Podcast"...that's...that's the name! wtf, who the hell names their podcast "The *insert name* podcast" ?? only Joe. his colleagues: Hell and High Water! Sisters in Law! Bagman! The Oath! even the unimaginative dumbass right-wing dudes at least have names like "the Dan Bongino show". Also it's like five h
  3. I've been away and have been catching up on last! weeks! shows! on DVR, so feel free to scroll past this if y'all have (hopefully) moved on with your lives since then, I just have some thoughts also I watched some of these shows with insomnia and literally drafted another post, and then the draft weirdly disappeared, so this will be the less rambly version, I am sure you are all grateful they were actually in studio last week?? FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS?? I literally screamed. This hasn't happened for like three months. I kinda see what you guys were saying about it not really being a 100%
  4. well this didn't happen because wtf even is this f-ing weather, what even *cries* at least our flight was canceled before we even stepped outside but omg for once I'm not gonna snark on Willie for being in the hellscape in his covid!tie bc at least he's safe and dry in there I thought the Afghanistan coverage was better and more honest today... but man oh man it's all so heartbreaking at least Rattner brought some good news I guess? also the castle thingy he lives in is very beautifully lit where in the world is Jonathan Lemire ---> this should be a game show did yo
  5. that's fair, I agree it's not clear cut, and I absolutely believe State employees etc have done and are still doing everything they can I think my main gripe is with some of the media coverage. I've heard and seen all over social media this whole "why should we care about these people when they could have just left sooner?" thing and it's insane to me. a lot of these people weren't based in Kabul, which means more likely than not they *couldn't* get out due to shitty roads, non-existent transport options, Taliban checkpoints, risk of rape, murder, kidnapping on the way, etc, etc. Som
  6. this is both profoundly inaccurate and a misrepresentation of the motives and circumstances of desperate human beings to whom a huge debt of gratitude is owed. And the fact that dual citizenship should be raised as an issue here, given what these people have sacrificed and what is at stake is, well, pretty depressing imo. 100% agree with you about Trump. There is more than enough blame to go around here, sadly ooof. wasn't 2021 the year where we were all gonna be alive and happy again? *twiddles thumbs*
  7. THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID (someone had to do it!!! heh) Dude this is not a viable title for 90% of the English speaking world, just saying I actually think Willie did a really great job, he is smart and funny and coherent but why tf was he in the hellscape and not in studio?? Dude isn't the point of having *three* actual hosts that at least one of them might actually show up? I can't complain too much bc he was actually awesome but come oooooooon. Again if there's no longer any difference between the tee-vee and podcasts I'm just gonna listen to podcasts instead. I don't think they
  8. well tbh those are both very boring and disappointing explanations!! in that case I like "cup of java" better since it pays homage to an actual Indonesian island where they grow actual coffee beans! my google search landed me on this article https://www.huffpost.com/entry/famous-coffee-drinkers_n_5358495 actually really interesting. Astoundingly no mention of Joe S among teh famous people... hmmm 😂 the Youtube algorithm, which is creepily following me around, then took me to the Coffee Cantata by Bach sung by my goddess Sumi Jo, reposted here because we all need this gorgeo
  9. yes i agree meowmommy, so true!!! It's all happening in this ridiculous and inflated parallel universe lol at the same time there are these reports out there of Sean Hannity making like $40+ million... and if Rachel really was at $7 million, no way was Hannity worth like 6 times as much as Rachel, ugh. So i'm glad she's getting hers, financially...but also disappointed she's kinda checking out prematurely while everything is still a shitshow and we really need her.
  10. tbh I'm a bit disappointed by the Rachel Maddow situation obviously she was ridiculously underpaid and massively deserves the raise but idk, it feels a bit to me like she's giving up? She always seemed like the kind of person who lived and breathed her job and didn't give a f about the glamour and fame aspects etc and actually genuinely felt that this was a vocation rather than a job and that she had a duty to dig and fight and spread light... and it very much feels to me like she wasn't *done* with that... again, she deserves the extra money for sure, but for some reason this d
  11. I love Chris Jansing Everytime she comes on, she says "good morning, I *am* Chris Jansing" in this authoritative voice, not just in the usual way of introducing herself, but she makes it sound like she's done extensive genealogical research, verified it with five corroborating sources and eventually arrived at the conclusion, that YES, yes, it is now safe to confirm, that she *is* indeed.... Chris Jansing. It's just her name but basically all of that is in her tone of voice and it's so badass and hilarious and professional. idk. I'm where a lot of you guys are, in that by al
  12. WAIT WAIT WAIT what even, is this real, did this happen???? how did I miss this?? I want this SO much, it's all i've ever wanted from teh tee-vee gods!!!! i'd literally get up one hour early just for Katty. I would learn how to poach eggs and make blueberry pancakes and run on a treadmill without falling the fuck off just to have an excuse to wake up early and watch our queen katty, Msnbc make it happeeeeeeen, plz thankyou I also don't get the point of Joe and Willie when Mika and Katty are in studio. Like if its only once a year cant we have the Mika and Katty show, with real life h
  13. yassss!! thank you Lowcountry Snark, I appreciate this primer. Now all I gotta do is 1) not accidentally drive off any cliffs 2) not die from dehydration in the desert etc. 🥴 I wanna say thank you thank you a thousand times to ebk57 for this advice bc we had to try several different companies to book a rental car and it was actually really really hard, but we managed in the end yay. But unless I had read this it would never have occurred to me it might've been a problem and I would definitely have left it to the last minute! I guess a lot of ppl are going on roadtrips rn because of co
  14. Rachel won't leave. i'm guessing she's playing hardball, and if she is, good for her. i can never find any reliable reports about what the msnbc ppl are actually making, every article has different figures, but if Rachel is at 7 mill that's definitely not enough and if they can't pay up she should just tell them to f off and go fishing. well, it turns out my friend really really wants to go to the Grand Canyon so the current plan has been changed to actually flying to vegas and then driving from there, which google says should be fairly straightforward. And then possibly afterward
  15. yeah, I apologize Brownbear I didn't mean to snark on you above, those are totally valid points. And I absolutely agree with you about Fox News personalities, ugh it's just that I sometimes feel people don't really understand what the UN is or how it works. It's not really a unified thing that could convene a meeting, it's a collection of various bodies with different functions. The UN High Commission for Refugees are deeply involved in the refugee crisis in Afghanistan and Pakistan and are on the ground and sending out urgent appeals for financial assistance etc etc but ultimately their
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