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  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJsFKAvP/ ive seem to have stumbled upon DCC TikTok and I have no clue who these girls are
  2. I love all of those looks but I absolutely love the one with her natural hair out. I hope that the DCC let more of the WOC wear their natural hair if they want.
  3. question, when is the current squad thread made? I thought it would be around the first game or is it later?
  4. Sydney just crossed my mind, but she is on the team correct? Does anyone know which deck/group she’s with?
  5. I figured it was about 15 on each deck if they only have two decks. I also guess it’s good the cameras have that row directly behind them. When the falcons go for a field goal, I can get a good peek
  6. Watching the game and got a glimpse of the decks and the cheerleaders and they’re wearing masks and it looks like there are no fans in the first 2 or 3 rows behind them
  7. I didn’t know a former DCC owned DallasWear. Anyone have any info on her? OAN: I kind of prefer these shorts over the current ones.
  8. Has anyone heard of the 76ers Dancers and them investigating a report of bullying and racist behavior? The video reportedly included the dance coach and other members of the team. Ever since the news broke around the 30th of last month, the 76ers entertainment page has limited/deleted comments on every post.
  9. They probably have them marked some type of way. I’d imagine it’s the same way on their team during the season.
  10. You can spot Amy a couple of times in this video.
  11. For Victoria’s rookie Twitter, both DCC_VictoriaK (created July ‘18) and DCC_Victoria (created September ‘17) are both already taken. Unless one of those is her, what is her rookie handle going to be when the twitters go live?
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