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  1. Just watched the first episode... Hated it with the fire of a thousand nuns!
  2. How about Wilford is still there but decided to retire. Living in the Florida car and playing golf all day...?
  3. Konstantin bought the bus fridge magnet and said to the store owner that he was buying it for his daughter... And then he gave it to Geraldine.
  4. Well... The actor, Deniz Akdeniz, is Turkish.
  5. How about the sound? In some sequences, voices were heard with a kind of echo. And in others, the voices had a kind of reverberation...
  6. I was wondering about the smell thing myself...
  7. Little ceramic baby angels that she had in her home.
  8. They had it right about Tyson getting the boot. Will check their next predictions...
  9. Jefferson, dismayed and exasperated after learning that he is Gravedigger’s descendant: « Is Tobias my brother? »
  10. Scot: « ...bone structure, the impeccable style... ».
  11. sisterspoon

    S02.E01: Trigon

    Gar: “Real life horror movie! Real life horror movie!”
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