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  1. Anyone hate the episode “Three Rode Together”? Just hate everything about it. Ma was insufferable. Dorothy had no spine. And Dorothy’s boyfriend was a jerk. I get that he was sick of Sophia. Anyone would be. But I saw nothing about him that was special and his constant eye rolling was rude to Dorothy.
  2. Miles was truly the worst. Nothing endearing about him at all.
  3. In “Ladies of the Evening”, Blanche says she woke up the night of the presidential inauguration in the arms of the 1972 election winner to which Dorothy says “you and Nixon?” And Blanche delivers the punchline that it was the President of the Chamber of Commerce. But in 1972, George would still have been alive. George didn’t die when Blanche was in her early 40’s surely. And we know Blanche never cheated on George. So it was just some dumb story the writers came up with to get in a Nixon zinger.
  4. Worst hairstyle on the show? Kate 2.0’s hideous mullet. What the hell was her hairdresser thinking.
  5. Bea looked really drab and worn out in Season 5. I’m watching the Dick Van Dyke episode. That hairstyle and color is godawful! It looks like she got caught in a downpour.
  6. In “Who’s Face is This Anyway?” Blanche wants to get Cheryl Tiegs’ nose. Why? Blanche (Rue) has literally the smallest nose in the world. If she got a nose job, she would look like Voldemort.
  7. Oh yeah how could I forget George Grizzard? He was in one of my favorite eps “The Chaser”.
  8. There were a couple other Twilight Zone actors in the GG: Anne Francis (Trudy), Lois Nettleton (Jean). Who am I missing?
  9. Things that make no sense: Uncle Angelo has supposedly been a “priest” since 1914. Did no one in his family, over the course of 60+ years, ever want to hear him say Mass or have him perform any sacraments?? (Whereby they would figure out he was lying.) Sophia’s family was just as insipid as Rose’s.
  10. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but in Season 1 Big Daddy sells Twin Oaks to fund his music career, but then when he dies they show Blanche back at Twin Oaks for the funeral.
  11. I agree that Rose’s sex-every-night storyline was stupid. Beyond being completely implausible from a physical standpoint, we know a Charlie was a traveling salesman. It was just a stupid joke/plot device by the writers to make Rose one-up Blanche. Same when Rose says she had 56 boyfriends before marrying Charlie. It’s just so Blanche could say “I’m the biggest slut”. The writers were idiots.
  12. Yeah I’m sure the actresses didn’t want to show varicose veins and crepey skin. Thus the layers of clothes. It doesn’t bother me because A/C is usually too cold for me. The only time the writers were stupid is when supposedly theirs a “cold snap” in Miami and they all have to sleep in bed together. How cold could it gas possibly been? 45 degrees?
  13. There were a lot of clunker jokes too that fell flat. Just saw the episode where Dorothy replies "Wasn't the musical version called Hey Hey That's My Tractor?" The laugh track barely budged on that one. Another Dorothy clunker: "But it's a great way to rack up lots of frequent tobogganer mileage." Hardee har har, my reaction is like Rose's to that one.
  14. This is where the inconsistency of the writing comes into play. In one story, Blanche says a cop called her in the middle of the night to tell her George had been killed in a car accident (crunch, crunch). In another story, she was getting her nails done(?) when George was dying in the hospital. And then another story where she said her final thought of him was “I hate you”. I tend to believe George was everything Blanche claimed he was. However, I have no doubt Charlie Nylund was as big a yutz as Stan was, minus the cheating.
  15. Oh yeah Buzz was a total dud. Even Dorothy acknowledges this when she says “Frankly Rose, I don’t get it. What is this hold Buzz has over you??” Rose had terrible taste in men.
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