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  1. nateliv

    Jesse Pinkman: Yo, B*itch!

    I mean seriously what did jesse ever really contribute to the operation? All he ever did was fukk up, and now he's gonna sell walt out and there will never be a new meth empire Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  2. nateliv

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    Arya is my favourite character so I personally hope the reunion does happen. Like you said there may well be a purpose to keep mention the Riverlands wolfpack and the giant wolf leading it. There could well be another reason why, but a Nymeria / Arya reunion is as good a guess as any at the moment. Sorry not to diagree with you! Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
  3. nateliv

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    I hate watching my character doing a bevy of ninja moves, wall runs, rope swings etc. during cutscenes and only being able to simply jump and shoot when the gameplay starts again. Also, when barriers are made of things that your character should easily be able to move around or jump over. C'mon man. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  4. nateliv

    Final Fantasy Games

    good that it moved before that spambot assault became a daily thing. This new board doesn't block the spambots and they can still make threads, but now there is a report option for every post. Its the new LFAMT. Right now, the new boards can't handle threads with 15,000+ posts in it, so it autolocks them. Every board so far has had to make new CTs, Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher