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  1. Please don’t hate me for this, but I wonder if her eating disorder is a manifestation of her possibly wondering if she’s made a mistake. She was so young when she started transitioning, can anyone really know at 5 what they want? My friends daughter at 5 wanted to be a firefighting kitty cat. She mentioned in a video wearing dress up heels at 14 months, but most kids do. Toys don’t have a gender. My 2.5 year old the other day wanted to have a bow in his hair like my niece, but im not rushing to say he’s transgender. He also likes stomping around in my shoes, and his dads shoes. I wonder if she
  2. Why is Kalani still nursing toddlers all night long?? I’m all for breast feeding as long as you want, but those kids need to sleep at night, not be attached to the boob
  3. Why didn’t they wait until she lost weight before doing a reduction? With significant weight loss things shift around. And if this plastic surgeon was hoping to get free publicity, I can’t imagine anyone going to him. He just seemed so skeevy the way he talked. And I’m also surprised she didn’t stay overnight... my sister had gastric bypass and she spent a couple days in the hospital afterwards. andrei and Libby confuse me. I can’t tell who’s right who’s wrong. The farm dudes friend was rude but it seemed so scripted.
  4. I just caught the last few minutes of this last episode where she was meeting with the cardiologist... why did anyone think she needed open heart surgery? For a PFO? Look, I’m a pediatric cardiologist, PFOs are my bread and butter. We generally don’t do anything for them, but on occasion we do close them, but it’s done through a cath. So why did anyone tell her she might need open heart surgery? Or is that just made for tv drama?
  5. In Russian, a lot of people use the same word to drink to mean drinking something or taking medicine. Depends on the region. There’s a lot of random dialect things... like where my mom grew up, they would use “pesok “ for granulated sugar, but the literal translation is sand. The first time my dad came to my moms house and they asked if he wanted pesok in his tea, he thought they were crazy.
  6. I think she said she made a medovik? It’s basically super thin layers of honey cake with a sour cream frosting in between. You have to bake each layer separately, so it’s a time consuming and annoying process to roll out the dough, cut out the circle, bake it and repeat 10 times. And then you have to let it all chill together. Russian cakes tend to be more layers and flavors, different textures, etc. I feel like a lot of them also tend to be sweeter and richer than american style cakes. But the frostings are not as sweet. I looked into making a spartak cake once, which is o
  7. I felt so bad for Yara when she did all that work making jovi the birthday cake just for him to say he didn’t like it. My family is Russian and Ukrainian, those cakes take a lot of effort to make, so much so that we never make them and just buy it ready made. But they’re delicious, though very different from American cakes. I don’t know how hers came out, but damnit, even if you don’t like it, you smile and tell your pregnant wife who you haven’t seen in months how amazing it is.
  8. Why is Stephanie holding her thumb over her face during that video chat??
  9. I only barely watched the show but a few things that bug... 1. I realize I hate reality shows showing us them learning about covid. It’s not fun staying home and it’s not fun watching other people stay at home and complain about covid 2. if kody is going between houses, then he’s exposing them anyway. 3. why is Robyn daughter still using a pacifier?
  10. My husband was insanely curious what it was that Mike and Natalie were grilling. And why did they not have any sort of side dish with whatever those things were? I am curious what happens in natalies situation. She doesn’t get married before the 90 days so has to go home but the borders in her home country are closed so she can’t get there... if she overstays her visa she won’t be eligible for another one, but it’s not really her fault if there’s no way for her to get into her country.
  11. Personally I don’t care they don’t show amy checking her glucose. TLC long ago abandoned being “The Learning Channel”. They’re producing entertainment, and I would sincerely hope that if someone is diabetic and pregnant, they would get their advice from their doctors and not take a narrative from a tv show. There’s plenty of things that people do that don’t make for interesting TV, which at the end of the day is what the producers are after.
  12. Sorry about your MiL, and yes everything carries a risk. Getting in your car and driving to the grocery store is also a risk, crossing the street is a risk. But we don’t always have that at the forefront of our minds. When it comes to medical procedures, we naturally worry more because it’s out of our normal daily life. But for certain procedures, the risk may be less than the risks we take in our daily lives without thinking about it.
  13. I just saw the ad with her talking about maybe needing heart surgery... I call BS. There’s a clip with her wearing a Holter monitor, so maybe she does have some sort of an arrhythmia. And she might need an ablation for it, but it’s not surgery. They go through the veins in your leg and use catheters to go the heart and burn the abnormal area. It’s really safe, and most people go home the same day. My guess is, if she needs anything, that’s what she would have. It’s seriously not that big of a deal.
  14. I haven’t watched this show in years... but they all really do seem to hate each other don’t they? I remember watching some really early seasons when they all lived in the same house and they talked about how nice it was and they’re one big happy family, the kids are like any other siblings, etc. Now they can’t even stand to be in the same car with each other. It’s sort of uncomfortable to watch.
  15. This show was not meant to be watched on the fancy big screen tv. Her lipstick looks like an 8 year old applied it. And that color is not doing her any favors. I did love Todd’s develope at the beginning of the episode.
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