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  1. Yep! Madea/Tyler Perry has a book entitled "Don't Make a Black Women Take Off Her Earrings"!
  2. I'm so grateful for this chat, because for some reason, my TLC station decided to replay the first 40 minutes of last week's episode, instead of this week's, so I missed the whole "Who's behind the green door?" reveal.
  3. One of his Tweets! Scroll about halfway down for Ed's personal "Tattoo" story
  4. OH MY GOD! Take the award back and give it to someone else. He's creeping me out. MUSIC, PLEASE...
  5. Just watched it yesterday and fell completely in love with it! I don't often buy DVDs, but I'll probably buy this one.
  6. LOL! Sorry about that! I've never seen him except in Jojo Rabbit, so when I saw him tonight, it blew my mind. So handsome.
  7. Anyone else think that Taika Waititi strongly resembles Greg Louganis?
  8. I had to hit up Google for a pic. Mom's way more beautiful, IMO.
  9. Okay, was I the only one (other than Rebel Wilson) who did a double-take when James said "Here's Keanu reeves and his mum!" I didn't see who he was with at first, but was thinking "Uh, if he's with his mature-looking girlfriend, that's kinda awkward."
  10. Why does Ryan S. feel the need to speak to Salma Hayek with a hispanic-is accent? Just because he's speaking about Antonio Banderas? LOL
  11. She's Jonah Hill's sister, and also an actress. She was in Booksmart and a bunch of other stuff.
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