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  1. Damon Wayans (not Keenen) and David Alan Grier played the two "gals" on In Living Color.
  2. Butterfly tattoo - lower, right hip. (If my eyes are not deceiving me)
  3. Anyone else yell at the judges, "Uh, LOOK at the body shape!!"
  4. I'm now traumatized that I'm agreeing with Jenny.
  5. You guys rock! It's totally Seal. His Wikipedia page says he was raised by a foster family. AND, he worked at McDonald's for 2 weeks.
  6. Flamingo is totally Adrienne Bailon! From her Wikipedia page: She attended PS 110-The Monitor in Brooklyn[8] and the High School for Health Professions and Human Services, but did not pursue a career in the medical field because of her musical endeavors.[9] Bailon commented "I really wanted to be an Obstetrician! I wanted to bring babies into the world..."[10] She was discovered by Ricky Martin and was one of his backup singers on his Living La Vida Loca show.
  7. That was my initial guess. But I think she sings too well.
  8. Yep - Wayne Brady and Patti Labelle are my guesses, too.
  9. So glad we won't have to watch Lamar grabbing at his junk anymore. He's done that at least twice while Erin is interviewing people (tonight while Hannah and Alan were being interviewed by her), and it's so gross! We posted that at the same time!! LOL
  10. Jeez, the Egg was as obvious as Donny Osmond was last season.
  11. My guess for Egg is also Johnny Weir. He's a fashion designer; the skateboard clue may be cuz he’s a figure skater; the wedding theme because he was host of “The Wedding Cake Championship”, and of course, the walk. LOL!
  12. You're most welcome! Can't wait until October 5th!
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