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  1. Did you see his tweet about finishing ADR for season 6?? LOL
  2. Haha! No, haven’t sailed away but wish I could!! Lol. Life has just gotten busy for me. I took on a 2nd job a couple months ago which was bad enough, then we got a puppy last month, it’s my son’s but he still lives at home so we all know how that goes and who ends up doing everything😩. I realize now that i’m too old for a puppy!! So yes, I’m struggling to find a blade of grass to hide behind (Lol) to find time catch up on things. But hoping to read through all of the threads here that I’m behind on soon. And I also agree with @Cdh20, 2nd half of season 3 isn’t my favorite either. Unless Lord
  3. Just popping in to agree that Jenny and Ian are AWESOME! Great writing for those two, and brilliant casting. That is all, carry on...
  4. Maybe she had it all shipped back. Did they have UPS back then??😄
  5. Aye😍😅 One thing?? Heehee. I can think of a few😉
  6. My assumption when I see these bits of randomness (especially in this case) is that they’re going to make sense later. They’re dropping breadcrumbs that will tie together in future seasons. But I could be totally wrong and really were just random. Lol
  7. Yeah I wonder, who is gone and where have they gone??? Ohh Diana, the suspense 😭
  8. So I’ve only read the first book (I know I know, I need to get back to reading the rest in the next few months!), and admittedly have not read through this entire thread, but has there been any speculation on what the title of this book could mean?
  9. I have nothing to add because I barely remember these Paris episodes. I’m not a fan and have done no rewatches of them. I think I’m trying to erase them from my brain. Lol
  10. I enjoyed this episode. They packed a lot in but still felt pretty relaxed, although of course I wish it had been a longer episode. Still very enjoyable. I too always just heard about the MacDonalds and Campbells. So many enemies! Lol. And yes, I thought the same about Sara Fraser, seemed to be one fun lady and handled the guys very well.
  11. Such an annoying trait, all of them. Yes! Thought the same thing. The historian, who is unphased by history all around him. Go figure. Would have seemed logical to show this.
  12. Yes!! I agree with everything you said, especially this part!!!
  13. Agreed. I think I did a lot of fast forwarding through this episode. I did absolutely love the ending though. That was good. Realizing they’d landed in the colonies, and then the sweeping shot of the coast was worth the price of admission. 😂😂😂
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