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  1. MutualCore

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    God has decided James is not worthy of death yet, despite the heart failure, diabetes, sleep apnea, cellulitis, multiple-organ-failure, etc, etc, etc. Because LIFE IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED!
  2. MutualCore

    S05.E20/S07: Where Are They Now? Milla & Charity Parts 1 & 2

    Can someone explain to me what season/episode this is on WATN? I checked on the streaming services(Youtube, Amazon) and it's not there. Is this a timed-exclusive for TLC GO?
  3. MutualCore

    S07.E13: Kelly's Story

    You could see this result happening a mile away. Kelly by this point had no desire to change things given the heart condition. It was too late. Amazing this thing though. James K has been in heart failure for 3+ years and he's still kickin. Go figure.
  4. MutualCore

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    We only see what's edited in the show. How do you know that Dr. Now doesn't have them speak to a nutritionist off camera to go into details like food diary, getting a food scale. I'm pretty sure the paper he gives them talks about those things too. Remember the producer has to keep things snappy & entertaining.
  5. MutualCore

    S07.E07: Brandon's Story

    Nah, nurses are simply professionals are not there to coddle adults scared of needles. If you're 30+, you should not act like a sissy when it comes to doing the blood draw. I was Brandon's age when I had my first blood draw as an adult and I did not make a fuss. Since then I've probably had 20+ and yes it HURTS every single time.
  6. MutualCore

    S06.E18 James (K) & Cynthia 2018.06.20

    Lisa is the devil incarnate, but the low-rent version.
  7. MutualCore

    S06.E05: Karina's Story

    I wonder how long before the sister will be in need of Dr. Now's services. 😈 Also Karina is now dating Gilbert(Lupe's Story):
  8. MutualCore

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    Honestly Brianne was not very entertaining. #1 - not bed bound #2 - no festering weeping OW MAH LEGS Bring on more James K, Steven Assanti and Penny!
  9. MutualCore

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    My newest joy is listening to the audio of 'Ow Mah Legs' on loop.
  10. MutualCore

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    That guy pushing Brianne's wheelchair at the airport looks like he'll be needing his own in a few years... God fuck, how many obese fuckers are there anyways in 'Murica?
  11. MutualCore

    S07.E01 Octavia's Story

    This was easily the most boring episode to date.
  12. MutualCore

    S05.E11: James K's Story

    If anyone's interested there is an 'Ow My Legs' compilation on youtube.
  13. Can't wait! I saw the trailer for season 7 and it's going to be EPIC! Dr. Now has seen the worst of the worst so far with the likes of Penny, James K, Steven Assanti, Schenee and Lisa! He's ready for all the reggrolls and excuses. THE SCALE DON'T LIE.
  14. MutualCore

    S05.E13: Steven and Justin's Story, Part 1

    I also like that scene when Steven is calling up his dad and telling him to stop for food and threatening if 'something happens to me, you'll be sorry'. Then Assanti Sr. says 'welcome to real Steven'.
  15. MutualCore

    S05.E04: Kirsten's Story

    Kirsten is such a peach! I like how she barks orders to her son Nico - 'bring me my cane!". No please, no thank you. What a nice person. So deserving of being cared for.