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  1. Rweyls

    S02.E03: The Punishment Room

    I thought having Midge trash her friend's wedding was awful. It wasn't the least bit funny. It made me uncomfortable. The first season was pure fun and now it's getting ridiculous. It made the character seem like a mindless egomaniac. That coupled with leaving the infant in the car is too much. Who is writing this stuff?? Ditto the spoiled mother. Not fun and not relatable. Thank God for Tony Shaloub's character. Also love the mother in law in the fur coat.
  2. Yes, times were definitely different then. Still, there was something creepy wrong about the way they all marched off without a care.
  3. What was the thinking leaving the baby in the car when they arrived? In lieu of the current situation with people forgetting babies in cars, I found this disturbing and not funny.