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  1. Ravan

    The Frankenstein Chronicles

    I preferred season 1, but still thoroughly enjoyed season 2. Absolutely love this show and love Sean Bean as John Marlott. In season 1, there is a painting of Harvey's teacher and mentor Johann Dipple. There actually was a Johann Dipple, he lived 10 August 1673 – 25 April 1734 and was a German pietist theologian, alchemist and physician. He invented Dipple's Oil, which he claimed was the elixir of life. The oil was mainly composed of oil obtained from boiling animal bones. So, I am surmising that these are the same Johann Dipple. If that is the case then what Frederick Dipple was drinking was perhap's his father's Dipple's Oil to extend his life. Johann Dipple died in 1734 and the Frankenstein Chronicles take place 1827-1830 so let's say for arguments sake that Frederick was born around 1700, that would make him roughly 130 years old, older than any man has ever lived. Perhaps the numbers on the bottles were the years Frederick was to drink them? Johann Dipple had claimed his oil would extend his life to 135 years. Without a new batch of the elixir it would seem that time has just about run out for Frederick. Hoping for a season 3. The dead demand justice!!