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  1. I know everyone is tired of talking about him. But, looks like Lissing must have cut ties with hallmark. He doesn’t seem to be in any new Christmas movies this year.
  2. I remember seeing Candace Bure replying on instagram with that and I found that to be odd and rude. I def think lissing was pushed out by LL. She wanted to be the star.
  3. When did she do that? I don’t doubt that she did it, just wondering when. She was only supposed to be on in the beginning then she took over. She felt she was the star and that’s prob why lissing left. I would love for him to come out and speak about why he really left.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. WCTH isn’t in the main stream. That’s why they want us to think lissing left with no real job bc he didn’t want to be only thought of as jack Thornton, meanwhile no one in the media even acts like they heard of WCTH. One musician posted about how does aunt Becky have enough money to bribe usc. Clearly he doesn’t watch hallmark lol
  5. I think they tried too hard to see the dan and Erin love story too. They tried on interviews and social media to make them out to be a couple off set. That might have just drove him over the edge. It’s the only show where they really push to make these actors and actresses seem like they really are the characters. I don’t know why they would push him out so I think he wanted to leave I just don’t get why he wouldn’t wait until something else came along it’s not like he’s that great of an actor.
  6. I read an interview with jack Wagner and it made it sound like Lissing wanted to leave so he could grow beyond jack Thornton. But other than ten minutes in swat he hasn’t done anything else. You think he would stay at least until he got more gigs? Guess he doesn’t need the money.
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