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  1. From Meri's instagram story...the guy starts by filling in the little circles (CEO at top, managers in middle, staff in bottom circles). Um I think she's unaware that a work hierarchy is different from a pyramid SCHEME ETA: the guy calls himself a network marketing ninja LOL aaaagh
  2. I was going to buy one, and this is the reason I did not. Janelle probably spent more time cleaning it than it took to cook. Assuming she bothered to clean it.
  3. She's gonna need transportation to get up that Main Street - it's very steep!
  4. I'm planning on rewatching the "creepy younger Kody with younger Jessop kids" drawing ep, just to see Logan's reaction to this "gift."
  5. The crazy thing is it's so easy to make delicious baked salmon with any kind of glaze on top. I've been doing it with mango chutney, and I'm no sort of cook.
  6. Except that at this time last year, they were all traveling and pretty much disregarding pandemic precautions except Robyn and, therefore, Kootie). The only essential travel was for Ysabel's surgery, but Christine went to Phoenix (to resell inventory that lesser mortals couldn't unload) and Utah, Janelle went to NC and Meri was back and forth to the B&B. Meri just attended a huge gathering of ugly-cheap clothes sellers in Anaheim. I suspect if she's vaccinated she will also go on the next cruise. Heck I have friends who are planning to cruise this fall (I forget where - I tend to tun
  7. I noticed that too - even the upper arms. One sycophant commented: "Happy birthday Mariah!! Any chance you’ll tell us where the shorts are from? 🔥🔥🔥" It's pretty obvious her shorts are cutoffs that she cut herself from an old pair of jeans. Nothing special about them whatsoever!
  8. I don't think they'll ever directly refer to Lulano. Just "Meri's business." They'll likely cover Evie's medical status as well.
  9. They REALLY gambled on this - it could have ended up as a one-season show. Then what? I guess they would have stayed in Lehi in that case (with Robyn in her rennal).
  10. This. I've said similar before regarding Christine; I do think the kids, particularly the older ones, will take care of her financially when it becomes necessary. Same for Janelle - I would expect that her several sons would share the financial burden, if any, beyond what she'll collect. I'm hoping that someone decent advised them with setting up the LLC so that they do in fact collect SS-eligible income from being employed by the LLC. I also think the boys, at least, would take care of their father, although I'm sure they won't be happy about it if it comes to that. They would likely ha
  11. It's a before-and-after, the mounds of dirt are in both. Her attempt to show how much greener it is since the rain.
  12. What does "cooked from raw" even mean? As opposed to warmed up (reheated)? So is she implying she's been eating only raw food up to now, since moving onto "the land"? (I sometimes have a salad with avocado, carrots, tomato etc for dinner in the hot weather, especially if I've had protein at breakfast and lunch.) Why doesn't she just say this is the first meal she's cooked there? I just don't get the "from raw." Or maybe she considers microwaving a frozen dinner to be cooking, but just not "from raw." Savanah would be better off with Christine's tater tots and mock tapioca.
  13. I agree; however, the problem with this surgery is that if you don't change your eating habits afterward, you can end up stretching what's left of your stomach. I know two people who ended up in serious trouble after this. They started out with reduced appetite but eventually just started eating more and more again. (I do not remember whether they had gastric bypass or the lap band surgery.)
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