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  1. People are terrible. Not all people but.... re the puppies, I hope they'll train them properly. I doubt they will, but dogs need to know their place in the family so they can relax.
  2. I believe when it comes to SoCal the beaches are warm and beautiful year-round. Is that not the point? I'm going to the beach this weekend myself. Here on in the NE, okay, it's "late in the season." Actually, off-season.
  3. omg I don't need it in mine either! I bet you're right- ugh!! Maybe with "Sam" though
  4. @Mahamid Frauded Me Same here. I'll keep you both in my thoughts. Stubborn and pessimistic is a tough combo!
  5. It's still up on her Instagram story for several more hours. I once dated a guy with a pencil-thin you know what. This picture reminded me of him LOL. The relationship was, um short-lived. I might have to delete this comment.
  6. Teafortwo


    On a related note: the Surviving Sister Wives podcast duo pointed out that when Kody buys Janelle a sign for her kitchen (with his mothers-in-law in tow, protesting his choice of gift), it reads "I kiss better then I cook." I didn't notice that when I watched the episode, but Corey (the podcast husband) is very, very funny about it. "I kiss better... and then, I cook."
  7. Teafortwo


    It's spelt quinoa, but it's pronounced keen-wah. (Remember, this is the same family that spelled Evangeline "Evangalynn."
  8. I predict she'll become an NP or PA the same year the Browns start to build on Coyoteh Paaass.
  9. Safe travels and hope the move goes smoothly. Welcome to NY!
  10. Teafortwo


    Mykelti posted that at 5 months, Avalon is 23 lbs. That seems heavy to me.
  11. For some reason, I didn't think of Land's End. Probably because I have other gear from Columbia outlet stores. Land's End has nice things too
  12. These little Halloween themed booties are nicer than all of Meri's clodhoppers.
  13. You guys inspired me so I ordered this: https://www.columbia.com/p/womens-benton-springs-full-zip-hoodie-1955441.html?dwvar_1955441_color=061&pos=1 I would have preferred without the hood but I love the color and it only came in XS without the hood. I realized from reading the thread that I desperately needed to replace my old raggedy LL Bean fleece sweater. The hood will come in handy. Thanks everyone for the inspiration, especially @iwantcookies for starting the topic! I was actually in Target last weekend and am tempted to go back and try on the flowered jacket and coat just
  14. That's what all the tourists wear on the Las Vegas strip too. I fail to see how it's "empowering" for women to reveal so much of their bodies for ogling. I never wanted my butt to be seen in leggings - even when I was younger. I used to teach and didn't like the feeling of all eyes on me when my back was to the room while writing on the blackboard. Just made me uncomfortable. It amazes me how leggings are everywhere now, with no long shirt/sweater covering the behind and crotch areas. I'm embarrassed for these people!
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