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  1. I'm hung up on the part where she microwaved the cauliflower in the plastic bag. I have used a microwave occasionally when staying with friends or at Airbnbs that have them - but microwaving something in a plastic bag? No way. Many years ago I used to boil certain frozen vegetables that you boil in the plastic pouch they come in, but that was long before I read about the dangers of plastic.
  2. I love you too, Yeah No, you know I do. Very sorry to hear about your symptoms and I hope you're okay. I wrote a long response but as I went to submit it my internet conked out. I agree with those above that seeing an endocrinologist would be wise. Best wishes and apologies again - I think my other post probably did sound judge-y. We're indeed all stressed out by things that just six months ago were nothing remarkable and have now become scary. Let us know how you're doing.
  3. I apologize if I seemed presumptious or judgmental. I tried to word my post so as to describe only my own behavior and feelings about the retail store workers during this time.
  4. I understand your feelings about the stress of grocery shopping during this time, and share them. However, when it comes to store workers who are doing their jobs, I feel it's my responsibility to distance from them, and not the other way around. Although may be a bit inconvenient, I do try to give them their space, even when it means moving away from what I'm looking for and coming back to that spot later on. In my mind, these workers are heroic. Without them risking their health (and that of anyone they live with) every day to stock the shelves, produce, etc, we would not be able to buy anything. That clerk is on the clock and likely has many other areas to stock in a certain time frame, plus maybe taking over at the cashier so someone else can take a break. I wouldn't expect him or her to wait until I was finished with my shopping. Imagine if they had to wait for every customer to finish their shopping in a given area. I try my best to stay out of their way and let these people do their jobs.
  5. I know. I had the same thought about an acquaintance, a wonderful artist I knew for 8 years who died in January. He was a wonderful soul, very spiritual, his death a great loss to those who knew him and his work. As much as I miss him, I find myself thinking of him and my thoughts are that if he had to go, thank goodness that he went before all of this. He'd lived with severe health issues for many years. Perhaps there is a guardian angel that spared him from living through the pandemic.
  6. Just saw this; happened in Lehi: https://nypost.com/2020/06/28/fireworks-spark-massive-wildfire-evacuations-in-utah/
  7. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Asking store employees to police the unmasked puts them at potentially great risk of physical harm - at least equal to the risk of contagion we all face from unmasked carriers. We're all in a bind.
  8. God bless you and all essential workers. We all depend on your work to keep us safe. Without shipping materials, most of us sheltering in place would have no choice but to enter more stores more often. When I read your post it puts my 'suffering' with depression and isolation in perspective. Thank you and thanks to @Meowwww who is also an essential worker (working in a retail store). As for the nurses, doctors, orderlies and others who work in hospitals, I say a heartfelt thank you as well. You're all my heroes.
  9. You're not alone, Kyanight. Or rather, you're not the only one who is alone. I, too, am very depressed and suffering from the isolation. I have my small circle of confidants but as most of them have gotten bolder about going out and resuming some normal activities and interactions I feel even more alone. It's especially hard when wealthy friends who live out West send pictures of their vacation (they own a second home in the mountains but their primary residence has a large swimming pool in the lovley backyard and to me feels like a resort in itself). Another friend (single woman) who retired in Dec. has a pool and a large house. I never wanted these things for myself as I liked my simpler life and enjoyed visiting them every now and then. My retired friend sent me pictures yesterday of a peach cobbler she made with peaches from her prolific backyard tree and I started to weep. The last 2 summers since she planted the tree I made a peach pie with those peaches. I wish we had thought to make preserves but we didn't. We just ate lots of peaches and she gave lots more to other friends. She promised I would be able to enjoy the peaches next year but who knows what will happen between now and then? She also sent a pic of one of her 3 cats. Her cats were the reason I fell in love with cats and ended up adopting my lovely girl (who sadly died in Jan of advanced renal failure). She had come to me with the disease but we (my vet and I) managed to hold it in check for over 3 years). I am hesitant to begin fostering cats as I have not been able to get allergy shots since Feb. I also know I'll get very attached to a foster. However, I cannot afford to adopt a cat of my own unless and until I find a job. I am trying to follow the advice of a close friend (who is also very isolated) to stay in the moment and take things just a couple days at a time but it is very hard. All this to say I really feel for you, Kya, and all our 'sisters' here who are sheltering alone. I had hoped one day to meet some of the posters on this board (I believe it was @AZChristian whowho suggested a get-together visit to Flagstaff) and I still do. I have gotten through periods of depression before and I try to remind myself that better days always came and will come again.
  10. I read that people attending the AZ rally had to sign waivers that they wouldn't hold it liable if they got sick. However, Las Vegas casinos are not requiring this on the theory that no visitor can prove he/she got infected there rather than elsewhere. I'm worried about my friends there too. Most aren't young but have been out and about at restaurants etc. One is back to work at a retail store and her hubby may have to go back to his casino dealing job soon.
  11. I am so glad we have a safe space here where we all seem to be on the same page about this issue. It's common sense - all one needs to do is look at other countries where mask-wearing is customary and considered a common courtesy, and the spread of the virus was reduced. But these people only look at themselves and think this is an issue of individual liberty. It is the most selfish thing. Furthermore, personal liberty ends where it threatens someone else's safety. If all elected officials had started wearing masks in March, I believe that many of their supporters on both sides of the aisle would have followed suit. Didn't everyone pitch in toward the war effort during WWII? The pandemic should have been framed as a war on an invisible enemy that threatens all. Have families broken down so much that people no longer consider their parents' and grandparents' health? (rhetorical question).
  12. Are you serious? They actually created a Gofundme for Ysabel's surgery??? That is mind-boggling.
  13. I watched a recording of Christine's live stream on FB her she said she had raised 25k of the 50K they need from LLR sales. Not to excuse the adult Brown's negligence in any way, but I think TLC should kick in some money since they milked Ysabel's storyline for ratings. in any case, this whole thing is inexcusable
  14. I ordered a new charger for my phone from Samsung's only authorized supplier on April 20. I finally got it today. I needed a new one because I somehow managed to break one of the little tiny metal thingies on the part that plugs into the phone itself. I tried using an ersatz cord with the original plug (piece that plugs into wall) but my phone heats up when I charge it. Hopefully this will work! Gotta give the new charger a couple days to "mellow out" before I touch it. Two months was a long time. I tried contacting the company but there was no way to get through.
  15. I hope you're okay. If you have trouble breathing or experience mental confusion, please call for help! Do you have neighbors or family who can check in with you daily (even if just by phone)?
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