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  1. Jason Sudekis was a recent guest and they did a skit (from their own homes, of course) and both of Jason's kids and both of Seth's kids were in the skit. I enjoyed this and I don't mind Seth's kids because they're one and done ... gone. I stopped watching Jimmy Fallon expressly because of his little girls.
  2. Don't believe everything you see on this show. Someone mentioned Jennifuckface buying a house without Sugar Bear's knowledge. They may have a different house, but I seriously doubt it happened the way it was presented on the show. Someone commented on Alana having a friend from school come to a sleep-over (we called them slumber parties in my day) (did I really just say "in my day"?). That could have been any child of a production member or an actress. There's waaaaaaay too much deception on this and other reality shows. Just take everything with a big fat grain of salt. That said, I can't wait until next season!!!
  3. I think you're giving June waaaay too much credit here. She's not smart enough to have orchestrated her career as you suggest. It was presented to her and she just showed up. Do we know this? Where did you see that she's a nurse?
  4. A few years ago when the original Honey Boo Boo show was a big deal, June and Alana were making the rounds on talk shows and went on "The Doctors". Dr. Travis Stork, especially, did everything in his power to help this family. The show gave them an entire kitchen full of pots and pans and cooking utensils, etc., and provided a chef and nutritionist to go into their home and teach them all how to prepare healthy meals. From start to finish. They even had a few of these dishes available on the show for June and Alana to taste to see if they liked them, and they really did. Stuff like healthy fried chicken and healthy pizza. They gave Alana a really nice bicycle and went outside so she could try it out. Poor Travis Stork, tried and tried to get her on it to ride and she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. He even had an adult bike to ride along with her, and helmets. She wouldn't even try. My point is, nothing is going to convince these people to change their eating habits. A chef and nutritionist in your home to teach you how to eat healthy? And everything you need to do it? Nothing. Man, I would snap up that offer in a second! Pumpkin had the perfect opportunity to start out fresh with a new husband and baby ... and adding Alana to the family ... but instead we see tater tot casserole and donuts with chocolate milk. It's sad that this is baby Ella's normal way of eating. I don't know when I've seen someone who could benefit from talk therapy more than Alana. She's shown that she's willing to open up, as evidenced by her talking with Dr. Ish. And that was in front of a lot of people and on camera. Imagine what she would say if it was a private conversation. Right now, I think therapy is even more important than losing weight for this child. I feel like she's aching for an opportunity to open up to a trusted adult but there just isn't anybody available to her. She's smart, and I believe she would absorb so much positivity. I wish I could make this happen for Alana. Therapy could change save her life. One last thing: a recent episode dealt with Sugar Bear's erectile dysfunction. Even though his privates were blurred, I thought that was totally inappropriate. Nobody needed to see that. I'm sure a lot of kids watch this show to see Honey Boo Boo and that whole storyline is something most people wouldn't want to have to explain to a child. It was just gross. Also, I. CAN'T. STAND. JENNIFER!!!
  5. Why did it say Flatulence Deployed at the bottom of the screen?
  6. Was Bowen on? Of the 3 At Home episodes, this was, by far, my least favorite. But I wish it would continue for the duration. It brings a comfort and, again, reminds us that celebrities are going through the same thing as we are. More comfortably, for sure, but some basic trials and tribulations are exactly the same. Also want to say how happy it makes me that Pete seems to be doing so well. He looks great physically and he said he's not doing any drugs. He looks sober. Good for you, Pete! Colin seemed so sad except for the last joke.
  7. This happened last week but I'm posting it here because if I post it there, nobody will see it and it needs to be seen. Ignorant Megan said crisises instead of crises. Carry on.
  8. I wonder what Roseanne thinks about seeing her "husband" in love and having sex with another woman. She says she doesn't watch it (or used to say that) but you KNOW she does. I'll bet she rants and raves over it. About DJ at the table when Dan was talking about doing the deed that night. While if it was MY parent saying this in front of me, I would just drink bleach right then and there and die. But IIRC, the Connors never shied away from talking about sex among the entire family. DJ is an adult now, so I don't find it strange ..... for THEM! I doubt this will be the case, but how can Becky be so sure Emilio wants to marry her? Yeah, he probably wants a green card, but maybe not enough to be married to her and also, maybe he doesn't want to raise his child. But since they brought it up as a possible plot line, I imagine he will jump at the chance. So while Dan may get rid of Darlene and the kids, he may gain Emilio as a housemate.
  9. Serious question: what's wrong with Dasani water?
  10. I'll start with a question: Did they show Jennifer's red bathing suit photo shoot a la "Baywatch"? During the last episode I recall watching she was on the beach but in a wrap, then last night they gave a quick glimpse of her, from the boobies up, in the swim suit but I don't recall seeing the actual shoot. Next, I call bullshit on Alana pretending to snort coke at the end of last night's episode. Yes, I know she actually did that, but it seems like that was a looooong time ago, like right after she first moved in with Pumpkin & Josh. I remember when it happened and also, if you'll notice, her hair is much longer now than it was when she faux snorted. They had her wear a similar blue shirt, which I give them credit for, but still..... Or I could be wrong. I know they didn't film these episodes last week. Tater Tot Casserole, favorite meal of the Duggars! What was that gray stuff on the bottom? Cream of mushroom soup? After seeing what their mother went through with her surgery, I would think Pumpkin would have enough sense to start trying to serve less fattening and more nutritional meals to her family. I noticed Ella's red drink and am betting it's Kool-Aid. I can't put the entire blame on Pumpkin for their meal choices. Josh is an adult and nothing is stopping him from helping with the cooking and Alana, while still young, isn't too young to help with food selection. I know she's back in school now, but it wouldn't kill her to fix a meal now and then. Just not sketti. The more I seek Doe Doe the less I like her. And her dentist should be shot. But she's getting her 15 minutes and raking in the Dough Dough (see what I did there?) and has a nice house, vehicle, and presentable clothes. I guess I can't blame her. Amber seems the most normal-ish of the whole lot. I've got to say, I really like Pumpkin and Josh. I'm impressed with what they're doing/trying to do and it warms my heart to see how committed they both are to Alana. I still despise Jennifer, although must give her credit for eating salad in a pizza place. What was Sugar Bear eating? Meatballs? I agree with whomever said the school board must be on the take. While Alana has a fairly good vocabulary, there's no way she could possibly qualify to be a freshman. And Big Mike is useless. See you guys next week! (I'm not going to proofread this so please just overlook any errors. I have to say that because I'm weird about this sort of thing.)
  11. I'm liking Alana much, much better as she matures. There was a time when I wanted to just slap the ever-lovin' fire out of. Now she's (mostly) just fine. It's a shame, though, that she and her family allow the world to make fun of, laugh at, and ridicule them as a way of life and a career. She's been on TV since she was a toddler and has no conception of existing without being in the limelight, however cruel (but totally honest) that fame is. I. Can. Not. Stand. Jennifer. Those faces she makes. Did I say I can't stand her? Not crazy about Doe Doe (I call her Doo Doo) either. She thinks she's hot shit, and she isn't. Or Mike. Or Sugar Bear. So I guess I like Pumpkin & Josh (and Ella, of course) and Alana. Embarrassed indeed. Can't get enough of this show. Also, re: Miss Jennifer, Miss Gina, etc. That's how we do it in the South. A sign of respect.
  12. I had to laugh when the realtor in Scotland said to the Mother, "And this is the 'wee' bedroom." and the Mother asked, "What do you mean by 'we'?" I truly admire her bravery and self-confidence for transplanting to an unfamiliar country, given several potential obstacles that she seems to manage with gracious ease. I wish her and her children well on their journeys.
  13. Pretty sure the WU laugh track was meant to portray desperation and dorkiness and not seriously serve as a laugh track. Just added to the absurdity of it all. I liked it a lot. Despite what the virus is doing, I'm enjoying seeing famous people at home and dressed like normal people and how we're all dealing with the same shit. I hope they do it again, and it was good to see some non-current cast members and even though it was sad, John Mulaney. ETA: I agree with those who think Pete shone in this episode. Looks like he's gained some weight, which is good for him, and I think being so close to his Mother during all this is a definite positive. And he's a really good rapper! Beck can keep the facial hair, and I'm not usually a fan of whiskers, except on kittehs and puppers. I, too, noticed the strategically-placed guitar in Colin's living room. I think I'll watch again.
  14. I apparently missed something else. What was the relevance of horse guy and his daughter?
  15. I apparently missed something. How do we know Nicky is married?
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