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  1. Maybe I'm the only one that picked up on this, maybe not. In Season 2, Episode 1 Ted enters Rebecca's office. When he does, Rebecca, Keely, and Higgins all call out, "Ted!" just like everyone did when Norm entered the Cheers bar. In real life, the actor who portrayed Norm (whose name I can't recall at the moment) is Jason Sudeikis' uncle. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  2. Well, that didn't happen. There was no misunderstanding about the photos. That's usually the way it would go in other shows, but "Ted Lasso" isn't other shows ... it's different ... it's good. I encourage you to give it another try. I also want to say how much I love the word play and nuances. I'm a big fan of word play and nuances. To me, that's always better than laugh-out-loud funny (although that's good too). I need to pay attention when "Ted Lasso" is on and can't use it just for background noise. I plan to watch it again to see what all I missed the first time around. Bravo, Wa
  3. Thanks! I did some work as an extra on this show and want to see myself on TV.
  4. Ok, I just have to stand up (see what I did there?) for John-Boy Walton. The family had electricity and indoor plumbing and a lovely claw foot bathtub and not once did they put a wash tub in the middle of the kitchen. I get your point though.
  5. So, is this over or is it coming back or does anybody know or does anybody care? Hellooooooooooooooooo........
  6. Truck drivers couldn't see when the back of their truck was loaded, stuff was tied down, and that sort of thing if they were sitting in the front or cab of the truck. Someone would smack the truck a couple of times to say everything was done and it was safe for the driver to pull away. I see it with cars fairly often too and do it myself now and then. My family will sometimes use it as a "good-bye" to a loved one as they leave.
  7. I really, really wanted June to go to prison, if even for a week, just to wipe that smug shit-eatin' grin off her face and to remind her that she's nothing special and, in fact, is the opposite of special. Of course, if she HAD done time, the inmates probably would have loved her and made her head swell even more. Queen of the Cell Block. I can see that happening. But man, if she'd gone to prison, wouldn't THAT be must-see TV. Can you imagine? I wonder if they had a legitimate birthday party for Ella with, you know, actual other 3-year-olds. While she looked like she was having a ba
  8. No wonder poor little Ella mispronounces words ... the way Pumpkin talks to her is ridiculous. Who does she think Ella learns her vocabulary from in her earliest years? HER PARENTS! That's you, Pumpkin!
  9. You might be on to something. Sugar Bear has set up camp in Pumpkin & Josh's back yard, Jessica is on the couch, so all they need now is Mama June and the whole family is back together under roof. Well, except for Anna and she needs to stay away and keep her kids far, far away from that whole mess. That would be another teen pregnancy. Anna and Lauryn were both teens when they first got pregnant. Wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Alana follow suit, sadly. I will say that she seems very comfortable handling Ella, but that certainly doesn't qualify her to be a t
  10. Does this mean you believe a digital nomad would be a success story? Yeah, me neither. HAHA
  11. I think you described, exactly, how a lot of people in the real world feel. Thanks for wording it so honestly.
  12. Wait. What? Dr. Phil is a mandated reporter?!?!
  13. Because they weren't made with cage-free eggs! Jeeze Louise! A way to keep from going to all that trouble (and expense) of preparing a good meal, to the point of putting your foot in it 😉 would be to ask, "Who wants pancakes?" and proceed accordingly. It's long been a major source of irritation with me on TV shows when there is a perfectly good meal on the table and kids, usually, are dismissive and leave all that food just sitting there, wasted. That wouldn't happen but a couple of times if I was to cook. I'm so out of the loop and disconnected when it comes to this storyli
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