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  1. This is not be relevant to the topic, but if you need a laugh -- Niles and Frasier and the garbage disposal. For the record, I too have a healthy respect/irrational fear of having to reach into a disposal. I have the same feeling towards garbage disposals. It began after I read "Fire Starter" by Stephen King, which includes a very graphic scene involving a garbage disposal. I can't remember if the scene was in the movie, but just reading it changed my view towards disposals.
  2. Gavin MacLeod died today at the age of 90. I recently discovered that "The Love Boat" is on Paramount+ and it has been my most recent "comfort tv." I'm going to watch an episode tonight and have drink in memory of our favorite Captain.
  3. The writers are starting to treat Gibbs like Andy Sipowicz from NYPD Blue - killing off so many people who meant so much to him. So far, Andy had it worse than Gibbs, but how much tragedy can one character take? I was so pleased and surprised to hear Merrit Malloy's poem. I used to read her poems obsessively in the 80's when I was young and dating all the wrong men.
  4. Are they trying to ship Hannah and Carter? It seemed like that last scene might have been trying to suggest something more between them then a friendship. While I can see a friendship developing, I don't see any chemistry at all and isn't she still a supervisor of some sort?
  5. The whole story about Carter and his mother was ridiculous. Do they really think the FBI would research traffic camera footage from a DUI that he had when he was a teenager? The footage would not still be available and even the red light ticket he got around the time of the accident would not be something that would come up in that kind of a background check. And even if it all came out - would that really keep his mother from getting the position? It didn't keep him from the job at NCIS - which also required a background check.
  6. I had the exact same thought - that they were not human bodies!
  7. Me too! But I respected her for not divulging information that was needed for the investigation.
  8. Kellyanne Conway will be on his first show of the new season. That should be frustratingly interesting!
  9. Was that Adrienne Barbeau as the radio announcer at the beginning of "By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain?" It sounded like her - and it was a nice nod to her role in the original "The Fog" if it was her.
  10. I think she was 10 and a half when the plane crashed - which would make her 16ish now. If TJ was in college at the time of the crash he could have been only 18 - maybe 19 now? It still seems like too big a gap...
  11. I guess the references to the "Archipelago Island" war are further proof we are in a different time-line or universe or something? The newsreel footage was in black and white, like lots of their television, and had a definite World War II vibe to it - so it could have happened in the 1940's and this could be the mid 1960's. I know I shouldn't get too hung up on the time references, but it is something I keep noticing. Joel's ex is the only woman I have seen who is dressed in something that is not vintage. Help me out here - surely there are other people watching this?
  12. I can't figure out why Doris put the Ghoul mask on the guy she killed. (forgot his name) I guess she wants the two sides to go to war again? If I am understanding things correctly, her brother and Joel and Bash killed some of their own men and then put Ghoul masks on them - blaming the Ghouls for the murders and starting a gang war. Doris confronted them about it and that is when her brother tried to kill her. I know she is out for revenge, but it doesn't seem quite right that the Ghouls are getting drug into a war again for something they didn't do.
  13. I hope there are others out there watching this - I'm liking it so far. Anyone else shocked at the turn Molly took? I have to admit, I thought they were going to find her maimed or dead and was pleasantly surprised to find that she killed the lawyer/assassin. In a way you would think that Doris would not have underestimated Molly, when people continually underestimate Doris. I am worried for Ethan. I don't think the guy he beat up in the parking lot died, I think Doris told Ethan that he did so she could use Ethan to get into the gang. Hopefully he is another one who is being underes
  14. I read a review somewhere that called it "hillbilly noir" - which is an apt description.
  15. I've watched the first 3 episodes and I don't think it is set in "our" world. There are too many things that don't track. While some characters have flip phones, all other phones are corded and there are plenty of pay phones. All of the cars are vintage as are the women's fashions and hairstyles - they mostly suggest the 60's. The televisions are all consoles and I can't recall seeing any sort of computers. I have to admit, trying to figure out when it was set kept taking me out of the story - so I have decided to watch it as if it is set in an alternate universe. I'm intrigued enough to keep
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