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  1. Wow. Circus chic seems to be spreading.
  2. Caro has raided Garo’s closet* and is wearing one of his denim jackets with the TSV. EVERYTHING SEEMS TO FIT 🙀 *it was wide open 🌈
  3. Croissant OAP cooing at David about sitting on the Champs-Elysees eating croissants, how authentic they are, if you ever been to Paris you’ll remember how good they taste etc etc, then goes on to show us a plate of about 6 of them covered in whipped cream, strawberries and god-knows-what else, over which she starts pouring chocolate sauce. Next to that there are croissants with what appear to sausage stuffed in them. Next she’s drizzling honey... In France people eat the croissant. Just the croissant. With coffee. That is all. They’re not tipping the contents of the fridge over their croissants. Anyway it’s Bastille Day today so Vive La Republique, Vive La France etc 🇫🇷 (Needless to say the OAP didn’t mention this landmark day despite going on about Paris for ten minutes 🙄)
  4. That ceramic tree has been on sale in the UK in past years. No mention of “Mimi” obviously.
  5. It took quite a long time for me to understand why Coffee Cake had no coffee in it. A woman just rang in to say she still has her tree up and lit from last Christmas..... oooohhhhhkaaaay 😐 That scene in Barbarella when the dolls come after her with the pointed teeth. Snap...Snap....SNAP!
  6. Earlier today Dan was doing the Christmas Tree 🎄 TSV and at the end a very long presentation said “I’ve been working with Santa’s Best on another tree with some all-new features, but that’s not on air until the end of the year”. Er....guess what Dan, people don’t NEED a tree until the end of the year. You could almost hear telephones going back down on the hangers all over the country. The OAP must have wanted to thump him.
  7. Do you think she sees herself as some sort of budding Iris Apfel or something?
  8. Notice how MBR and OAP are chatting away to each other but Ginger Puss never takes her eyes off that camera? Watch out for this one...
  9. Glamour-puss newbie Julia Cearly has only done one link in MBR’s show so far and she managed to fu fluff it. Not boding well...
  10. Speaking of newbies, yet another new one just turned up for on-air cuddles with trainer/mentor MBR. Redheaded glamour-puss, didn’t catch her name but she had plenty to say for herself. If I was in charge at Q I’d be looking with a degree of scepticism at Mary Beth’s training skills.
  11. When he got fired left I did have a scout around on the web and Twitter but I couldn’t find anything. He used to have a UK website promoting his photography business but that seems to have gone now. I guess he’s under a legal obligation not to discuss it. Q wouldn’t want ex employees going round mouthing off about how they got screwed over. And he’s probably not that into discussing it anyway given that it will look like the words of a bitter ex employee who didn’t make the grade. Having said that, as time has passed I have come round to thinking that it might have been a mutual agreement. They keep newbies on overnights for such a long time. I wonder if he expected to be fastracked onto prime time and got frustrated when it wasn’t happening. Those night shifts must be an absolute killer to your social life.
  12. Turns out I clicked on a recording from 3rd July on YouTube by mistake 😆 (she said it though)
  13. I could swear that Blabby just teased California Innovations as “California Interventions”.
  14. Did you see that nasty, crusty inside of the mayo jar they were demonstrating the silicon spatulas on? 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮. Looked like it had been out under the lights for hours. I was waiting for Caro to lick the spatula 😵. that reminds me of a novel I once read where someone came up with a foolproof method of knocking off her mother in order to get her mitts on the inheritance. She made up a batch of garlic mayo with masses of garlic, and then took it out of the fridge and put it in the airing cupboard overnight (that’s what we call the place where the hot water tank is, where you put your towels to finish drying). Take the jar out every morning, add more minced garlic and keep it in the fridge for the day. Repeat for several night/days by which time it’s TEEMING with salmonella, then suggest shrimp cocktail for Saturday lunch....