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  1. Of course they are, I wouldn’t expect any normal person in the US to know. But if I was selling fish for $130 and mentioning it’s origin I might try to get the pronunciation right. Pharaoh and Faroe is pronounced (in the UK) “Fair-Oh”
  2. Yes of course by air. So they catch it, chill it, get it on a plane. That’s day 1. Then they have to fly it, get it off the plane and to a distribution centre, then onward to your address in some one-horse town in Oklahoma. And THEN wait for you to come home from work and pick it up off the doorstep? I don’t see how they can do that in 48 hours with any degree of certainty. It would go some way to explaining the price though. And the salmon looked farmed because of the very prominent fat layers. DV said it was in the sea.
  3. Wow he just said the salmon is coming from the Faroe Islands (that’s pronounced Pharaoh not Farrow, Geoff). How on earth do they get it from northern Scotland to America fresh???
  4. Geoffrey Z selling Salmon fillets shipped FRESH not frozen. No. Thank. You. Thats a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  5. Oops Kerrigan was supposed to be Keurig darned autocorrect!
  6. I do like it when our most annoying OAP’s make it over to the U.S. If you’ve got the, on your tv, it means we haven’t got them on ours. This one is particularly annoying and full of himself. Tanner to the stars apparently (why can’t the stars apply their own tan?). Hate it when he rolls up his skinny jean to show a white scrawny ankle “before” shot. *boke* 🤢
  7. Those crusty dried feet and badly streaked fake tan on your ankles really showed those sandals off Amy. #leaveittothemodels
  8. I do hope you’re all learning “How To Summer”. Last time I checked, Summer wasn’t a verb. But good luck with that anyway.
  9. It did look nice but it was another defrost and refreeze job which is a total no-no for me (even if I were in the market to buy a 16 serving dessert). I think your fresh strawberry option would be hugely superior.
  10. I do hate it when OAP’s take a fork and “shred” cake or cheesecake. The guy who brings the mini cheesecakes does it all the time, and now Chef Tony is doing it with a Strawberry Shortcake. It’s totally yak 🤮
  11. Not to mention his painted toenails. Bet he looks a treat in that lot 🤢
  12. I do think the fellow who guests for the Grace Kelly collection is the epitome of a perfect OAP. Factual, calm, prepared, and completely lacking in over the top “flash” He used to come on QUK with the Onassis collection and was always a pleasure to watch.
  13. Reminds me of that Joan Rivers gag about interactions with air stewardesses Joan: ”Miss, do you have a sick bag?” Stew: “Doesn’t your dress have pockets?”
  14. How sad for Chris. I really like her. Hopefully she’ll be back when she has things sorted at home.
  15. If Peter Thomas Roth can sell $450 (if you bought it from blah blah) worth of grease Retinol cream for $126, this tells me the actual cost is probably about $15. No reputable company would undervalue their product by discounting it to this extent. Mark my words. The very very lowest price you see for a product on Q still gives a healthy profit for both the vendor and QVC. It wouldn’t be on air otherwise.