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  1. Do you think it’s a “marriage of convenience “? I certainly don’t get the impression that they’re particularly into each other. There’s no joshing around or affectionate humour. Not that they’d be the first or last celebrity couple to get hitched for the good PR. It can’t be that clean if goat farming is involved. What happens to the goats when they stop producing milk? Their stuff reminds me a lot of L’Occitane which I’m a user of. The latter uses the Shea nut for it’s magical ingredient of course.
  2. In 2013 apparently. odd photo! https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/fabulous-beekman-boys-josh-kilmer-purcell-brent-ridge-married-2013286/
  3. Imagine if you were resident in an old folks home and you woke up from a nap to find Dr Googly leaning over you with a syringe… 😱
  4. Watching a repeat of that Halloween decor special with DV and Blabby from the other day. All that “Hunny” business….. the woman is effin’ DERANGED! Both hosts very rude and disrespectful to OAP’s too, barely giving them any time to talk because they’re too busy talking absolute 💩 to each other. Dreadful. In other news the goat boys have found their way across the pond. Not them personally thank god, I’m not sure the U.K. audience would go for that little one with the googly eyes in particular. Some woman represented them and referred to them very formally as Doctor Something and his
  5. Cute feet? It looks like an overdone baked potato. 🤮
  6. And the suggestion that your kid can grab a fancy French croissant as they’re running out to get the school bus. Sure, if you want your kid to be bullied to within an inch of their life. 🥺
  7. I wonder if Antonella is getting her hopes up… I suspect she’s burned her bridges though.
  8. Stacey S seems to be on air more now than she was before she got fired. She’s got the California Innovations gig off that Ludwig woman by the looks of things. Good!
  9. She’s well on the way to osteoporosis too, if she doesn’t start feeding herself properly. And I don’t mean swallowing an 8Greens everyday
  10. Less Rachel more Rhett, the sweetest candy to come out of that kitchen by a long stretch!
  11. Or Barbarella with those dolls…with those snapping teeth 🥺
  12. Yes Kerstin, we all know. They stop things from hurting. I think it’s a bit odd that someone avoids Advil but is happy to eat some of the utter crap she claims to love like 8Greens and many of the vegan food items they sell at Q because you can pretty much bet that if something is zero fat, or zero dairy or zero sugar there’ll be a dumpster full of some other nefarious ingredient in there. Why? Because they have to do something to stop these no-fun food items from tasting awful. I bet she hasn’t had the covid vaccine either.
  13. I don’t need a “lifestyle expert” to tell me I can keep salad fresh by putting it in a plastic box.
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