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  1. I just watched the ep and thought the flashback guy was a horrible husband and father. Yes he made an amazing discovery but imo that doesn't give him a pass on neglecting his family.
  2. Just finished the final season although I almost gave up part of the way through, all the hallucinations and especially the camping trip were doing my head in and felt like the writers were high on drugs. I am glad I hung in because I did like the last 2 eps and feels like closure for me. I loved the first season but in subsequent seasons felt super frustrated that none of them learned from the first that keeping secrets just creates a mess, they just kept doing the same things over and over. And when they finally did tell some secrets it was for the wrong reasons, imo, and still didn't tel
  3. For a supposedly intelligent woman Susan can be so stupid, self-important and bull-headed. She just wants what she wants and storms in treading all over everyone else and stuffing things up for herself and them. You would think she would have learned from the Finn debacle but no she is off and running again not listening to anyone else. I knew she would lose it in front of the judge, stupid woman.
  4. I don't find her annoying either, maybe in the beginning but she has really grown on me.
  5. Awww I feel for Roxy.
  6. Yes I totally get Sheila's position and I feel for her so much. I think Susan especially is to blame, she was so obsessed with Finn and being his rescuer. David I think was doing his job and was not Finn's doctor when things started going south. I thought Roxy did really well with Prue's memorial and was very considerate of Harlow's feelings. But the whole thing with MacKenzie is so going wrong. Mannix AGAIN? I don't find the character or his storylines even remotely interesting.
  7. Yes I also thought her speech was terrible and she has such a flat affect, there is no conviction there.
  8. Very happy with this outcome which I never thought I would have said after last season. Sharn tanked again.
  9. I wonder why Mo is so bad at challenges, I thought she was an athlete. Sad Brooke is gone, would have liked to see her at the end with David. Hoping for a David win now - which is something I never thought I would say after last season, but like him this one.
  10. Yeah for me especially Susan had it coming, she was so obsessed with Finn and pushed for him to be let off and to take him in. So stupid. I couldn't stand her in that storyline. Now I am finding it difficult to muster up any empathy for her.
  11. More of being over 50 and being really stuck up, don't like her attitude.
  12. I already disliked Jacqui but even more so after her jury villa. She seems so up herself.
  13. Yes I am also ready for Jacqui to go and also Moana. Mo deserves to go just for not ever having even touched a flint. Imo everyone who goes on Survivor should make an effort to learn how to make fire. And she seemed to be proud of it. Also it wasn't your dad who helped you it was your alliance.
  14. So much revenge in this season. I would rather see them vote people out for strategy and seems wiser to me.
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