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  1. Capernicus

    Ghost Wars

    I really wanted to like this show but it was so messy, so many plot holes, character flaws that didn't make sense...argh! I liked a few characters like Roman, Billy...a few others but where do I begin with a show that had so much potential but ultimately flunked :(. What was up with the little boy dying and getting the impression that he was needed for something greater? He just became one of those ghosts so what was so special about that. What the hell was going on with the two girls, Abigail was somehow able to exist in her sister's body as well but why and does the sister have special abilities like Roman since she seemed to know things and draw things. Also Roman said the ghosts weren't actually their friends so are they aliens from another dimension pretending to be their friends? What the hell was up with the whistling man thing which I didn't understand at all and was that really Father Dan at the end and if so WHY??? Didn't the ghosts leave? Also why did the story line change from ghosts to somehow possessions with weird egg things that people vomited and gave birth to? Reminded me of Stranger Things but didn't quite hit the mark. Where did that secret room with the meteorite come from? Why did the town want to get rid of Roman's mum but leave Roman? Wouldn't it have just been easy to tell Nadine to leave WITH Roman??? Its like the writers couldn't decide what genre or horror theme they wanted to go with so the amalgamated all their ideas into a visual vomit of scenes. The characters were also bugging me. It reminded me of the show Van Helsing in the sense that there's no black and white to any character, you kind of don't really know if someone's good or bad and I get that they want to make the character's complex but I don't see the point in making someone constantly go back and forth with their moral compass like that. I stopped watching Van Helsing when I realised I hated all the characters, no one was redeemable, no humanity left. The same producer worked on this...not that that means much but maybe he should get better writers. I don't understand why Billy didn't want to volunteer at first to go to the accelerator to fight the ghosts when later he changes his mind and says he is dying so he might as well go? Why does Maggie change character from being Roman's voice of reason and caring about her dad and the town to an evil ghost? She kept telling him they are different, so why did she side with them? I can only think that's it not her and if it's not then what good is Roman's powers if he can't see through that? Is it really her that came back? Why does Roman's character completely change at the end? After everything he's been through, he was so strong and caring and innocent, a real martyr, an angel with some kind of power (which was never explored or explained or even relevant when it was needed) to someone who wanted to run the world to the ground with 'Maggie'? Also what the hell with Maggie's dad saying they shouldn't have trusted Roman after everything Roman did for them - not complex characters, just crap ones. I want to pull my hair out! If your going to make a series, do it right!! It could have been so good. I'm glad it didn't get renewed, although it really sucks because Roman's character had a lot of potential and that actor really made it bearable. Really sorry for the rant.