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  1. Right! Thanks. And thanks for the Youtube of The Life Laundry!
  2. Hmm, that's a new one for me. I've watched on Youtube all the available "How Clean Is Your House" episodes, and "The Hoarder Next Door" (or whatever it's called. The one with psychologist, Stelios Kioses). There's also the Hoarder series with Jasmine something ... the woman who grew up with a Hoarder mother. The British hoarding shows are vastly different from the American ones. More lighthearted and (imo) effective. At least the hoarders are given weeks or months rather than 3 days to address the task of clearing their home while tackling their psychological issues.
  3. On the show, the narrator said they studied marriage and family therapy.
  4. 😆 Hillarious. You reminded me of the therapist on another episode (possibly on "Buried Alive") who wore open toe sandals while walking through a septic-soaked floor of a hoarder couple's hallway.
  5. All I remember hearing is that the nephew was living there while looking for a place of his own. I don't think they specified how long he's been there, but maybe I missed it. He did seem rather with-it and intelligent, so it's baffling that he'd subject himself to such conditions. Maybe he's financially strapped and figured he can rough it for awhile to save a few bucks. (?)
  6. Same here. There is so much awfulness going on, and the hoard is the least of the sickness.
  7. The Zazz is right. Wilhelmina's reticence seems more like fear of Tim, or the product of Tim's control of her. What an unhealthy dynamic. Somehow, the dysfunction feels more toxic when the players are all smart and educated.
  8. Bit of an overreaction to Dr. Zasio's perfectly reasonable question to Wilhelmina.
  9. They replayed time after time after time the same shots of the interior. Yup, I noticed that as well. There was that one green or blue bag that appeared in almost every shot of the hoard. There was a mention of urine soaked carpet, origin unmentioned. I caught that too and thought I must have missed them talking about rats or something. I didn't hear the bit about sitting on the sofa with the dogs. Interesting they didn't show the pets. Maybe they were staying with relatives while the house was being de-hoarded. Actually, I'm glad the dogs weren't shown. My heart always breaks f
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't been following consistently since before they took a break. I just remember HATING it when Matt Paxton started spending the night in the hoard. Totally gratuitous and, frankly, stupid. Glad they stopped that!
  11. Question: Did Hoarders change their format, or were new episodes always 2 hours long and focused on only one hoarder story? I seem to remember it being one hoarder/one hour. Then at some point it was two hoarders per episode. Well, two hours for one story has its minor merits, but some of the scenes do drag on and on. Last night's episode could have easily been edited down to 1 hour without any loss of substance. To my mind, if you're gonna have a 2 hour show, then at least give us 2 hoarders!
  12. Hi guys. I haven't been here in ages. Glad I remembered my username and pw! Anyway, the reason I signed in: I've got TLC on in the background and "Hoarding: Buried Alive" is on all afternoon. The episode on right now has a woman named Anne who looked very familiar to me. After a minute I realized she was Sandra from Hoarders - the one who was a former interior designer living in a huge mansion that was bought by a gay couple. Remember her? But on "Buried Alive" her name is Anne and she lives in a duplex and has two daughters. 😳WTF!! I googled Sandra/Anne to see if anyone else noti
  13. Yes, she did. It was in the scene when she and Aladdin were in his car, and Laura made some comment about the engine sounding strained (or something like that). She bragged a little about knowing such things because of her previous long-time job, and Aladdin said, "ok, Laura, I will open a garage for you" ... which made me laugh out loud.
  14. Hey 90DF friends! I'm having my place renovated and had to move out this week. The place I'm temporarily staying at has no cable. Can anyone suggest a livestream so I can keep up with my favourite guilty pleasure?
  15. This is why I loathe identity politics. It divides us into ever smaller groups and makes us all increasingly suspicious of each other.
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