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  1. If I may (and let me preface this by saying this is not argumentative, just discussion because you said a couple of things that I found interesting)


    I didn’t catch Teresa saying she was good with Jackie, but maybe Teresa is like Lisa VanderPump and she has to be “really fucking good” to move on. 

    I walked away from the reunion last season with the impression that both Jackie and Teresa had made full amends - including for the walk like a duck comments, I could be wrong.  But to your point, I think that yes, Teresa has to be "really fucking good" to move on.  She does not let things go, and we've seen that time and time again.  So even if she said she was good, history has proven that doesn't mean much.  People have outright said "I've apologized, you accepted my apology, why are we back here" and her answer been "well I thought about it and it bothered me, and it's shifted how I think/act about you" -- so either Tre can't let things go, OR she's accepting an apology and moving on before she is truly ready and not communicating that well.


    So Jackie genuflected for Teresa after she’d exhibited the behavior Jackie claims to reject, scratched and fought to be on a show with her, and then as soon as Teresa didn’t act the way Jackie expected Teresa to act—as soon as Teresa acted like Teresa—Jackie went for Teresa more than once in an attempt to IMO take Teresa down as the queen bee and make herself that person.  None of that sits right with me.  So even if Teresa claimed to be “good” with that, I’m not.  

    Well, hold on there because I do think you're making some assumptions.  We know that 1) Jackie was a fan of the show and 2) she went to a book signing and 3) posted the picture with Teresa on her own social media.  What we don't know is why Jackie liked the show (she could have LOVED Caroline for all we know, or maybe she was an early Danielle fan.  We don't know that she scratched and fought to be on the show, she clearly wanted to be but scratched and fought lends itself to a certain degree of desperation and I'm not sure we should classify it in that way.  But you raise a good point - had she watched the show, she should have known how Teresa would react to certain things and yes, I do agree that she thought she would be a natural "hit" in the housewives world just because of who she is.  


    For me, “Team Teresa” didn’t occur in a vacuum.  In the eleven months since this show went off the air and came back, the cultural milieu has changed dramatically.  Since this show went into break after season 10, people have been demanding that I apologize, whether implicitly or explicitly, for just being me, for where I live, for who I am, for how I was born, when I didn’t do a damn thing wrong to any person, let alone an entire group, and I am completely fucking done with this apology culture.  For life.  So when I was rewatching the season 10 reunion just a few months ago, I assessed which one of these women were least likely to apologize for their “privilege” and all signs pointed to Teresa, and I decided that this is the horse I’m backing.  This transcends spreading rumors about Evan at his birthday party in an outdoor parking lot.  This is about taking a stand about where we are going and where we are going to come out as a society.  

    So nobody owes an apology for shitty behavior ever again because of taking a stand against apology culture?  Where do you draw the line your line?  Does apology culture simply erase the moral compass?  

    Good lord.  The RHONJ just brought me to this philosophical question.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This shit isn't that deep.  

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  2. Well for those who are saying that Jackie should have known better, and therefore it's her fault, I have to ask the question.  What should she have done differently that would have resulted in an apology from Teresa?  And why does Jackie's misstep about how she handled things somehow absolve Teresa and her role in starting the situation to begin with? 

    Let's consider this.  

    TRE showed up at Evan's birthday party, where she was welcomed by both Evan and Jackie (sidenote: I think part of the problem started there, I don't think she liked the "are you dating, Evan has somebody!" question for some reason - I don't know why but her reaction didn't look right).  

    TRE started the rumor about Evan cheating at the party.  First by talking to Melissa, then by talking to Marge, then by, according to one of Jackie's guests, talking to non-members of the show.  

    JACKIE heard about what happened and called Tre head-on to discuss it.  Let's give credit here.  She did exactly what she should have done.  She didn't run around to the cast flipping out, causing drama, she went right to the source.  

    During the conversation, JACKIE lays out why she is upset - she is upset on behalf of her husband, her husband is hurt, why would you do this who told you this stuff.  Again, I  don't think Jackie did anything wrong here. She was direct, she explained herself articulately, she called on Tre to put up or shut up.  

    At that point TRE starts on her typical Teresa defense:  "You should be confident!"  "I've had this happen therefore, maybe it could happen to you!"  "I won't tell you who told me this accusatory statement, it's what I heard!"  This is all things we've seen before in ridiculous Teresa arguments, it's nothing new.  

    At that point, Jackie gets angry and frustrated and throws out the Gia "analogy" and it unravels from there.  That's where Jackie was wrong -- and I'm sorry but that doesn't make the  situation JACKIE'S fault or put JACKIE in the wrong.  She didn't start this mess, Teresa did.  She didn't approach Teresa guns blazing.  She didn't attack back, she gave Teresa opportunity to correct herself.  So while the Gia analogy statement was crossing a line for Teresa, how about the fact that Evan cheating statement was crossing a line for Jackie?  I get that people don't like Jackie, that's fine.  But that doesn't make Teresa RIGHT, no matter how much you like her and I'm having trouble understanding where Teresa did anything RIGHT in this situation.

    Perhaps Evan should have called Teresa directly himself and said WTF to her.  Afterall, he was really the wronged party here, and quite honestly, Tre probably would stumbled her way into a corner with that one.  

    Or perhaps instead of asking Tre where she heard it from, asking her to take it back, etc. Jackie should have asked Teresa to explain what she was thinking sharing that information in that setting to other people?

    But that's coming from the standpoint of having watched the argument and getting to think about what should have been done differently.  In the moment?  I come back to simply not understanding where Teresa did anything RIGHT to justify "Team Teresa." 

    People can go back and forth on debating whether there is merit to Jackie making such an analogy, or whether she presented it as an analogy or not, or whatever.  I don't get how there's any debate on whether or not what Teresa was wrong.  

    And let's not go back to last season or Jackie's first season.  According to Tre they had made up and were good.  According to Jackie they had made up and were good.  So let's go by what they say - "they are good."  So why would you do that to somebody who you are good with to begin with?    

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  3. I have been rewatching as well and I am on season 7 too, although not yet the rage on my ass episode, and it is so clear how emotionally and mentally fragile Jacq is.  She had NO business being on the show again and it comes through in nearly every episode but I am convinced she came back because of the money.  She and Chris aren't explicit but say enough to make it clear there are some major financial struggles.  She seems pretty destroyed by what has happened with Nick (i think i read somewhere that the isolation and struggles moms feel after the autism diagnosis and onward is similar to a soldier suffering from PTSD and part of that has to do with the fact that while support for the children has improved, support for the parent community has lagged behind significantly - i heard this about 10 years ago so i hope things are better now), and I do think the fallout with Teresa was deeplu upsetting for Jacq, plus there was a bizarre jealousy factor at play.  But to be honest, in season 7 Jacq is just poking the bear.  She is talking on camera about Tre to anybody who would listen, she picks fights, imitates Tre on camera, then simpers about not knowing what to do or what's wrong then blows up.  It is highly irritating, I would have been like "WTF" too?  

    And while I am at it, I don't think Chris helps.  We've talked about JoeGo and Richie are basically cavemen, but I think Chris is too, he is just quieter in his chauvinist views and not gross.  But he makes these little comments along the way that make me want to reach through the tv and slap him. 

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  4. https://www.espn.com/olympics/gymnastics/story/_/id/30969557/court-documents-detail-deceased-coach-john-geddert-alleged-abuse

    I'd like to think that the problems with this sport end here, but we all know it doesn't.  How does gymastics ever recover?  They need to blow up the entire system from the bottom up and start over.  And if we miss a few medals in the Olympic cycles then that is PERFECTLY FINE.  

    Twistars must have been hell on earth for those poor girls.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, lasu said:

    Team Jackie, even though I don't really like her.  I hate that Theresa is too dumb to even know what "spreading rumors" means.  I think Jackie was dumb to bring Gia into, but only because it's going to distract from her point.  Gia is an adult who is likely getting a Bravo paycheck with her name on it, and her signature at the bottom of a Bravo contract.  She has almost a million instagram followers.  She's graduated from the kids' table and is now making adult choices to be on this show. That's her business, but you can't have all that AND be declared a child who is off limits.  And being accused of blowing lines at a party?  This isn't "criminal activity" that is going to haunt her, it's not something she has to "live down."  If I had to bet whether ANY of the kids on this show who are over 18 are hitting blow every now and again?  I'm betting on white, lol.  To me, this accusation has about as much heat as if Jackie had accused Gia of drinking beers underage at a party.  Just not a big deal.  Stupid to bring Gia into though, just because you are never going to redirect Theresa now.  Jackie's point, and war, have been lost.  

    Is this the yelliest of all the franchises?  I feel like it is.

    This.  And I'd also like to add that while everybody is screaming that Jackie owes an apology for attacking Gia, why is nobody yelling that Teresa owes EVAN an apology?  Technically, that's whose reputation she is attacking.  And I always thought that while Tre can't stand JAckie, she actually really likes Evan.  Why attack him?  It just doesn't make any sense.  Again -- producer driven.  


    2 hours ago, kassa said:


    I was stunned by how angry this aspect of the episode made me, perhaps because Atlanta seemed to navigate it so well. I assumed in Atlanta that they were under strict isolation precautions and testing regimens for filming. They always arrived wearing masks or shields, and things were pretty much kept to core cast and their families.  Their behavior and activities were curtailed and everything made more intimate.

    But all of a sudden in Jersey, it's no holds barred parties with dozens of unmasked randos? Servers circulating with hors d'oeuvres? Somebody at the party said that "it's okay, we've been tested" as if one test within 24 hours would mean ANYTHING if you're going to run around hugging all these people who are clearly not sticking to their own household/pods.  ("Can't have a birthday party because of the pandemic, so we'll just have sleepovers and take her friends to the beach house!")


    The party wasn't a good look, that's for sure, and I expect we will see other gatherings and be saying "wasn't there a pandemic? Why are we literally kissing asses?"  However, I will say in August, the rates in Northern NJ were signficantly lower than other parts of the country.  The case count per 100k people was 3 - in the entire county.  The positive test rate was 2% Break that down to the towns, we're talking maybe 8 or 9  active cases in the town at that point in time - a town of, what?  20k?  And part of that is because the quarantines and restrictions were so tight right away because this area was hit the hardest in the spring months.  In comparison, the rates in other parts of the country were higher and you were at different points of management of the pandemic.  So during the summer months, NJ felt almost normal so long as you were outside.  That said, these idiots then took it 5 steps further.  Don't assume that based on what you saw that it was reflective of life up here entirely.  Most people were not hugging and kissing.  People were wearing masks because they have been required to in stores, restaurants, etc. since March.  If you look closely, you'll see that tables at Axia were spaced, as was the case at all restaurants.  Indoor dining didn't open until the end of the month.  The majority of the world was still exceptionally careful.  These dolts weren't.  And there were other pockets of dolts who didn't care either.  But most of us were just angry about it as you because we had done SO WELL at flattening the curve, then people had to have birthday parties with friends like that.  I guess I'm saying that people up here certainly felt more comfortable but the larger majority were not idiotic enough to do what the RHONJ cast did for this party or during this time.  And if you DID know people that were doing sleepovers and parties like this, you kind of distanced yourself. 


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  6. Well I just finished watching the episode and here are my reactions.

    1)  What did Margaret do to her face???  

    2)  Margaret running around the house yelling "what happened what happened what happened" cracked me up.  The franticness and panic was fucking brilliant.

    3)  And Jackie and Teresa, here I go.  First let me say that I don't believe for one minute that Evan cheated.  This did not hit the local gossip mill.  If it did, I think few would actually believe it.  They were perfectly respected in the area, and were so even before the show and I know that doesn't mean much but...I don't know. It doesn't stick in any way shape or form and it's just a really bizarre statement overall.  So while Jackie made the comment "it's a small town where people love to talk" she is absolutely right, but that was just never going to gain traction.  Furthermore, Teresa lives 45 minutes away from this area, with no traffic.  Going to Montville is like going to an entirely different state  - you're on 3 different highways at least, you're passing through Paterson or having to go up and around it, for being 30 miles it's a really annoying 30 miles.  And vice versa.  So nobody in Teresa's world is seeing Evan at the gym, and nobody at Evan's gym is connected to Teresa's world. It's just not happening.  Plus, they do not socialize.  Their worlds, aside from filming, or time off camera at Melissa or Margaret's homes, do not intersect.  And they really did not intersect during the pandemic.  So I believe this was 100% producer driven.  Why? The timeline and the fact that the producers never go into a show without a "plan" in place and general storyline arc.  So let's look at the timeline.

    RHONJ I believe had just started filming when the pandemic hit and the plug got pulled and probably killed any storylines and natural drama they had mapped out.  They resumed filming in July.  Evan's birthday is, according to google, August 8.  The party, by way of instagram, appears to have been on August 7.  In the meantime, NJ gyms were shut down until September.   So considering the worlds don't intersect, 4/5 months had passed since anybody in the state of NJ had set foot in a gym, not to mention the gyms wouldn't open up until September anyway, who was seeing Evan "doing stuff" at the gym?  And if it was earlier in time, are we supposed to really believe that Teresa held onto that little nugget to gossip about at the birthday party when they'd already been filming a month?  Come on.  

    My guess is that filming started in July.  I also guess there wasn't much going on.  In all honesty, it was probably kumbayah because people had been locked down for so long.  The producers needed some drama.  Who is their "will do anything and take all the hits girl?  Teresa Giudice.  She can't say who told her because the entire thing was manipulated by Bravo.  

    I also believe it's Jackie's turn for the Bravo hot seat.  It's her 3rd season.  She hasn't gotten the Bravo treatment yet - and to be honest, I think she probably thought she would evade it - but Andy and the producers decided it was her turn.  And just like that - they got their drama.  

    The difference between Teresa and Jackie is that Teresa knows her role in her franchise.  And yes, it is her franchise, whether anybody wants to admit that.  She went to JAIL and rather than revamp the show, they STOPPED it and picked back up when she came back.  But that also means she's Andy's puppet.  JAckie doesn't realize that she's still new kid on the block and Bravo is really just now starting their games with her.  

    I felt bad for Jackie.  She was clearly deeply hurt by what had happened.  And Teresa's hypocrisy was once again on display for the world to see.  Anybody remember Jackie's first season when Teresa's defense was that by Jackie bringing up her husband, she was hurting her 4 daughters?  What did Teresa thinking spreading rumors about Evan Goldschneider was going to do?   Hurt Jackie's 4 children.  Teresa has said she doesn't like the claims about Juicy cheated on her, but then she goes and claims somebody else is being cheated on with nothing to back it up.  There are things about Teresa I like.  But her hypocrisy absolutely infuriates me.  And honestly I don't blame Jackie for asking the question - when is enough enough?  The problem is, that's not Jackie's decision.  It is Bravo's decision, and if they haven't gotten rid of Teresa after she flipped a table, chased Danielle Staub through a country club, started a fight in the DR while filming for the show, went to prison, encouraged somebody to assault another person, then this isn't going to do it.  It just won't, no matter what moral high ground is justified.  

    And finally, is anybody amused by the fact that Jackie's older set of twins looks just like her and the younger ones look just like Evan?  Just me?  Okay.  They each got their own set of mini-mes.  


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  7. Scott and the 19 year old thing freaks me out a little bit.  

    I get that he likes the young hot thing, but...can't he at least be with somebody in their 20s?  19 is still a teenager.  And it's a little too close to barely legal.  

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  8. Why the hell is Khloe back with Tristan?  He has publicly humiliated her twice now.  He's not going to change and it is only a matter of time before we find out he boinked some Boston fan.  

    I hope somebody, somewhere, is telling her to get some self-respect.  

    Poor True.  For so many reasons.  

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  9. I think the cheating rumors


    are around Jackie and Evan, allegedly she didn't go on the trip this season because she was so pissed off about the whole thing, and Teresa for fueling the speculation. 

     And quite honestly, I think it's all b.s. for the show - perhaps made up by T for the sake of drama and ratings?  I also think that this season it's her turn to be in the hot seat in a way that doesn't stem from her taking the moral high ground and pissing people off.  I feel like when you sign up for this show, you know that some aspect of your life is going to be tested/attacked, especially if you don't bring it on yourself naturally, the way others do.    

    So, there are all these people who come out and say "if people really knew about Joe and Melissa."  Can somebody please tell what there is to know about Joe and Melissa besides them being famewhores who were kind of slimey about how they got on the show?  Their wealth has never made much sense to me.

    I don't like seeing Margaret screaming and crying at Joe.  That makes me sad because I actually really like those two.  They seem really authentic.  

    I HOPE, if those scenes with Jen play out the way it's portrayed, she pulls back from the booze a little bit, if not all together.  

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  10. I don't think any of us are surprised.

    Kourt can finally go live on a farm somewhere and grow zucchini and hydrangeas or something.

    The trashiness that is Khloe will come out in force.  Her career was the show. She hasn't done anything else and has shown no interest in anything else. Without glam and magazine covers, there's not much there.  Tristan will leave her as soon as the camera  turns off.

    Kendall will contine modeling as long as possible.  Probably more print and consumer over runway and fashion, but she has enough of a legitimate career in that world to keep going.  

    Kylie will stay in makeup and be mommy to Stormi. I bet she and Travis get back together.

    And Kim -- honestly, I wouldn't underestimate Kim.  She's not going anywhere and I suspect her next plans involve something in the legal or advocacy worlds full time.  She may or may not pass the bar.  But she will be out there for something more legitimate than T&A.  I think she is just as shrewd as her mother, and she is not saying goodbye without a clear plan ahead. Where Kanye fits in I am not so sure he does.  He wants to start a cult and run for president.  Kim wants to be a lawyer and advocate for prison reform on a national level.  Those things don't fit.  And onlu one of them has a reasonable and dare-I-say admirable goal.




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  11. I'm on season 10 of my rewatch right now and just last night I watched the episode where Kylie is buying her first home and it's in Calabassas and Kendall is like - why the hell would she choose to live in Calabassas, she's young and single, she should be downtown.  So I'm not surprised she lives in LA proper.  And I have to be honest, rewatching the show she is by far the most normal and likeable of all of them.  I used to put Kourtney in that territory, but she's actually kind of annoying.  Kendall wins.  I LOVE that house.  Home decor trends are starting to veer away from that cold concrete all white and gray feel, and incorporate color and warmth, and this is beautifully done.  I don't think I need penis size quote on the walls, but other than that it's really beautifully done. I'm sure the interior decorator was paid well and Kendall chose boards and then was out of it.  

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  12. Nope.  That's not how the game works.  You have to choose one.  My kids teachers does this as a writing exercise - sometimes the choices aren't always positive, and then they have to make their case as to why they chose as they did.  Non-fiction, persuasive writing, etc.

    I choose Kim.  While she might be a vapid whore, I feel like she is more likely to gift me  with diamonds or an awesome pair of shoes or invite me to Croatia or South Africa (bucket-list-destinations!) for a girls weekend as opposed to Kanye who would just make me wear ugly post-apocalyptic athleisurewear in an even-more-ugly puke green color with uncomfortable heels which will do absolutely nothing for my feet or figure, and then I'd then have to listen to him wax philosophical about the evolution of an earthworm or some such thing and feign being grateful for it all.  Plus, if I was friends with Kim I could eventually hang out with Scott who is pure entertainment gold.  

    See?  Totally easy.  

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  13. 10 hours ago, GaT said:

    Kim Kardashian Breaks Down Crying During Tense Visit with Kanye West in Wyoming

    That photo makes me wonder if this is Kris setting up the narrative for Kim to divorce him without doing damage to herself.



    It certainly wouldn't surprise me if she did.  Didn't she set up the Lamar and Khloe early morning run in at the gym that set off Lamar screaming at the paps?  

    It could also be that the paparazzi were just out in Cody just waiting to pounce.  I mean, yes they were already there, but as soon as Kanye seemingly started to calm down, and posted that apology, it was only a matter of time before he and Kim met up.  And no doubt the people he surrounded himself were in touch with Kim.  Plenty probably knew that she was on her way.  

    I hope one of them got the spicy chicken sandwich at Wendy's.  The spicy chicken is the bomb.  

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  14. 3 hours ago, GaT said:

    Kanye worshiped the girl in the sex tape. Once he married her though, he started changing his mind about her pushing her"sexy" image. He's complained about her nude selfies, we saw on the show that he didn't like the whole corset thing she wore to the Met Gala because it was too sexy, & she told him to basically mind his own business & that she wasn't interested in his beliefs. It's his own fault for marrying a "porn star" just because she turned him on. Did he really think she was going to change just because she married him?

    We could probably just as easily reverse this.  Mental illness aside, I can't imagine that being married to Kanye is all roses and pink.  I mean, you can't even order a normal faucet.

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  15. Allegedly Kanye is holed up in Wyoming with private security but won't let Kim or Kris get near him.  But he has some trusted friends there, including Dave Chappelle who got on a plane and flew out.

    No doubt the Kardashians are working in the background on this.  My guess is that Kim will get him hospitalized through one of his friends, and then at that point she will give him the ultimatum.  Take the medication regularly, even if it inhibits his creativity, or she walks with the kids.  She will put the choice in his hands and then can say either now or later, that she tried.

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  16. So I have been rewatching the Kardashians from sesason 1, and it is kind of amazing to binge-watch, especially the evolution of the characters.  And jesus, I always knew Kris was manipulative, but holy shit seeing it all at once, it is horrible.  I am on season 8 where 17 year old Kendall is really coming into her own and trying to find her place in the family and she is gravitating towards her Jenner brothers, and the gaslighting and manipulation by Kris is disgusting.  Kendall is out with Brody surfing, late getting home, and Kris gives her this whole song and dance about HER feelings and how Kendall is choosing them over HER, and how she wants to spend time with HER but Kendall is rejecting HER by spending time with Brandon and Brody.  I feel so bad for her.  And it makes me wonder what those relationships might have been like if Kris wasn't such a bad stepmother.  

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  17. I know they were such a dysfunctional and broken relationship, I know Scott has too many problems to name, I know Kourtney has too many trust issues, but I really wanted Scott and Kourtney back together.  

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