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  1. 3 hours ago, Pepper the Cat said:

    She updated all her books. I have them all on my Kindle. She did a good job I think. I have them all on my Kindle.

    They were updated?  Fascinating!  I will have to check them out again. My favorite two were Down a Dark Hall and Stranger With My Face.  I don't think I fully understood Daughters of Eve as a teen, it can be hard to grasp the concept of a group mob/cultish mentality for violence and harm when you are 15 years old.

    I brought up the question of June's return to Canada lacking poignancy, and somebody pointed out her stepping onto Canadian soil, and other scenes.  It is interesting, I didn't find myself moved in that same way.  June is out for blood - justifiably so - and so as these moments go, I am tense x 1000.  Unlike the relief I felt when Emily crossed over and realized the officer was a canadian, unlike the tears I cried when Rita stepped off that plane and was so happy to meet Luke, or the happy tears when Luke went to find Moira.

    And I don't mean this as a criticism of June.  I just wish we could have a moment of true happiness for her, somewhere.  Just a moment, please, then we can go back to where we were.  

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  2. Was anybody a Lois Duncan fan growing up and if so did you get Daughters Of Eve vibes to the nth degree in those therapy sessions?

    Speaking of therapy, what is this group stuff?  Every single one of these ladies should be inextensive private counseling, group led by a trained psychologist and some likely on a prescribed anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety.

    And as for June, I know why the show is going in this direction but honestly the show is so dark, I was hoping for some moments of light and love for June.  Remember the beautiful reunion of Moira and Luke, that he had listed her as family?  Yes, it is a dark show, but where is the poignancy?

    Who in their right mind in Canada would be fans of the Waterfords.

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  3. Quote

    But the bigger question I suppose is whether Luke considers it rape. If he doesn't, then there will be no complaint filed. My vibe on watching the scene was that he was surprised that she wanted to have sex, but wasn't actually against having sex. He seemed to be on the "you're damaged so I will be the good guy and go at your pace rather than assume you're ready to resume our marriage" train, so June initiating sex surprised him but I doubt he considers himself a rape victim. 


    In this scene, she didn't want him to talk, she didn't want his hands to make her decisions.  She "had her way with him" as a damaged victim of the five years of hell she's been through.  She didn't want Luke to say things like "Are you sure you're ready?" or "Are you OK with this, maybe we should wait?" or any of that.  She didn't want his hand guiding things, so she pushed his arm down.

    Luke wasn't objecting to the sex, his concern was all about June, and if this sex would make it worse for her.  June was trying to be her old true self, and block everything out but that.  



    We actually have no idea if Luke was objecting or not.  She stopped him from saying what he would have said.  She covered his mouth, held his hand down.   

    If a woman is sleeping, and man starts to move on to her and then starts to have sex with her, and she says "wait wait," and that man covers her mouth with his hand and disregards that statement and keeps going, that is not clear consent.  Furthermore, the man would know exactly what he was doing.  He was having sex with that sleeping woman and still going - despite clear signs and words that were indicating a wish to stop, or at the very least, slow down.  

    Luke was sleeping.  June started to move over him and then started to have sex with him.  He clearly said "wait" and she covered his mouth with her hand and disregarded that and kept going.  There was no clear consent, and she knew exactly what she was doing.  She was having sex with Luke, despite clear signs and words that were indicating a wish to stop or at the very least slow down.

    It doesn't matter if June didn't want to hear Luke ask her if she's okay.  As callous as it sounds, it doesn't matter if she is a Gilead survivor.  It doesn't matter if she was raped repeatedly and is trying to take back her power, her sexuality, her womanhood.  And who knows, Luke might have said okay let's keep going.  We'll never know.  She did not allow him to express hesitation during sex.  

    Honestly, credit to the actors - the scene left us confused as to what just happened.  There are layers upon layers to peel back here, this is even really just surface stuff - and the actors portrayed that beautifully. 

    I said this during the similar scene with Nick - I don't find these sex scenes to be empowering at all. I find them to be the exactly opposite, quite frankly. They are driven by rage, desperation and sadness.  Nowhere in them to I find empowerment.  While we were cheering her on for her rage at Serena, it was that rage that fueled the sex with Luke.  I don't find that empowering.  

    Maybe nobody noticed this but me, but there was a scene earlier in the show where Luke announces to Tuello that he is taking his wife home.  Luke taking charge and telling June where she was going, what they were doing, etc.  In his eyes, "protecting" June who is still incredibly vulnerable.  We then got long shot of June absorbing that moment.  I don't think she was looking at Luke with gratitude or admiration.  I think she was taking in that she was "free" and yet it was another person taking charge of what she was going to do, just in another kind of way.  And I think that also played a role, on a subconscious level, of June not acknowledging Luke's hesitancy.  

    I suppose one could argue that if Luke had really wanted to stop her he could have but given the situation he may just as easily have felt that if he HAD forced that stop it would have caused greater problems.  That's why it was even more important for Luke to not have his voice silenced.  

    June was doing what SHE wanted.  She was not necessarily what Luke wanted.  And if you don't allow that person to express that, then what are you left with?






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  4. Interesting debate on rape or not.

    Food for thought - exact same circumstances, except reverse the roles.  If it had been Luke in the June role, June in the Luke role. 

    Rape or not?

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  5. There is an article out in People right now where Teresa talks about always being under attack and this time she showed her true self and did what she had to do and is proud of it.  "I did what I had to do" - referring to the reunion

    Does this that all this time we've been seeing a "restrained" Teresa?  Sweet jesus.  

    I guess we will see tonight.  But I have no interest in seeing Teresa the bully on steroids.  I mean, she's bad enough as is and it reaches a point where it's not entertainment anymore.  

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  6. 8 hours ago, SourK said:

    In the earlier seasons, I had a real problem with the way the characters would each act like they were the only ones who remembered what the world was like before, and everyone else had somehow grown up in Gilead. At points, it was even hard to remember, as a viewer, that this all happened pretty recently.

    That's because they were playing closer to the book then - you were forbidden from talking about the past, it didn't exist.  And you had no idea who would report you if you did, everybody could be a spy.  So it wasn't mentioned.  That is why Emily talking about the former ice cream shop in her early scenes with June was so jarring and shocking. 

    Can I ask a question?  Why do people like the Bradley Whitford character?  I can't stand him.  Even his alleged remorse seems doused in greed and selfishness.

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  7. This season was so unmemorable.  And it isn't like there wasn't drama.  There was plenty.  But it was unmemorable.  I guess Jackie doesn't have tobworry about Evan's reputation, it was the most dramatic storyline of the season and completely unmemorable.

    Jennifer was fantastic this season.  Tre has to go, at this point she is nothing but nothing but a bully with the maturity of an 11 year old, Dolores is boring, Melissa is boring, Jackie is way too private and not nearly as exciting as she seems to think she is, and Margaret is well into bully territory as well.  They are lacking the fun factor.  I love RHONJ and I actually really love this cast.  But they need shake it up a bit.  This 3 and 3 thing is done.  

    And call me crazy, but aside from Jennifer's pool, there is nothing about their lives that I actually envy.  They are really just basic bitches.  

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  8. I came out of this episode torn on how I felt about where June started the episode and where she ended.  On the one hand, I thought June was getting a little too "big for her britches" - to quote my mother - and positively hateful in some of her interactions with others. However I absolutely HATE that they used rape and oral sex as the mechanism to bring on that self-reflection - it was completely unnecessary and the end result could have been achieved in so many other ways.  I really liked Janine pointing out that she might not have made the same choices as June.  Okay, yes, we all know she would have if it were Charlotte in that glass box, but her point is that there are heroes all around them.  Janine has "saved" June plenty of times, as well.  In the hospital when June wanted to kill her walking partner.  When she was laying dead in the forest.  This episode with the Resistance Rapist.  Saving and heroics doesn't always come in the form of big grandiose moments.  For example, we had June snarling in Janine's face that she should have left her behind a long time ago, or something along those lines.  Well, had Janine left JUNE a long time ago, June would be dead in the forest - for example.  Does Janine turn to June and say "what do we do next??" plenty of times?  Yes.  And while June may not show that level of vulnerability or uncertainty in the same way, lord knows, it's clear that she'd be nowhere if not for the smarts, wit and courage of others.  I just hate that it took her being unable to blow job to get her to that realization.  That sucked.  Literally, for poor Janine.  

    Where this episode came in so strong was the fact that it wasn't All June All The Time.  Janine held her own, we got more Rita, Serena and Fred (my god, Serena and Fred have a real talent for distortion).  We were introduced to an aspect of the Handmaid's Tale that I'm eager to explore.  And we even toughed on some other aspects of the book that go beyond June as well.  For example, at the very end they talk about how some women, once liberated from Gilead, had a real struggle assimilating back into "normal" life.  I like how we keep getting little glimpses of that along the way, most recently here with Rita.  Although I do wonder if her deference to Serena and Fred was intentional at first, out of "habit" and fear, Stockholm syndrome, or if she went in there knowing exactly what she was going to do and how she was going to act around them?  I mean, with the commander, she went in there with a clear plan.  But did she go in to meet with Serena being all "yes m'am" intentionally?

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  9. 8 hours ago, Hiyo said:

    Having husbands/significant others on the show is a good way to get extra income from this show.

    So with that statement and the 3 "contractors" on the show the most is it fair to say that they need the income more than Evan or Tony the Turk?  Just an observation that aligns with my theory that Melissa, Dolores and Margaret are living in a house of cards.  


     I personally place the blame of this dynamic on our TV screen on Satan Andy, who seems to be much more invested in the misogynistic stylings of real house husbands of NJ than the central female figures.

    Every time I watch this show and see something that makes me mildly sick to my stomach, I get all pissed off that Andy Cohen is basically profiting off of the worst of women.  But then again, I keep watching, so I suppose I'm part of the problem.  

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  10. To be fair though, Dolores is the cast member of the show, not Frank.  We see Dolores' life, and Frank through that lens, not Frank's life.  It is entirely possible that other women have been around - we just don't see or hear about them because they don't fit the narrative.  Maybe.  Other than knowing that Frank had a girlfriend her first season, and then they broke up which prompted him to move in with her in her second season, that's all we really know about Frank and his personal time. 

    I think we are overthinking it.

    I think Dolores gets what she needs from David on a physical level when they actually are together.  I think she gets the social/emotional needs covered by Frank.  This of course assumes that Dolores and Frank aren't boinking on the side and I'm not sure I believe that.  But let's just say for the purposes of this discussion that they haven't crossed that line since hey split.  I simply don't think she has found anybody who gets it all done for her and so we wind up here.

    I also don't think David is ever going to marry her (he is married to his job) and I also think he wants absolutely NOTHING to do with RHONJ.   And to be fair, can you blame him on that last point?

    ETA:  I just googled to see if Frank has a girlfriend however instead found out that Frankie has a girlfriend.  And there is definitely a Gia resemblance.  Perhaps it's his type, or just a common "aesthetic" but to me it was pretty obviously Gia 2.0.  



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    4 minutes ago, geauxaway said:

    Jackie said her parents went to prison /house arrest.  How is their money legit?  They were convicted of fraud.  Her husband deals in hedge funds which are under high scrutiny right now.  Jackie is shady as fuck.

    I am not assuming that all of their money is her parents money.  They went "away" 20+ years ago.  One can fairly assume that Jackie and Evan have earned a significant amount of money.  Didn't they say in a reunion that Jackie had more at the start of the relationship and then Evan was bringing it in?

    There is a lot of the finance world that is under high scrutiny at any point in time.  That doesn't make everybody who works in finance and their spouses shady as fuck when we have seen nothing to support that.  


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  12. 2 hours ago, KungFuBunny said:

    I totally believe that the money Jackie has is the fraudulent money her parents hid into accounts under Jackie's name. She did not accumulate this wealth by her own hands as a "great business women" and "smart investor" as she claims. Her father went to jail and then both her mom and dad spent time under house arrest.

    If she were so great at either why is she writing blog article for the internet, why doesn't she have her own business?

    While she likes to brag that she has money, I think she doesn't want to risk an audit or be questioned by the Feds on where those monies originated.

    The hampton house is hers.  You can find the rental listing on air bnb, somebody posted it last year.   And it is entirely likely that the place has been occupied by long term renters.  People were getting out of dodge last spring and summer and fleeing NYC and their suburban homes. With people working fully from home, camps closed, swim clubs closed, those who could left for the summer and went long term down the shore or out to the hamptons, lake george, etc because at that point NJ and NY and CT were in sync and didn't require testing/quarantine.  Some went for weeks, some for months.  It was practicqlly impossible to find a rental in the area and with Jackie being beachfront with a pool that place was certainly snapped up.

    Even if the her parents wealth was sketchy (and it certainly might have been given what we know), they seem pretty legit now and living within their generous means.  She has investment property and probably pulled down a good salary as a lawyer when she practiced.  Evan is high up in his firm.  They have other investments, we have heard Evan make reference to their kids 529s, and have heard Jackie reference what she and Evan have done together.  And let's not forget she now gets paid for the show, appearances, etc.  

    Of all the NJ housewives, the goldschneiders and the Aydins seem legit.  Teresa we know is a fraud, I am suspect of anybody who is a contractor just because in NJ that ENTIRE industry is so damn corrupt, I don't believe you can do that legitimately without crossing some lines somewhere, we know that Frank was disbarred for misuse of escrow funds so he clearly is willing to bend some rules and honestly, I am not sure I understand the Macbeth Collection, something seems not right there.  So a plastic surgeon in an area of the country where a nip and a tuck is as normal as brushing your teeth, and a hedge fund/tech investor living in northern nj mcmansions seem pretty damn normal to me. 

    God this episode was boring.  I do not care about Teresa and her new man.  And I totally believe he is in it for the fame and knew exactly who Teresa was, there are way too many red flags from his past.  Granted people could say the same about her so maybe they are a match made in temper hell?



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  13. Quote

    The ending, while probably inevitable, sucked for me. I loved Alma - she was my favorite minor character. I looked for her in every episode wherever and whenever there were Handmaids being shown. I just loved her snark. The way she called June "dummy", the way she could seem that while she obviously despised being there, she was friends with her other Handmaids and got along with everyone. And Nina Kiri, the actress who portrayed her, really humanized her in the scenes where she had her hand burned and also in the premiere of S2, when they all thought they were going to be hung in Fenway. 


    Killing Alma was a mistake IMO.  She was part of Mayday.  She had a greater understanding of Gilead and how it works.  She didn't blindly follow June and they were clearly leader 1 and leader 2 of the group.  And quite frankly, given how much she knew over the course of the seasons, there was a lot more they could do with her.  I'm also not a fan of Janine and am annoyed that she and June made it.  

    This episode had too much torture and too many close-ups of Elisabeth Moss.   Moss is amazing, I've always believed that.  But that particular filming choice is losing it's impact, you can only convey the same emotions in so many ways.  I feel like you could simply pluck out one "horrified by the realization of what has happened" close up and replace it with any other "horrified by the realization of what has happened" close up from any other episode and we wouldn't even notice.  The same applies for the "I'm royally pissed off and I will make you pay by opening my eyes and staring UP at the camera," the "dazed and confused by trauma," the "desperate for any kindness," and (my personal favorite), the "look what I just got away with bitches" close-ups.  In other words.  Enough close-up shots of Elisabeth Moss.  

    That said I'm glad they escaped again.  I know it's totally improbably that June would even be alive at this point in time after all that has happened, but how many times can we see her assigned as a handmaid?  As viewers we have asked to see more of the resistance and so far that's what we're getting.  

    Are we expecting some type of evolution to begin with Aunt Lydia this season?  They are certainly laying the groundwork.  



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  14. I don't know what to make of this episode.  I kept watching it and thinking "huh."  And now I'm at today and still thinking "huh."

    The location of the farm confuses me.  Why were they taken from the Boston area all the way to the midwest.  And in the aftermath of the season 2 finale, I find it hard to believe that the truck wouldn't have been searched more completely when it was stopped.  So I don't believe for one moment they would have gotten that far.  Perhaps they headed in that direction because heading towards the border would have been to obvious and too difficult, but geez.  They get away with transferring 8 handmaids 12 hours west?  Kind of seems like getting out of Gilead shouldn't be that tough if they pulled that off.  

    Kudos to McKenna Grace.  I was impressed.  I was NOT, however, impressed by June egging her on to murder her rapist because no matter what, she encouraged a child to murder and that is just one more trauma to add to that poor girls long list of horror.  And above all that, the girl desperately wants a mother, she chose June.  Would June have encouraged Hannah in the same way, even IF Hannah said, "I'm ready to fight, I want to fight"?  I don't believe it, not for one second.  I could 100%  get behind the handmaid's exacting "justice" according to the laws of Gilead, we've seen them do it before.  But having the child commit murder?  I know June isn't supposed to be innocent in this story.  She's a deeply flawed character.  But that one just doesn't work that way and I'm legitimately pissed off the show went that way.  

    Which brings me to June.  At this point we are supposed to believe that she is full-blown vigilante rebel.  I suppose we are also supposed to believe that she has been so deeply wounded by Gilead that she will stop at nothing - including prompting a young girl to murder - to get revenge and do what else?  (legit question:  is she still focused on finding Hannah and getting her out, or is she now just focused on being a rebel).  And she has established herself as the leader of this pocket of the resistance, and so I suppose it's not surprising that the other handmaids, particularly Janine, follow her. 

    But why does she show up on this farm, a place that is giving her shelter and is a safe-house in Gilead, and suddenly take over as HBIC?  Am I wrong to assume that a safe house has protocols in place to protect the property and operations of the safe house, and that would include requiring that those in residence who actually require that safety to either remain hidden or blend in beyond just putting on a gray dress?   Has she learned nothing from her past carelessness in past situations like these?  June's storyline is being driven by plot, not by character.  And the others are driven by character just fine so I can't figure out why that philosophy doesn't apply to June.  I have never had so much trouble rooting for "the good guy" before. I legitimately hated her in this episode.  

    And did anybody else find the party in the barn scene to be really disturbing, or was that just mean?  


    As others have said, I still don't love the thing where June's a folk hero. I also didn't love that someone went way far out of their way to tell Serena and Fred about June's brave deeds just so we could watch them be shocked. It seems weird that everyone would be so focused on June, personally, rather than the larger situation.

    I got the impression that they did that to lay the groundwork to convince the Waterford's to see the positives in cooperating and also limit their options to anything but that choice.  Their former Martha escaped on the plane with the children.  Their former handmaid led the effort.  They can't ever go back to Gilead now, no matter what deals they try to strike.   They'd be executed. Where does that leave them?  Stuck in Canada.  So what do they do then?

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  15. 1 hour ago, Kdawg82 said:

     Tre seemed to have felt her status as #1 HBIC slipping away.  Jen is more likeable now. She has a good marriage from what is presented & she has a loving relationship with her whole family (like they've all always been about faaambly). Idk...I just got that perturbed vibe off of Tre that wasn't all about her mom. It was about her not being the #1 star anymore. 

    You mean the OG with tacky style, 3-then-4 kids, with a good looking husband (Juicy wasn't bad looking in the beginning), parents right there to cook and pass on italian traditions to the kids, in a huge new construction house, with money to frivolously burn, who considers herself funny, warm and generous, and above all is proudly over the top in everything she does is feeling threatened by the newish housewife with tacky style, 5 kids, a good looking (and successful and well spoken) husband, with parents right there to cook and come together to share traditional turkish customs with the kids, in a huge new construction house, with money to frivolously burn, who considers herself funny, warm and generous, and above all over the top in everything she does?

    I can't imagine why Tre would feel that way.  

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  16. 2 hours ago, KungFuBunny said:

    There was a scene where Melissa had Jackie over since she didn't attend the boat trip.

    Melissa is fixing a salad - pouring dressing on it.

    She tells Jackie she made a salad for them and Jackie says - oh I'm not hungry, I just ate in the car on my way over here. Seriously??? A salad?

    She needs to get off the TV and take care of her raging disorder.

    I really don't want to watch her fluffing her food at Jennifer's at the next episode. That food looks sooooooo good

    After all we have seen does anybody believe for one second that Jackie ate in the car?

    What was with the snide comment about a huge mortgage and no furniture?  That was bitchy.  I am more and more convinced that Jackie, Marge and Melissa are supremely jealous of Jennifer.  For all their talk about how she is rude, out of touch, etc, they are outright assholes to her.  They hardly represent graciousness and thoughtfulness. 

    I may be in the minority, but I thought Marge looked really pretty in the convo with her mom.  I didn't like her yacht look.  




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  17. I think Marge is naive to think her ex won't care.  Just because they haven't been married in a long time doesn't mean it won't matter.  How many affairs did she have?  And what about those kids she is trying to mend her relationships with?  Will they not care either?  If you are going to write about it, let the injured party know beforehand. Even Jackie said that in hindsight she should have given Jennifer a heads up about her spoiled children article. And that didn't come close to being an issue like infidelity.   

    I guess fame and money always win out.  


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  18. I haven't watched the episode yet, but forgive me of my ignorance:

    Is "housekeeper" no longer an acceptable term?  What the heck is in it's place?  Primary domicile domestic manager?  I'd think that housekeeper would be more acceptable than cleaning lady or maid or "the help."  

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  19. Quote

    Now if I may play Dr. Phil, I kinda wonder if Joe is okay with exploiting the dad's memorial to some extent (even if he doesn't realize it, perhaps) is because he had a better relationship with his mother. Sure he called her a cold woman at the Christening but it was mostly the father Joe was at odds with constantly and it was the father who would talk shit about Melissa right in front of Joe and Melissa's kids--- no matter how I feel about Melissa that isn't okay.  But then again maybe Joe is just over the entire family for the sake of the show? He seemed less upset than I had expected both on the show and in the media when it aired about Gia. Plus, they're bilking Antonia growing up for all it's worth.


    I actually wonder if it's because Nonna's passing was not expected.  Nonno was always the one with the health problems, we saw it throughout the years.  Remember Juicy saying that one of these times he wasn't going to come out of the hospital?   They knew they had limited time with him and honestly probably got more years with him than they ever anticipated.

    But Nonna was the healthy one.  The stronger one.  She was supposed to be around longer.  And quite frankly, even when she went into the hospital, they probably expected her to come home.  So there's an added trauma there of watching the healthy one die. 

    I think Joe hid behind his work when it came to his father.  I think he had a lot of guilt over what that relationship became over the years, probably including things we never saw, and that's why he really did not seem to make the time.  He always said "I'm working!" but I call bull.  I even remember him complaining to Frank about Teresa and his dad, thinking he'd get backup from Frank and Frank saying no, you're wrong, you have to make the time.  When the entire Giudice/Gorga feud was going on, it was all about the younger generation mending their relationship, and that was somehow going to miraculously fix the other issues.  But it doesn't work that way and I believe that relationship was forever dented.  So in some ways, there might have been an element of relief for Joe when his father passed.  It sounds awful, but the feelings around losing your parents are more complex than you ever realize until you go through it yourself.  


    As for Antonia growing up, it literally makes me sick the way they treat this.  It reminds me too much of Danielle taking Christine to her first gyno appointment.  I remember when Gia asked for a bra and Teresa taking her shopping, it was such a relatable moment.  Tre peeking in the dressing room and Gia yelling at her to get out.  Such a mom-daughter THING that happens all the time.

    But with the Gorga's - ugh.  It's so misogynistic, from both of them.  Didn't Melissa make a joke about taking her to the gynecologist and if it turned out she wasn't a virgin she was grounded or something like that?  How about empowering your daughter with information, confidence, and allowing her to be comfortable coming to EITHER parent with any question at all.  I don't doubt that when my girls get older they'll come prancing down in an outfit we don't approve of, but my husband sure as hell isn't going to be touching their stomach and talk about locking them up in chastity belts when they do or whatever.  The old school italian mentality about raising daughters is not cute, and while it is old school that doesn't make it acceptable, and people need to STOP making excuses for it.  

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  20. 6 hours ago, Gigi43 said:

    I was very late to watching this one. Jackie gossiping about Melissa to TeresaWhat fricken' bizarro world did I wake up in? That was so strange. Evan laughing about all the women he's had sex with imo proves he doesn't actually think the cheating rumors will damage his reputation.


    I think a TV memorial is tacky. I don't even think it was about G Gorga, aside from Gia's speech and the pictures it seemed like an excuse to have a party yet another party. I mean they had shots immediately after. I'm not saying Joe and Teresa don't care about their father dying, I'm saying that wasn't a real memorial to them. Joe backed out of doing anything for his mother on camera, which I actually respected, because why stage a memorial months after the actual funeral? But now he's game, probably because there were no other options story wise. What are the odds Kathy was watching and seething she couldn't even get a background invite to that? I love how quickly Joe/Melissa/Kathy/Richie crumbled as soon as Kathy and Richie got the boot. 


    Joe's tantrum over Melissa walking ahead of him was too much even for his standards. 


    I was reading that Jackie said that once the fight was done, that she was so relieved that she was drinking and all lovey dovey to Tre because it was such a relief.  She said it didn't all make it to camera.  You know what else didn't make it to camera?  All the stuff she said in interviews that she and Evan went through post rumor, deciding to stay on the show or not, etc.  She said in interviews early on that she was really proud of the process they went through, how they handled it, and came to a decision together and we would see it all.  We didn't see a thing. Andy is not going to waste camera time on somebody considering quitting (the audacity).  I mean, Jennifer's lame family dinner made the cut over that.  

    I have wondered about Kathy and Richie.  Covid robbed them of their comeback.  But I agree, that was an excuse for the party, nothing more, nothing less.

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  21. What a boring episode.  

    I think the reason this season is so dull and manufactured is because there was nothing dramatic happening coming out of covid lockdown.  Even the Marge/Jennifer fighting feels overdone. 

    The only emotionally legitimate moment of this episode was seeing Milania comforting Audriana.  


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  22. Honestly, I think that they make these comments because after both parents are gone, it is an incredibly lonely feeling.  It doesn't matter who is around you, if you are married or divorced, surrounded by kids or no kids, even if there are cousins, aunts and uncles near by.  It is lonely.  And the sibling(s) can best help recreate the feeling of that specific family unit.  At least in my experience.  

    But it can go other ways.  Joe probably feels the same way about Melissa and quite honestly if Tre and Juicy had made it as a couple, she would be saying it to him as well.  

    Basically it comes down to a giant void that you desperately try to fill with the people that were closest to them and the people thay are closest to you

      Sometimes that overlaps.  But I am not sure I am explaining myself well.  I hear them say "you are all I have left" and I get it.

    The peck on the lips, however?  Not so much. 

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  23. 6 hours ago, Marley said:

    Marge sucks so bad. She does emasculate her husband. Also stop trying to trash Jen re her and Bill. Yea he makes the majority of the money but I wouldn’t call him her sugar daddy. I don’t usually say it but Marge is jealous about all things Jennifer. 

    Yeah, I don't get the attack on Jen for Bill's success and their subsequent lifestyle.  Melissa didn't work for years and screeched about a gold rolex, teresa didn't work for years, jackie isn't exactly churning out the columns these days, and we watched 2 seasons of divorced Dolores letting Frank pay her way.  

    At least Bill is legit as far as we know.  He can explain what he does beyond "working!" or "business!", nobody has gone to jail, been disbarred, etc. 

    Jennifer gives plenty of reasons to dislike her if you are looking for them.  Being the wife of a successful plastic surgeon shouldn't be one of them.  Especially considering how many women in this area sit alone in ugly mcmansions while their husbands go to work and their nannies cart the kids everywhere because they are too exhausted from getting their nails done, powerwalking and doing tiktok videos.  No I am not joking. If she is going to ride Jen for her husband's success then she should be hating on a lot of people in the area, and probably a majority of her social circle.   

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  24. 6 minutes ago, BrownBear2012 said:

    I never heard of it...looks a little like SPAM? But looking at the label on the back, besides the high fat and high sodium content as well as having sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate in it...I would have to pass on it despite looking delicious on the grill.

    Right.  You definitely don't eat it for your health.

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