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  1. That bachelorette party was gross. So was the scene in the sex shop. I mean, these women are in their 40s. They have children who are college aged. Please please please try to be classy. And I can't stand Danielle. She is exhausting to watch on TV, I can't imagine what it's like being around her. Delores and her "what am I doing wrong" schtick is utterly annoying. What you are doing wrong is enabling a man who could care less about you to run roughshod over you. That's what you're doing wrong. Marge is awesome. I really like her straight shooter mentality.
  2. I also want more of the other handmaids. Specifically, Alma, who has been in the resistance far longer than June. She knew plenty about what was happening in the Waterford household, the comings and goings of June and her commander, June's opportunities for outside communication, and she can take June down a peg or two when need be. She's interesting. Perhaps as June gets deeper into the resistance, we can get more about Alma. I still think they will bring June back to the Waterfords - how else can she be out in Gilead society not be with them? For one, the 3 are the core main cha
  3. Why do they even bother with clothes anymore?
  4. You may be right. But there's a difference here. They finally have a group of housewives that work without teresa. No other group was strong enough to carry it before. Bravo and Tre both needed each other to make this show work. I know it's early but if things keep going the way they are now, by the end of the season, Bravo won't need Tre anymore.
  5. I can understand having Chicago go stay with Grandma Kris or Aunt Kendall or some such thing - especially if she hadn't had her flu shot and if more than one person in the household was sick. But all the way to Cleveland? That makes no sense. But I guess when you have a private jet, heading off to Cleveland is no different than the average person going 20 minutes down the road? Still makes no sense.
  6. Maybe she should go to Jennifer's husband!!! They weren't falafel, they were kibbeh balls. Basically it is a pressed mixture of lamb and bulgar wheat formed around a looser ground lamb and pine nuts mixture. They are delicious. And nothing like falafel. Let's give credit where credit is due: Kathy did a much better job with her Lebanese spread during her goddess party than Jennifer did with her Turkish party. Both in presentation and explanation of the food. And mini-marinated mozzarella? Why not serve actual middle eastern cheeses? Jackie is going to eat Tre
  7. Probably because Kylie seems to notice that if you let people actually see that you are happy, others will be happy for you. Unlike the others and their "never let them see you smile" shit. I suspect that Kylie enjoyed life off camera during her pregnancy much more than she realized. She could relax, enjoy, be herself and not be forced to always be the sexbot all of the time. And that's probably carrying over to now. I say good for her. She seems confident and happy. Unlike some other Kardashians that shall not be named.
  8. Haha - I think if Bravo ever approached me for a show that it would mean I need to stop everything and take a long hard look at myself to figure out what it is that i am doing that makes me real housewives-material and then immediately fix it!!! Bravo: "you would be a fantastic addition to our show" Me: "Fuck. Get me to therapy right away."
  9. OMG. I can't even with Jen's blog. It reeks of the kind of privilege you can only find with those who are the unfortunate combination of wealthy and colossally dumb.
  10. Oh goody. A basketball player. Can't a Kardashian fall in love with a scientist or banker or something?
  11. So I am somebody who thinks that True looks like Hattie McDaniel or rather I should say looked as her features are changing. And I mean - Hattie McDaniel. Not Mammy or Queenie. Those cheeks, the shape of her head, her wide set eyes. Was it the head wrap picture that brought me there? Yes, and that's because of my familiarity of Hattie McDaniel in Gone With the Wind, a movie I have seen more times than I could possibly count. But it was not because of the headwrap that I think that. It was True's actual features at the time. As True has gotten older her cheeks have thinned out and her fa
  12. They have a different lifestyle and doesn't expect people to understand? People understand plenty. It's Kim and Kanye who don't understand. And at the very least can they should understand that their BUSINESS relies on the the public. Perception matters. Or at least it should. Looking at the latest pictures, from last night and this morning, I'm going to guess that Kanye is back on his meds. He looks out of it again, glazed over. He does not look good. Neither does she. But he looks...bad. I know it shouldn't matter, but if you were ask me, it looks like the lifestyle is taking
  13. Let's be real. Paramus is fine, but when you consider the other towns in Bergen County, it really doesn't stand up with ridgewood, tenafly, saddle river, rockleigh, etc. It has definitely become more desireable in recent years, mainly because of the lower property taxes. But Jennifer lives next to a cemetery overlooking the mall. Not impressed. I assumed that she was getting upset hearing about her dad joking he was getting a hotel room with Melissa's mom, and upset that Melissa was relaying the story to the group. She probably sees the whole thing as disrespectful to her m
  14. All of these women are obnoxious about their wealth (anybody remember Melissa season 1? Tre season 1?). Between the obvious plastic surgery and botox treatments, the constant need for designer labels, the really ugly and cookie-cutter McMansions (a dime a dozen in northern nj - I'll take model number 34 please, but can you make my gray slightly darker than my neighbors so it's really looks different and unique? Thanks so much!!!), there's a lot of obnoxiousness to go around. Give me Polly's house and graciousness over ugly designer belts, LV bags, and cake throwing any day of the week. Whe
  15. I lost my mom a couple of years ago, and yes, the 1 year mark is slowly becoming this "anniversary day" for families to either just be together or do something happy together to bring joyful memories to a devastating day. I personally don't get it. I would see it all over social media with friends who have done this over the years. I said to my dad and sister, are we supposed to be doing something? My dad said - no, there are better days to be together to remember her, don't commemorate the day she died. So we don't. Given the grief that accompanies the loss of a mother, and the amount o
  16. Long time lurker, first time poster here! Hi Everybody! I've watched this show since the beginning and I'm beyond annoyed that Bravo is once again using Gorga/Giudice drama to drum up interest in this show. But since they are, it was this episode that firmly made me dislike Melissa and Joe. Bottom line - Joe is a little bitch. Simple as that. He has time to film. He has time to party. He has time to "work" (do people in NJ really hire him???) He can't find time in 2 weeks to talk phone his dad? Don't give me that "I'm busy" bullshit. I have a husband who works more hours than
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