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  1. Mark2

    S37.E13: Finale

    True and interesting thoughts on firemaking to shake things up and for a challenge. But the winner of F4 IC challenge letting someone sit out is a lot of power. Could be not wanting Nick to win, or Mike having known them from the beginning and Nick not being able to "Outplay" him in that regard as it wore on. I still give C-man a more favorable interpretation. I didn't get a read that he thought people would be intimidated, just off-put by the way he talks - like many people here. To the point of understated humor below (I bet he's seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail more than on
  2. Just prefacing this on the fact that if I ran into a name from a different season, I tried to skip over that section. To the matter at hand (Angelina's 15 minutes): There definitely are people to truly despise elsewhere in this world...you know, like terrorists and mass shooters. I see little true hatred of characters than I see commentary on behavior. Sure, often with judgement on that behavior. Talking about the foibles and great moves on a reality show is a lot less prone to give one an ulcer worrying about all the evils in the world that are truly worth one's ire. To
  3. Mark2

    S37.E13: Finale

    It puzzles me too that at the most pivotal point, they decide to ditch the central elements of Survivor (IC/voting) in favor of a skill that is arguably one of the poorest indicators of deserving F3. They've have 30+ days to show their fire making. Sure one can argue that makes it a level playing field, but puh-lease do something else. Notice how 3/4 of the last jurors voted for Mike...may say something strong about his endgame. Why not? I've called Nick [too] emotional on more than one occasion as well... Per some other comments, at least one of Nic
  4. That's why said Rotary Clubs don't need a middle[wo]man....Who is trying to jump into a high level position w/o integrating with others. Selectively quoting to be more generous; I do think her heart is in the right place, but that's not the basis for a successful business or charity. After-school programs would be a better focus. Data shows that these programs lift up students who could/would never even consider student government, college, or some extra-curricular activities. Grooming for student government is about helping the top 10% a little bit, more th
  5. I wasn't a huge fan of Alec, and that showed what kind of guy he was off the show. Natalie: throw all the eggs into boiling water over people's objections. PET PEEVE #1: people who do the exact opposite of what someone wants, when both points of view are equally valid. Food is good. Plus Angelina and I both run cold, and apparently cuddling isn't cheating, so...
  6. I have also seen public sector folks go down the tubes because of different public-sector employment that seemed more "noble." And I'd bet most who returned to the corporate world hit a set back compared to if they'd have stayed there. She does list "Ready to Run" in the pre-show bio, along with convenient explanation of what its goals are. But note that her official start date is this month on Linkedin. It doesn't list it as volunteer prior to that, either. One can file paperwork or even just say they've started a non-profit without really having done anything to support it
  7. You know, Jeff would take her back over Christian. Original thought on Mike-Nick-Angelina 0-6-4 is probably the same, but I see Gabby as the swingiest of the swing votes.
  8. What did she do that was cruel?
  9. Mike-Nick-Angelina 0-6-4?
  10. He's shown himself to bee too emotional before.
  11. And Christian for going along with it, but more on Gabby.
  12. I really wanted a puzzle last week for immunity. After Jeff said the reward today, I was even more bummed because Christian prepared himself in case pasta came up.
  13. How 'bout Angelina and Natalie :D Just kidding...Angelina and Christian? From a producer viewpoint, I'd give a Christian-and-Gabby duo a shot, more so at a weekly independent show than TAR. It would be concerning whether Christian would sign up, but they did spend all but a couple hours together over 32 days.
  14. Two people in particular come to mind as being voted out to make it more harmonious. But I miss a couple people who went before their time. Agree. Except that I think she would interject, rather than just raising her hand.
  15. Ironic this was the first post in this thread that came up for me today... I'm admittedly too in to this season, and had my own dream too. It was the premiere of an unusual season...that included Angelina. She was cold, and asked one castaway for his hat. He said no. Then she asked me for my hat. After asking her whether we were paired up at the start (essentially tribes of two, and we were not), I said no as well. Some time, somewhere, I came across research that concluded people enjoy a book more when they know how it ends ahead of time. Although I don't know of
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