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  1. She is not doing Rockettes this year according to her IG! She is taking a break to focus on some personal things
  2. She is no longer an all star. She is living in Minnesota with Dan now. Plus Dan didn’t appear on her IG till July and this is his second season playing in MN. I totally agree with everything that you said.
  3. Yes Lauren, Milan, Tara, Holly, and Erica all were in the calendar after they left! It probably goes to print right after the shoot and after Kelli pics who’s in it! It takes time to print thousands of calendars!
  4. Plus Tess was back at LSU yesterday for the game and she’d also have to be back for the game today
  5. The wedding was Friday so she’d be back in time for the game! Plus one of the other girls said she can’t wait to spend the day with her
  6. Tasha retired last season and is an all star!
  7. Lauren’s fiancée is the cofounder of exotic car trader and they’re headquarters are in Ft. Lauderdale so that is why she is moving since he’s there.
  8. Jessica is getting married tonight and Danielle, Jacie, and Jordan are in the wedding!
  9. Chloe only made a few dresses for Jen. These are formal dresses for some events she went to!
  10. She also went two weeks ago before the media started reporting on it!
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