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  1. Allie56

    S15.E07: Top Ten Women 2018.07.23

    I thought Hannahlei was far and away the best. I would also have loved to see Emily in the top five, but I like everyone but Jensen. She's a bit too "on" for me.
  2. Allie56

    S13.E03: Auditions 3

    OK, the golden buzzer girl. I had such secondhand embarrassment when she started because I thought she was just plain AWFUL. I couldn't believe it when they all thought she was fabulous. I could have overlooked the weird convulsions had she been an amazing singer. I could have dealt with some wrong notes if she'd been a great dancer. It was awful. I'd rather watch Hans, International Celebrity, than whatever that was. And apparently she's won other competitions? Apparently I am missing something huge.
  3. Allie56

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Not sure those stories would have held up when (Book)Jon turned out to be the spitting image of Ned, looking more like him than any of his actual children save Arya. And that was the best case scenario, the worst was him taking after his father -- although I've seen it pointed out that that might be why Ned allowed the Ashara Dayne rumour to flourish. I'd also say that in most scenarios, but especially in one's like Ned's where he's not a skilled liar, the simplest lie is generally going to be the best one. The more variables and outside factors you introduce the harder it is to maintain the lie. And it should be pointed out that his ruse was successful, he accomplished exactly what he intended and not only kept Jon safe and secret, but for the most part gave him a very good life. I think it does make sense for Ned to keep Jon close, especially because he's the last living piece of Ned's sister. I have a nephew, and you bet your butt I would claim him as mine if my sibling were dead and my nephew needed protecting, even if it infuriated my husband. I would imagine Ned loved Jon from the moment he saw him, and he may have wanted far better for him than could have been afforded if he'd been raised by the blacksmith, for example. I also green with Ashleyn that Jon as a bastard was a simple story that accounted for Ned's interest in the baby and their physical resemblance. I think that Ned's honor is also why the ruse worked - if Ned Stark says he's fathered a bastard, pretty much everyone believed him. Ned's name has also opened many doors for Jon, even if he suffered at the hands of Catelyn (and, in comparison, lots of other people suffered far worse at the hands of their actual parents). Even in the finale, Cersei referred to Jon as Ned Stark's son. There's a social benefit in having a connection to the honorable Starks, and Jon was educated, trained in weaponry, well fed, kept warm, loved by at least one parent, adored by several of his siblings, and primed for a leadership role pretty much as soon as he reached the Wall. One thing I haven't seen mentioned was a tiny moment when Sam was talking to Bran and Bran said that Jon "is not my father's son" or something like that, which means that at least in that moment he still saw himself as Ned Stark's son, as Brandon Stark, and not just the three-eyed raven. I was so happy to see a spark of humanity in him! I thought she really was upset, because northern independence was supposed to safeguard the interests of the north. She told him not to go because he'd be expected to bend the knee, and then he's gone for potentially months and bends the knee just like she thought. The Starks had finally taken back their home, reunited, and reestablished themselves as the most powerful northern family. Now they're beholden to a queen none of them know anything about. I could understand her frustration, even if as a viewer I loves me some Jon and Daenerys.
  4. Allie56

    S07.E05: Eastwatch

    Seriously! not one of them covers their head-- they'll all catch cold! This has bothered me the ENTIRE SERIES. I have frostbitten ears from not wearing a hat during a bitter Midwestern winter, and my ears hurt like hell when it gets below 50 degrees. I can't imagine with the wind and ice and snow of the far north. It drives me to distraction. I was so glad to see the mercenary Bronn back, looking out for #1. After his seemingly selfless behavior in the last battle, I was so happy to hear him call Jaime a "cunt," to see him make clear that he's only with the Lannisters as long as he's getting paid, and to hear him definitively state that he has no intention to stay around and get killed by dragons. I thought Kit did a fabulous job portraying the awe of seeing a dragon up close.
  5. Allie56

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    I thought of Sam's success mostly being luck, not that he's smarter than the maesters. The Arch-Maester already knew about the greyscale cure - I imagine other maesters also knew - but had forbidden it because it was more likely to spread the infection and kill the patient. Sam tried it anyway and was very lucky. The Arch-Maester said as much. I suppose the "I followed the instructions" could be interpreted as "Sam is the only person smart enough here to follow the damned recipe," but I took it more as him lucking out on his first try without any extensive knowledge to supplement the instructions.
  6. Allie56

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    I love the mental image of Qyburn in his dank laboratory whipping up some poisoned bubblegum pink lip gloss for Cersei. Her lip gloss be popping.
  7. Allie56

    S07.E03: The Queen's Justice

    I feel slightly annoyed that D&D congratulated themselves in the previous episode for having a group of strong women totally in charge in Dany's war room, and then immediately stripped them of their power. Ellaria and Yara captured and humiliated by Euron, Olenna killed by Jaime, and Dany is now left without an army of allies, lacking the food and gold from Highgarden, and in charge of worthless Casterly Rock. I know we've got to even the playing field because Cersei seemed absolutely screwed, but I am really annoyed at how much they were pleased with themselves about "SISTERS DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES" only for them to get royally screwed, and mostly by men. I may be exaggerating how much they were proud of themselves about it, but still. Annoyed. I don't mind the women getting taken down, and in the case of Ellaria I'm not opposed to it, but it felt so quick and unearned to me. Loved Olenna going out in style, Sansa being actually good at things, and everything about Davos. I enjoyed Dany and Jon's meeting, even if 90% of it depended on Kit's smolder. Dislike Jaime being Cersei's lap dog and Bran's detached behavior. Poor Sansa.
  8. Allie56

    S07.E01: Dragonstone

    As I posted at the top of the previous page. I'll admit it. I watched the "previously" and I saw the scene with the Hound and Arya, and I still had no idea where the BWB were during the episode or whether or not the Hound had known those people. I have only seen all the episodes of the show once, but I didn't make the connection. I confess.
  9. Allie56

    S12.E05: Auditions 5

    I liked the opera singing cabbie as a person, but I felt like I was taking crazy pills. He hit wrong notes, his phrasing was off, and, yes, he was passionate, but it was all over the place for me. I thought it was pretty awful. Is it just me? LOVED Johnny Manuel belting out Whitney. I enjoyed the girl sword fighting her dog, but I don't think it's an act I would pay to see. I think the wife half of the competitive married couple vastly outshone her husband.
  10. Allie56

    The F Word With Gordon Ramsay

    I thought he said to stop sweating on the steaks. I was very repulsed. There's something about this show that's just a total trainwreck, but I find it comforting. Any minute, somebody's going to swear and eat a grasshopper and Gordon Ramsay will get into a fight with a patron. I also find the question "Would you pay for this meal?" very interesting, because I've eaten some truly mediocre restaurant food and paid for it. I'd love it if more restaurants followed that model!
  11. Allie56

    S14.E02: Los Angeles Auditions #2

    Agreed, and I actually have thought that quite a lot of people they sent straight to the academy should have gone to choreography, including Dassy. I want way more styles! I want actual jazz (not that girl who said jazz and then did bendy, hair flippy contemp), tap, Broadway, real belly dancing, swing! I skipped out on the kid season and I'm really happy it's back, but these auditions have been really dragging for me. Too much backstory, too much of Mary screaming for people who I don't think warrant screaming, and not enough emphasis on the choreography round.
  12. Allie56

    Season Five Discussion

    I think I liked this season overall. It seems like, from the other threads, that most people are sick of Crazy Eyes, but I remain enamored of Uzo. The shot of her crying while tied to the bed got me right in my heart. The Good: I like the idea of the prison riot taking place over a season. It shakes up the daily prison routine and let us see a lot more strange couples interacting. It definitely sticks out as a very different style, but I liked it. Putting Boo and Pennsatucky together has redeemed two characters I couldn't stand before. Their scenes are amazing. I liked seeing the women pull together and do normal things, like start a coffee shop. I loved the opportunity to see more of the prison. I also liked seeing the women freak out over small luxuries that I take for granted, like a latte or being able to eat all the candy I want. Flaca and Maritza's beauty blog. Gloria's complicated and difficult storyline. Poussey's library memorial. Bayley's slow descent from guilt and depression. I felt so bad for the kid, even though he killed one of my favorite characters. Fig! Flashback cameos. The Bad: Way too much meth heads. I don't think they are funny. I think they are horrible people and I hated every moment wasted on them. Way too much of the neo-Nazis and the new Latina girls. If we'd just seen them running the coffee shop together, that would have been enough. I cannot stand the neo-Nazis AT. ALL. They are odious and repulsive and I hated having to hear their white power nonsense. I didn't like Maria's storyline, ringleading guard humiliation with abandon and then somehow ending up releasing them all so Gloria cannot get furlough. Piper. I really related to Piper in the first episodes of the first season, as I'm also a neurotic WASP who would have no idea how to survive prison. Her personality from season to season is so inconsistent. She is kind of the worst now. Too much time wasted on humiliating the guards with no advancement of the story. I started off on Taystee's side, but by the end when she was demanding that Bayley go to prison without understanding how the law has to work...I was done. I'm sure there is lots more I'm forgetting, but these are what stick out to me.
  13. I screamed so primally that my husband said "That's a murder scream. That's a 'call the police on the neighbors' scream." I could not believe he stabbed Alfred. AMAZING! I loved this so much. I love when characters get a little more stylized and comic-booky with their vocalizations. Batman: TAS (which was usually pretty legit) and the Arkham games have pronounced it "Raysh." I had the opposite reaction to the pronunciation! I was so excited they were saying "Raysh." In a show of pure insanity, this was the one thing pushed the bounds of my belief. A bullet straight to the brain! But it makes sense if he's going to be Solomon Grundy. I really do love this crazy trainwreck. So much happened this season! I love being able to sit back and watch the insanity unfold. Selina is becoming Catwoman! Baby Bruce is becoming Batman! Alfred is alive! Lee is gone! And Corey Michael Smith is now officially my favorite Riddler ever.
  14. I think that this worked better for me at the beginning of the show than now. At the beginning, there was a strange juxtaposition of Gina as a crappy, uninvested, self-obsessed secretary surrounded by really good cops (this is one of my favorite things about this show - the comedy and drama aren't generally rooted in the 99 being populated with idiots) and Gina as a highly observant and capable woman. Now, she's miraculously good at everything and comes out on top whenever she's up against another member of the 99. I think Chelsea as Gina is hilarious, but it would be great to see her totally misread a situation or be wrong. At this point, I feel like Gina being really wrong about something would have to be a three episode arc, since she's been practically faultless for so long. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but I've rewatched the whole series recently (hooray for pregnancy fatigue!) and she's pretty spot-on. A great juxtaposition can be so beneficial for a character, and a lot of the 99 characters are like that. Terry is enormous and stunningly handsome, but he's sensitive and sweet and in touch with his feminine side. Jake looks and sometimes acts like an idiot frat boy, but the dorky Boyle is his best friend, he's highly protective of his friends, and he hates racism, sexism, and people doing the wrong thing. Holt is stoic and by-the-book, but he also loves the finer things in life and has a gloriously catty side. Hitchcock and Scully are grotesque cartoons, but they're often sharper than anyone gives them credit for and can get work done if they have to. Rosa is aggressive and private and harsh, but she lets her guard done for those she truly loves and I love it every time the mask slips and her love of romantic comedies or interior design comes out. Boyle is dorky, but he is a highly capable and brave cop with a voracious sexual appetite. I LOVE all of these characters because they win some and lose some. I still like Gina, but she lacks depth.
  15. Allie56

    S03.E19: Heroes Rise: All Will Be Judged

    Lee...is so dumb. I have hardly ever despised a character so much, because her perspective is, to me, so ridiculously shortsighted. She knows Jim. She's been with him. She still sees him working. She still sees principled to semi-principled people working with and protecting him. She won't listen to ANYONE. Jim is also an idiot, but at least he's trying to be productive. Lee: JIM IS EVIL! Harvey: Something bigger is happening... Lee: EVIL JIM IS DOING SECRET MURDER! Lucius: The situation is far more nuanced than... LEE: MARIOOOOOO Jervis Tetch: I played you! Let me detail my plot to make you hate Jim, showing you how you were manipulated to hate Jim! Lee: I DO HATE JIM! Barnes: Being evil and insane and hopped up on virus sure brings clarity. Lee: I, TOO, NEED CLARITY! Jim: Barnes just murdered tons of cops and is working with an evil shadow organization. Are you here to help? Lee: LOL NO Lee: MARIOOOOOOO