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  1. I was thinking the same thing. So many of my friends were in similar situations as Aaron/maybe weren't sure what they wanted to do for a career. The lure of deferring the loans (and having to make a decision) kept them in school longer than they might have been otherwise, and with ever-increasing balances on their loans. It's an ugly situation to be in that's not often shown on TV. Even with the rat tail, I was swooning lol
  2. These last two episodes were fascinating to me, I can't stop thinking about them! Another aspect of Me Too I hadn't considered yet, I love how this show makes me think.
  3. I watched Matilda's scene twice and still haven't processed it, especially since he apparently was a virgin too? The writing and acting on this show is stellar.
  4. It reminds me of the radio in Bumblebee in the Transformers movies, which I also love, so I'm a fan too!
  5. Did anyone else get a vibe that Zoey was avoiding dealing with being cut off and on academic probation by freaking out over A/A instead? The best way to avoid something you don't want to deal with is focusing on something else (that, by definition, isn't as urgent as what you should be focusing on) - not saying that's healthy, just that it's a common thing, at least in my world lol. And Zoey is, what, 19? She does need to grow up, but that's what she's in the process of doing. She wasn't forced to grow up young, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but does tend to create semi-adults that don't always comprehend the impact of their actions on their future or the people around them, and that don't handle things the best/logical way.
  6. So glad it wasn't just me...he had me feeling things in that Kilmonger costume-slash-hopefully what he'll wear every episode forever...
  7. Yes - that backlash was swift and intense! I didn't realize before then how many people had a *big* issue with women that aren't the ideal American model of beauty having sex with attractive men. I didn't realize they were supposed to be off-limits! I'm so sorry you're still not comfortable in swimwear - puberty is hard when you suddenly get boobs overnight and now seemingly all the men in your life (and entirely too many women) are noticing and often making comments and just, ugh. It's so gross, no wonder you still struggle with anything that doesn't minimize your breasts. I can only imagine the comments Kate's character would have gotten in this fake universe - I hope her grandmothers were nicer than mine and kept their ugly comments to themselves.
  8. I'm a fan because I see so much of myself in her, and it's been really cool (to me) to have a woman of her size find love on a mainstream tv show. That's not something you see every day, and some people get reallllly upset when it's shown (see the response to Gabourey Sidibe's romantic plot - with a regular size guy - on Empire if you're curious). I'm well aware that there's more to me than my size, and *much* more to life than finding a man lol, but it's hard not to internalize society/the media's portrayal that we're not worthy of love. So while her character isn't perfect, neither am I, but I'm glad she's on my tv every week. Wearing a swimsuit is difficult if you haven't made peace with your body. I worked hard through therapy to learn to love my body for all the things it can do and loving the way it looks came after that. Before that, I *dreaded* wearing a swimsuit and avoided it at all costs or wore a t shirt over a swimdress that covered as much of me as possible. After, I just accepted that this is how my body is right now and I can either wear a swimsuit and do something fun or miss out. I finally got a high-waisted bikini (first bikini in my life at size 28 lol) and felt amazing in it. Being comfortable in your skin is possible at any size. Being physically comfortable is another story altogether, though, and after that self-love process I was finally ready to take care of my body, because it deserves that. Fast forward a little over a year and I've lost 70 pounds (I'm now a bit smaller than Chrissy but still weigh 330 pounds) through eating less, tracking what I eat, and I started running in addition to weight machines at the gym. No medical-grade liquid diet needed, just something sustainable I can do for the rest of my life. If she's not ready to lose weight or in a place mentally to do it, it's not going to happen. I don't begrudge her, I've been there, and still am when I think of how much further I have to go.
  9. Well I'm extra late to the game because I didn't realize it until I read this today!
  10. I thought she was saying "our" data, not "hard" data? I unfortunately deleted the ep from my DVR so I can't confirm, but didn't JO then reference "their" made up data about condom effectiveness?
  11. When I think back on laughing at Cruise jumping on the couch or joking about "those crazy Scientologists," I cringe. There was so much abuse happening, at every level, and the public had no idea....Thank you Leah, for exposing this "church" for what it really is, and for giving a platform to survivors who are ready to speak their truth. That's a powerful thing for survivors like Saina and Mirrian. I can't help but love Rindah, he reminds me of a recovering alcoholic "living amends" because there's nothing he can do to truly make up for the horrors he was a part of. If he hadn't recruited Mirran's mother for that oil painting, maybe the abuse never would have happened? I know the guilt lies only with her father, the perpetrator, but I imagine Mike feels responsible just the same. I know he carries a heavy burden, but I hope he knows the amends he's making now are helping a lot of people. Just listening to Saina's story, as a fellow molestation survivor, was incredibly cathartic and validating for me, and my abuse didn't even happen under the guise of a "religion". I think there are many more people beyond just the CO$ that this show has an impact on. Leah and Rindah are doing amazing work.
  12. I believe he said "organized polygamy" is wrong? He's my favorite escapee so far, because he's either a really great actor or genuinely empathetic and pretty self-aware. But maybe his resemblance to Matt Saracen of Friday Night Lights threw me off lol I, too, kept wondering how the living situation going forward will work. I was surprised they were in separate homes, actually. I thought they wanted to keep everyone together, but keep them all out of the AUB.
  13. I took the Callie/Aaron issue to be that he planned the date as she asked, but she never asked for it to be secret. I don't mind if my date plans what we do, but tell me what it is cuz I hate surprises.
  14. I know that if that happened to me I'd be asking a bestie to help me out, because with my shitty insurance it's about $200 just to walk in the door of the clinic [no copays = full price :( ], much less whatever they'd charge for removing an egg/diva cup/diaphragm/etc. I know a couple friends that would do it to help me save on a dumb doctor visit like that.
  15. This paragraph (bolding mine) contained more new information to me about MTF transitions than I've learned in quite some time. Thank you! Perhaps you'll know the answer to something I've been wondering: how much do these neovaginas stretch? If the dilating isn't to keep it stretched, but rather to keep the vaginal opening open, are trans women more susceptible to tearing during intercourse? Like, is there a size limit on their partner? Or does it just fit what it fits and anything too big just won't go in - no injury needed?
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