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  1. Little Sun

    Spring Baking Championship

    "Nancy Fullaherself " I love this. Nancy looks so horrible these past few Holiday/Spring Baking Championships. Her very bleached and straight hairstyle and intense makeup distract from her earlier, more 'classier' looks. She just needs to stop with all the "Happy" Spring/Holiday in your face nonsense. Just awful.
  2. Little Sun

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Here... I corrected those for you. Sherry "Clarke" and "Lerome" And... Still rooting for Lerome and Douglas. Bye Bye!
  3. Little Sun

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Sick of Sherry Clark. She is getting old very quickly. Betting on Douglas Phillips, Chantal Thomas and Jerome Campbell to make it to the finale.
  4. Little Sun

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Sherry Clark immediately annoyed me, as well as Sarah Lucia Tafur. First thing out of Sarah's mouth was "I never heard of pumpkin spice - did it come from a pumpkin?" Where do they get these people??
  5. Little Sun

    S06.E11: Renee's Story

    I know it has been said many times already, but Renee would instantly drop close to 100 lbs if she had breast reduction surgery. Those things are just wow - and I mean that in a bad way! I tried to see any updates from her on her Facebook page, and I wish I hadn't, as there are no updates, but photo upon photo of her in extremely unflattering and at times, disgusting, poses. I also noticed that when Renee's daughter drove Renee to Houston, (and brought along her own daughter and her fiancé) that the older guy that was her fiancé had bruised left eye. I noticed when Renee's son arrived for Renee's surgery and he brought along his fiancée, that she (his fiancée) had a bruise over her right eye and a bruise on her left cheek.
  6. Little Sun

    The Judges: Cookie Monsters

    Nancy has always been very large. Lorraine and Nancy.... what can I say? There bickering is unprofessional.
  7. Little Sun

    Season Four Episode Talk

    I just bing-watched season 4 of Holiday Baking Championship and I can't stand the way Nancy behaved. I mean what was with the harsh makeup, straight hair with bangs, her ridiculous, sarcastic banter with Lorraine and the continual references to wanting more alcohol? I am hoping season 5, which starts in two days, will be a fun competition to watch. Just please no more Mauves and Michelles and Erins.....
  8. Little Sun

    Halloween Baking Championship

    Yes, agreed!
  9. Little Sun

    Season One Episode Talk

  10. If you thought Damiano was arrogant during this Spring Baking Championship, wait until you see him as a judge in season 2 of Halloween Baking Championship.
  11. Little Sun

    Halloween Baking Championship

    Richard Blais is a chef known around the world.
  12. Little Sun

    Halloween Baking Championship

    I just googled "How annoying is Michelle on Halloween Baking Championship, Season !??!!" because, I literally cannot stand her cocky attitude anymore! I knew there had to be others out there who felt the same!