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  1. Cammi

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    My co worker just weighed in on Luke and Kate situation, and he thinks Luke has a significant other or side piece. That is where he probably went for the one month anniversary and probably where he was when he did not come home and lied and said he was too drunk. He wasn't too drunk to come home, he was in his girl's bed. My co worker speculates it is also why Luke feels bad after sex (guilt) and wanted to keep it a secret from the public. So his real girlfriend / FWB would not find out. Luke did this for the publicity. He is just a stunt queen. Interesting theory. I asked him why he thought this and he just said "That guy ain't gay, he's just seeing someone else he might truly care for or be developing feelings for. Dude runs a singles meetup, he ain't hurting for attention from women." Luke probably thought he would get on the show, get saddled with a "Jasmine" type, play the gentleman like Will (no sex) and get exposure. Instead he got the emotionally damaged, monotone, needy mess that is Kate.
  2. Cammi

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    I think these shady lil mofos need some Paranormal Activity style cameras up in that AirBNB so we can get the real story. Cuz it appears either Kate or Luke are lying liars who like to lie.
  3. Cammi

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    This actually hurt to watch with Luke and Kate. He looked PISSED. Like he was going to harm her. His eyes looked so cold and evil. Cold blooded! This couple is insane. Freaking insane. They are toxic together. It’s horrible tv. It’s making me sad.
  4. Cammi

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I think the couples should get married at the courthouse, and then have the blowout weddings with family after the 8weeks are up, if they choose to stay together. Also, maybe Luke is the first dude to ever go down on Kate and her mind is just blown......? I’m out of guesses. I do not think Luke is homosexual. I think he has sex with Kate to see if she’ll do it, as a control tactic, and then punishes her for falling for his schemes. He’s pretty effed up imo.
  5. So what are you guys watching for the interim? Is 90 day coming in the summer?
  6. I’m sure Sarah married Michael in prison so he could transfer his parole out of state to be wth his daughter. I’d bet money it was also his idea. It is very difficult to transfer parole out of state unless it’s with an immediate family member. Foolish? Yes. But that’s why I called Sarah idealistic. I’m not a mom, but sometimes young mothers are overwhelmed and think the child needs their father, no matter his worthlessness. Happens every day. Sometimes it works out. Even though I’m not a mom, I can sympathize with that scenario. After all, I’m not a sociopath. I have a bit of empathy. Nope not Sarah 🙂 Just a good person with......morals and a clear definition of right and WRONG. I literally DID trash the two cheaters. Like it or not, Sarah is the victim. As unsympathetic as she may be, she’s the victim. She didn’t cheat. Mike AND Megan are the home-wreckers. Both of them. You know, trashy cheaters. Tear other women down? I’ll say this clearly, I ain’t got ANY woman’s back that fucks married men. Ever. Goes against my moral code and standards. Megan knew and sure as hell knows now. Those type of women aren’t my sisters. Fuck them and the cheating scum they lay with. My empathy doesn’t extend THAT far. Stopped being friends with a girl after watching the news where a woman was attacked. She said “Well she should’ve known not to be out late at night dressed like that!” Fuck that noise. That’s victim blaming. And that shit don’t fly with me. Don’t care if she was out late, buck naked, with her legs spread in the air, you don’t victim blame. Sarah is a dumb fuck, and she’s a dumb fuck victim of cheating. Megan and Michael are not. Dont have to be Sarah to know right from wrong.
  7. I literally said Megan is trash. Didn’t mean for it to be interpreted any other way. What would you call a side chick who fucks married men with a pregnant wife? She knew he was married. Miss me with that bullshit story. Smirking smirk there for a reason. Sarah sweet? Nah I do not think this from what I’ve seen. But idealistic yes. A wife thinking she can build a family and new life with her young fuckboy husband IS an idealistic idiot. I’m sure Mike told her everything she wanted to hear while he was inside and she fell for the “jail talk”. And why not? A lot of wives would. We want to think our loved ones....actually love us. Megan idealistic? Nope. She just wants to chase after a married convict cuz she likes the thrill. She knows better now, yet she’s not doing better. Trashy trash gonna trash. Like I said, I’m sure she’s a “Christian”. Michael won’t ever hold a job. Wont ever be faithful. Yet they'll always be some woman wanting his no good ass. Sarah thought she could save him maybe because that’s what GOOD people try to do. You know, it’s a whole thing that good people with a conscience actually try to do sometimes. Wives and husbands everywhere out there just trying to help each other. For better or for worse. Shocking huh? Quelle horror! What a weird world we live in huh? Trying to save and help the ones we love.
  8. Thank you! I hate hearing “I need to go to the Dr/dentist when I get the money”. It’s heartbreaking. America, a first world country with third world healthcare. I have dental insurance but it is a joke. Cleanings and fillings. That’s it. Anything major and I’m still out $600-$800 for a root canal and then more for the crown. With insurance. My jaw was broken as a teen and I’ve suffered from bruxism for years. It’s expensive! Deductibles are ridiculous.
  9. Smarter no. More manipulative? Yes. A mistress that has ZERO TIES to his sorry ass and still chooses to be with him is indeed, NOT “smarter”. Just not as naive. Sarah took vows, probably under God, to her husband. No matter how dumb, SHE thought it was a convanent. And having babies with your husband isn’t anything stupid to most wives... That is SUPPOSED to be between a man and a wife. Hopefully now she isn’t as naive. Megan still being with his trash MARRIED ass KNOWING he was living with AND sleeping with Sarah, is GLARINGLY obvious she knew all along. And didn’t/doesn’t care. That’s not smart. That’s evil. She and Mike. Close. Your. Legs. To. Married. Men. The end. Sarah has horrible taste in men. She now has two kids by her fuckboy husband. But Megan STILL messing with his dumbass is beyond PATHETIC. Sarah is just a young, idealistic, idiot. Megan is trash. Astonishes me anyone can see otherwise, but then again it takes all types. That’s why we have “Megan’s” fucking round with no good married men. And we always will have them. Sure as some men will always cheat. If I was with a man and his wife confronted me, no matter HOW mad she was (which is understandable imo), I’d have gotten up, apologized, and been on my way. I would not have sat there and argued back and forth. But then again, I’m not a shameless whore. Im not gonna sit there and argue over a no good loser with a pregnant wife. Yeah, Sarah is an idiot. But Megan is an evil idiot. My great grandma used to say “They’ll always be men who want to cheat, and their long suffering wives. But if they had no one to cheat WITH, then what?” We women hate our own sex. You can tell Megan loves the chase and the competition. That’s part of her draw to this whole “bad boy” relationship. That’s her whole smirk on her smirking fat face. That’s WHY it’s there. Thinks she getting away with something and loving every minute. Some women prefer to be the mistress. More exciting. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Megan with Michael. Cuz when a man marries his mistress, it opens up a job vacancy. What he will do with you, he’ll do TO you. You will never see two women fighting over a GOOD man. Because a good man will never give you cause.
  10. Scott is way too old to be doing this weird crap. Maybe he has “Captain Save Ho syndrome”? But I think he’s clinically depressed. I think he needs a conservator for his own good. Like Brittany Spears. His milk ain’t clean y’all.
  11. This is the most truest statement I’ve read on here yet. Had me rolling!
  12. Megan handled herself with more calmness because she’s had months if not years learning to be the sneaky side peice mistress. Notice she wasn’t shocked at finding out mike has a wife? No surprise reaction that I registered on her face. Pregnant Sarah lost her shit cuz this was all NEW to her at finding out about mistress Megan. Megan has no shame, because she isn’t remorseful. We all know she KNEW Michael was AT LEAST with living someone else. Where the fuck she think Mike was staying in New York? He’s from Michigan! You going to fly across the country and not see where your fiancé lives? Miss me with that bullshit honey. Megan’s unshocked face and demeanor told me she knew all along. Probably rehearsed in her head what she’d say when confronted by the wife. Sara was in shock. There are several stages of grief and she was in the first stages. Anger/confusion and lashing out. She’s only human. Megan got no shame. Notice she didn’t say “I’ll leave, I hadn’t known he was married. It’s over”? No shame. I’m sure Megan is a “Christian”. Fuck her smug fat face. Leave the dumbass wife, sorry, PREGNANT wife alone with her fuck boy husband and be on your shameless way. Cunt of the highest order. All of em stupid as fuck but Megan’s smirk woulda had me calling my cousins to get bail money ready. Cuz I’d have deflated one of her smirky fat cheeks. And it woulda been worth it. Close your legs to married men Megan. She knew. Even my fucking yorkie watching with me knows she knew. Let their dumb wives have their sorry asses. And if Megan was still a virgin then I’m the princess of Sweden. And Bitch, a decent lace front is about $40! Set up a go fund me, cuz that wig was BUSTED. Brittany has the worst skin of any alleged 27 old I ever saw. Saggy as hell. Ain’t never hardly seen saggy arms like that on a girl in her 20s over weight or not. Good hair but that’s about it. Built like a damn second string linebacker and hunches like a troll. Teeth that could scare even Scott. But she makes pretty babies. Maybe she’ll have contact with her latest litter. Clint chooses he goddess over his parents, but ain’t no shame in letting them give him a job huh? Enabling ass idiots. It’s noon, just watched this mess and already need a damn drink.
  13. Cammi

    S02.E13: Sorry, Not Sorry

    You’re suggesting Scott was Lizzie’s “outside man”? Cuz that’s 7 to 10, and frankly I don’t see him hustling for her. Not that he wouldn’t do it if she asked, just dont think he has it in him to delve into that life. At visitation once I saw a girl get caught smuggling in K2 Spice (you can still pass a drug test with it Im told) and she was taken straight to jail and I think she’s facing at least 5. Maybe he did have a part on the outside though, but he needs to be waaaay more careful talking about giving her large sums of money. My guess is what someone upthread said that a lot of it went to restitution or lawyers.
  14. Cammi

    S02.E13: Sorry, Not Sorry

    Yeah, thanks, that’s exactly what I mean! He seems the type to be easily influenced by this crackedhead he’s besotted with. Who’ll whisper in his ear “Your parents are against us. I can’t be with you until they’re out of the way”. All the while picturing herself in that big house of theirs..... Then cut to Clint in prison crying ugly tears that he “Didn’t WANT to kill his parents”, and that he loved them, but Tracie convinced him it’s for the best or she’d leave him. And that he still loves her. After all, he said he’d choose HER over his family. Sorry, I guess I’m just desensitized to violence. I watch too much murder porn. The people who commit these crimes never surprise me anymore. Even when their friends and family are SHOCKED they committed murder and that “He never showed any propensity towards violence before, he was just a misguided young man.” Seen it too many times, and frankly Clint pings my radar to be influenced to do such a thing. Yes, I know, I’m morbid.