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  1. Ash and Avery: Absolutely dumbfounded that a “relationship coach” got too overwhelmed and had to walk away from a normal conversation with his girlfriend. I mean wtf? What a FRAUD! Avery was asking simple, direct questions! Ash isn’t a relationship coach. He flirts with lonely women online for money. Period.
  2. I guess I am just old, but if I had to tell my boyfriend how to perform his job duties, like Avery advised Ash during his public speaking freakout, it would be a deal breaker. I can not imagine having to tell a grown adult how to perform their career of choice. That is a huge red flag. I am almost convinced he was some sorta gigolo. Probably good one on one with women, but he was abysmal at public speaking. It was one of the most cringe worthy scenes on this show for me. If we are dating and you say you are a nurse, I shouldn't have to advise you how to treat your patients if I come visit you at work. And if Ash flakes in front of cameras or under pressure speaking to a group of ten, he needs to find another job. Maybe his tight jeggings cut off circulation to his brain.
  3. Why does everyone keep assuming douche-sack Zach wants a bleach blonde fake tittied gym bunny? Maybe he just doesn't like Mindy? Who knows why? Who cares! He is an abusive gaslighter. Mindy needs the new Dixie Chick's song "gaslighter" on repeat. And FUCK her so called friend! That is some shady ass bullshit! But I see no evidence of Zach's preference of women, other than he doesn't like Mindy specifically. Her friend wasn't a "bobble-head gym bunny". Just don't know why everyone on here is assuming his type. I went on a date with a guy and there was no chemistry. I told him so and wished him luck. He replied with "Sorry I'm not a 6'4" bodybuilder!" I mean wtf? WHY do people automatically jump to that? Anyways FUCK Zach and the girl code breaking friend. And if nothing inappropriate was going on, then WHY didn't the friend tell Mindy she had befriend her husband? Sure that bitch deleted the text messages. MY ASS! Her voice was QUIVERING on the phone when Mindy put her on blast. They know full well they were flirting/ sexting and the friend was the source talking shit about Mindy. I woulda called the friend and immediately been like "Heard you were talking shit?" Then sent a fuck you and bye. This show is unreal with the emotionally abuse people they cast. And add Brandon in with Zach. Taylor looked like a zombie because he BROKE her and she lashed out. Something is wrong with Brandon. Saw it from the start. Yes, Taylor is immature. And maybe she joined the cast for the wrong reasons, but something is disturbing about Brandon. As soon as he said "fuck you' to me on the honeymoon, I would have left. Who knows what else Taylor put up with before she lashed out. Her dead look reminds me of an abused spouse.
  4. Rosemarie’s demeanor is kinda... trashy. Sits like a real lady that one 🙄 Bet she was in the game.
  5. Of COURSE it is everyone's business. Or production wouldn't have introduced the cast to each other. The cast didn't used to even meet until the reunion episode. Now, everything is everyone's business.
  6. This shit show is too depressing. I will come back to check comments and just not watch the rest. I am convinced it is two hours long so they can air prescription RX commercials. I have never seen such toxic relationships before on a reality show. It is not entertaining in the least. Meka's rapid fire rising crescendo way of speaking gives me such ANXIETY! Yeah, Michael is a bad communicator/liar, but the way she speaks makes me have to poop my pants. She upsets my bowels 😖 How are they having these huge misunderstandings??? Is Michael THAT much of a fibber (on national television no less), or are they just THAT bad at communicating? Jfc these two are TOXIC. I've been hurt before when I was younger, like Taylor. Pride was wounded, and lashed out immaturely. Brandon was giving her shit and just expected her to smile and eat it I guess. He acted odd from the START. What with the snatching of the wedding cake and his weird vows. Not defending Taylor, but imo, BOTH of them had alternate motives to appear on this show. None of these people have any business being CLOSE to being in a marriage other than Jessica and Austin. MAYBE Derek. Maybe. Dear baby Zeus I couldn't stand being married to Katie for a single second. Derek is a solid 8 in my area and my town ain't small. His height alone would have most girls drooling. Katie acts like she is a prize? Good on her for the confidence I guess, but she irritates me with her put downs. Derek will only tolerate so much. Much more handsome than Zack imo. Mindy is sweet but has zero sex appeal. Sorry. I am a huge Tom Hanks fan, but to me, he has zero sex appeal. Even though some women would drop their panties for him. Mindy just doesn't have that "je nai se quoi". Or it isn't coming across on screen to me. Lovely girl though! But Zack shouldn't have signed up for getting married without seeing his bride first, if attraction is such a big deal! Ugh, at least TRY. This is an experiment. Did Mindy try to force affections on the honeymoon and now he is scared? What a complete shit show! Almost as bad as season 2. Minus the physical abuse of course.
  7. Darcy and Stacy are stuck in a state of "college girl circa 2001" arrested development. Reminds me of myself in college, in my early 20's. Throwing my hair up haphazardly, dark sunglasses, hardly any makeup on, and making a coffee run in my track velour sweat suit- right off an all night study binge. Still looked cute back then though, and got asked out more than when I was "fixed up". I am almost 40. These days the bare face, hair in bun and sweats look is more tragic then cute. And I have good skin. But at my age, without a little help, I tend to look "tired". It is what it is. I just need a bit more time in the mornings than I used to. It's about maintaining. But the twins think they still look good with their "messy" Sunday morning look. No. Not at that age. Not with that much alcohol bloat. And just a tip, red lipstick is awesome! Always, ALWAYS choose matte. Especially on camera. Mac has the best matte red lip colors that hardly bleed. Lisa is a controlling jerk. And Usman is no Alladin, but she barely looks better than crazy Laura. These women are the "Karens" of the 90 day world. That high/low dress she wore was HIDIOUS! And I saw her pack it in her suitcase. Older women can still dress sexy and age appropriate. Just class it up a bit! Ash is a relationship consultant who's current girlfriend has broken up with him 3 times in 9 months? Ya..... no. He isn't qualified to offer advice to anyone! I just couldn't take that job title seriously. Even in my 20's I didn't waste time on "personal trainers" and crap. Sorry, not sorry. I like a stable, steady paycheck.
  8. Big Ed going to the Philippines screams SEX TOURIST
  9. They struck gold with Caesar. Even SNL parodied it. They’re going for a repeat.
  10. OK I’m not sure if this has been answered on one of these threads or not, but I’m gonna ask anyway. I’ve been watching a Love is Blind on Netflix and of course I watch this show, and what I’m wondering is: how did these people apply for marriage certificates? Because I’ve been married before, and we both had to go down to the courthouse and show our state IDs. So on reality shows like Love is Blind and Married at a First Sight, do they get fake married first and then apply for the legal certificate? I’m not gonna list any spoilers for the show on Netflix, but of course some couples got married and some didn’t. The ones that got married-wouldn’t they know before hand if they were following through because they would’ve had to apply at the county clerks office, right? I guess I’m not following how all of this works for it to be legally binding. Anyone have the 411 on that info? If you really are marrying sight unseen, then you can’t have applied for a legal marriage certificate right?
  11. Kenny is the ENTIRE PACKAGE. PERIOD. He’s gorgeous, respectful, tall, has quiet confidence and he will be successful in life. Kelly is an idiot and he was out of her league looks wise imo. God what I wouldn’t give to have a Kenny. You DO NOT throw those men back. But no accounting for taste obviously. I forgot to add that even though I love Cameron, it’s obvious he’s been hurt by a previous relationship. I’m not saying he doesn’t love Lauren, but I think he’s trying to replace her. He’s just too vulnerable and he fell too fast, way too hard, too soon. And maybe they’ll work who knows? But I’m getting the vibe that he’s trying to replace her with the one that got away.
  12. Stacy and Darcy look like the blobfish mermaid Chum from SNL
  13. Yolanda gets what she deserves. Another one chasing someone out of their league. Weight loss or not, she’s punching above her weight with that dude. Who most decidedly does not have an English accent! She seems to have a sweet personality, a supportive family, and she looks good for her age. She could find someone local, or at her church. But nope, she wants the model. So she gets what she gets and I have no sympathy. Unless it’s all an act like last season’s Caesar. I haven’t read through all the comments yet, but the Tennessee guy doesn’t ping anyone’s radar as being gay? Is it the little lisp in his voice that’s making me think that? I don’t know he just seems off to me. The no condom lady’s story is going to be 🔥
  14. Where outside of knoxville he from? Did it say the City?
  15. Don't blame Taylor not one nary bit for that Insta video. Her "husband" ignored her on her honeymoon and told her to fuck off. She IS single. Yes, almost all of these young people need serious counseling and are way too immature for marriage. But I remember how it feels to be hurt, and it is normal to lash out as part of the healing process. I dunno if marriage will even work for the younger generations. It's treated more like having a wedding and then long term dating to see where things lead.
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