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  1. I have to say that tinashe and brandon were brillant together. I loved seeing black excellence on tv. They had the same kinda energy and style and they genuinely seemed happy with each other. Such a waste of talent gone, it was so much more I know they had to show and its all gone now.
  2. DanceRise

    S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    U know I think so too, they knew or atleast had an idea that it could be them. I was so hurt when they got eliminate. My daughter who is 13 was crying. She loved both tinashe and milo, they were her favs and she was so hurt when they sent tinashe home. This couple was so underrated, its not even funny. They deserved so much more and Brandon as a new time pro, he is fabulous. Im telling u right now, this boy is going to be the next mark and derek. He is fresh, risky and smart just like derek and mark were. I remember when mark and derek first came to the show and Len was not into their innovative choreography, just like Brandons but they ended up being some of the best choreographers ever on dwts for being so out of the box.
  3. DanceRise

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    Im new this board and as lontime viewer of dwts, I have to say last mondays results show was absolutely uncalled for. Sending that beautiful young couple and must add highly talented home over disasters like Joe esp. was not right at all. I always vote for great dancers, im not the one to vote for underdogs and im not downing anyone that does but I dont even consider Joe an underdog. Underdogs are someone that are atleast showing great improvement from starting off really bad or not so good and Joe has not grown since week 1. He is still in the teens with scores and I have to blame part of on his partner. I don't know much about JJ as dancer or choreographer because I don't really follow her but I have seen pros on this show get bad dancers like Joe and atleast try to make them look somewhat decent but she cant even do that and I dont think judges should have praised her because she is stuck with someone who cant move pretty much at all, it was uncalled for. This partnership is one of the worse I have seen in 27 seasons. I was voting for TInasha and Evanna and I threw a some Milo way, these three have been my favorite from the beginning and both my kids were fans of theres as well, so we all were voting for them. Tinashe is beautiful, she is striking, seems like really good person that truly wanted to be there and continue to grow as a person and show more of herself which I was looking forward to seeing and I love the love she shown toward her partner. The last contestant that showed that kinda love for their partner was Jordan to lindsay and he won and I just wish Tinashe could have had a similar story or atleast made further than she did.