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  1. "Here's my va-jay-jay" -- coined because a lot of contemporary female dancers do leg lifts and spreads all the time. I'm not a dancer, but know something about it, and the little girl dancer was not "all that." Decent, but nothing special, esp. since dancers can turn professional at 16 or 17, so being 13, she should be more advanced in her technique. The little girl opera singer -- I always hate seeing young kids singing opera (or other music too advanced for them, emotionally as well as technically). I don't think she really understood what she was singing -- it sounded like mimicki
  2. I love this show! It has already had one season on Netflix, so the new episodes are for the second season. Definitely worth a watch from the beginning.
  3. Do the writers really think we are buying this load of garbage from Lizzie about how her actions should be justified, just because Red's been given a pass on almost everything? I mean, okay, he has, but a.) Spader's a much better actor who can pull off the ambiguity, and b.) the Red character never pretends he is standing on some moral high ground. Unlike Liz, who always seems convinced she's still a good person, despite all the murder and mayhem she's caused. I can take a morally bankrupt character like Red who doesn't pretend to be a saint, but I can't stand Liz's hypocrisy. Her status
  4. I just wonder why this show is classified as a "Drama" when it is clearly a "Genre" show. (i know it started out as more of a drama, but that shark has been jumped). Are we supposed to empathize with the "Girl on Fire"? Because I'm not. But it almost seems that way, with the writers having Cal all upset about her leaving.
  5. Noah's Ark, because that's a real thing... Really, show?
  6. Yeah, and it said -- "Drink your Ovaltine"
  7. So Liz basically caused Anne's death. No redemption for Liz, then, in my mind. (Not that she hadn't already done horrible things, but that was the last straw). Everyone on this show is a criminal of some type or another. Red doesn't even seem like the worst of them anymore . At least he's honest about it, while the task force and Liz pretend they still have some moral high ground to stand on. There was so much stupid in this episode, if it was water you could fill the tank for the shark it's been jumping for the last few years.
  8. New trailer dropped! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1WHQTbJ7vE
  9. This is obviously an alternative-world take on the story, which is fine. Probably better than trying for historical accuracy and getting it wrong. But as a former costumer, the clothes and hair are making me twitch. Hair would NOT be worn down except at home, and only then if it was a very casual or intimate situation. The silhouette of the clothes is generally okay, but the colors and some of the fabrics.. no. Again, I have decided to label this a fantasy rather than a historical drama. Only way I can watch, LOL. I haven't read the books, which might be for the best.
  10. Desz should win, but sadly, she probably won't. Carter did well with the cover, but that original did him no favors. Ian is good in his lane, but he does not have "the voice." (Not how I would interpret that term, anyway). Again, I thought the originals didn't really work for Jim and John. I've heard much better original songs on Songland. Not really a fan of John, despite his range and technique; not sure why. His voice gets very thin and tinny sounding sometimes. I did think the high notes at the end of Halo were beautiful, though. Jim's cover was good, although it
  11. Never has so little been done with so little.
  12. I think I've pinpointed why I don't much care for this show (husband is a horror book fan, so it's something we watch, but I'm not really that invested): The tone of it is so "one-note." I understand that it's horror, but it really isn't that scary and it is so unrelentingly GRIM. There's little to no humor, even of the dark kind, and no lighter moments to throw the horror in relief. No contrasts in tone, which is boring to me. And I don't like many of the characters, either, except for Maggie. They are just flat -- too much angst without any layers.
  13. It was sooooo obvious that Savannah was going to win her duel before she even danced... or did her gymnastics floor routine, I should say. Not to pick on a child, but that is not real dancing, just tricks. I am so over the obsession with kids doing stuff (not so well) but being slathered with praise just because of their age. This happens on all these competitive performing arts shows.
  14. Exactly. Even a leather jacket would've dragged her down, much less one with metal plates in it. This episode made me think they didn't have enough material so decided to show the same scenes over again from other points of view just as filler. Varying POV can be used successfully -- it was NOT used that way here.
  15. Well, after two episodes, I'm out. The world is just too messed up right now to make me want to watch a grim, dystopian show that makes little to no sense when you really look at it. (Some posters upthread have pointed out all the scientific and other issues). I get that it may be trying to be a metaphor for a classist society, which is a fine premise -- for a film. I don't think that kind of abstract notion works as well in a weekly series.
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