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    S01.E03: Lamentis

    I did wonder that. But a Loki also spent his time "ruling" Asgard lounging around, being a lazy, greedy King who just watched obviously fake plays about himself letting the Nine Realms "fall into chaos" rather than trying to rule for any bigger plan.
  2. Featherhat

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    Coming out is not completely uncommon on TV/movies these days and you sometimes get a "Bi The Way" casual come out but that can still be very awkward or feel tacked on and unearned. (Teddy on Grey's I'm looking at you). I think they did this just right.
  3. Featherhat

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    It was exactly like a DW episode. They filmed it in a quarry and put an "alien" filter over it. Not to mention imminent death and a terrible plan for escaping it. My subtitles had "singing in Asgardian" so I assumed it was made up. Not that I know Norwegian to check either. Maybe the guards had been promised seats on the Ark and two extra passengers would get some of them kicked off? IDK, usually the rich people have already scarpered by this point if they can so it didn't necessarily make sense to have less than 12 hours to the apocalypse and still have society in place anyway
  4. I don't think The Jar was ever going to stand the test of time, especially once Arrow finished. Just out of curiosity I wonder if he and Emily are still friends or if that's gone by the way side after everything last year as well. Of course Aisha and Carina were part of a LOT of stupidity with him last year. I also think it's hilarious/annoying that on several of the gossip sites I've checked for the news there are comments about "batshit crazy Olicities who hates his wife and forced the writers to change the love story of the entire show". Not sure what that had to do with an article a
  5. From their own SM he and his wife seem to be in the habit of disagreeing with each other and drinking heavily. Those two things don't mix well on a plane. It must have been loud/aggressive for him to get escorted off. This isn't really the press he needs with a new show coming soon.
  6. Featherhat

    S01.E03: Lamentis

    I liked that. It was good to get an ep with both Lokis together. I thought they did have chemistry together but I'm not sure about how I feel about "Sylvie" on her own. I kind of wish they'd cast GuGu Mbatha-Raw as Sylvie because she's being a bit wasted, although I think will Di Martino grow on me more. No one should ever set up shop in a place called Lamentis for goodness sake, it's bound to go wrong. I noticed half the people in the crowd scenes had masks, obviously to protect themselves from apocalyptic ash as well as covid. I loved the train scenes, it's Loki's turn to get in
  7. It was...okay. The premise is definitely interesting but they went about it in the most straightforward, cliche ridden way possible. Sarah is fine but didn't particularly stand out for me, you standard TV do gooder rebel with a heart of gold and the rest of the characters have even less to them. I realise this was only a pilot but the only thing I'm interested in is the independence storyline but none of the characters. The river was a good way of coming up with the reason Greylock was never part of the US or Canada, albeit extremely convenient that the entire town was in the
  8. I think Original Loki still died in 2018 or whatever it was supposed to be when Thanos killed him. Varient!Loki not getting taken back to Asgard and setting him on the Dead Mother! revenge/redemption path means he's surplus to requirements. Everything else is supposed to be handwaved because the Avengers were "supposed" to do whatever they actually did in Endgame.
  9. I also thought of PTerry's Auditors of Reality. I think the TVA will get pretty dark, the seem to have nothing particularly positive about them beyond what they claim is The Sacred Timeline, they're literally police, judge, jury and executioners. Or their masters are. I guess that any other thing can now be handwaved as "supposed to happen" including Wanda's grief creating the Hex and a new Vision being out and about and Gamora comes under "Avengers were supposed to do this". How that pertains to DSMOM and the chaos that will definitely cause is another matter. It's not alterna
  10. Giant Space Lizards really do rule the world! The universe even, I knew it! I enjoyed it. Even though I've been watching Doctor Who since I was a kid Timey Wimey stuff still makes my head hurt so I'm trying to go with it. "The Sacred Timeline" and "The Avengers were always supposed to do what they did." Well that's one way of justifying the mess that was the time travel in Endgame. So I guess they've made the multiverse and different dimensions a completely separate concept to alternate timelines in the MCU. Got it. It varies in sci-fi. It's always nice to see Gugu M-R she's a
  11. Jumping in to this thread really late, I've just watched the first three episodes of this and it's.....interesting. Not as goofy and campy as I wanted it to be given the premise and it's dragging a bit in the 3rd ep with a hell of a lot of talking and hanging around but not in an interesting way. I like the nuns with speaking parts okay and the Father who's helping them but Ava's still a bit of a cipher to me, despite having *aaallllll* the tragic backstory. I kind of resent spending so much time with her new "outlaw" beautiful people friends. She didn't even question why she was walking much.
  12. I was referring to Lauriver on Arrow. They'd already had their other big comic canon OTP crash so hard they needed to restart with a completely new relationship because a lot of people couldn't get passed the sister swapping. Why add a weird wrinkle to their new relationship? I think having Joe as his guardian for over a decade and THEN pushing so hard on Barry/Joe father-son dynamic in the back half of S1 through a lot of S2 and beyond which is a lot of what people remember when thinking about them, does just make some people raise an eyebrow, even if you accept that best friends/baby l
  13. I have never seen WestAllen as actual incest but I will always see it as a weird wrinkle that the show didn't actually need to go with. Especially as their sister swapping relationship had already crashed and burned hard. It wasn't just the Barry/Iris growing up together from 11 it was the fact that Joe saw Barry as a son and they leaned *hard* on that relationship, more so than Joe/Iris in S1. It wasn't just Joe calling a younger man "son" he full on paternal and Joe almost certainly being his legal guardian is more than that as well. They could have avoided the issue all together if they had
  14. Zola The Intern here we come? https://www.spoilertv.com/2021/05/greys-anatomy-new-spinoff-in.html It will probably be something like Seattle PD or an EMT series though. There aren't any characters left that could carry a spin off like Addie did.
  15. Mer does have some um.. low key reactions to death and tragedy sometimes. Rewatching S5 I saw the scene where she tells Derek "bad day all around I guess" to him admitting his Dad had been murdered. Her reaction to her mother's death when they had met in Mergatory ala the beach was pretty muted as well, although there was a lot of stuff under the surface next season.
  16. The bomb/Superbowl eps... Awesome and the highest rated episodes ever and IMHO the beginning of the descent into "the next big, shocking melodrama event" that has plagued the show. There have already been other things exploding or nearly exploding since then and only 3 cast members still around from S2 and if they want people to compare the emotional pay off to something that's going to happen in a couple of weeks, that seems foolish of them because this was GA at the top of their game. Maybe they're just banking on nostalgia to get people to tune in?
  17. There's a quote I'm looking for but can't remember the ep. It's season 4 and Constantine is telling Sara that Nora is no good for Ray who's going to get his heart broken and Sara replies with something like "Ray's been doing this a long time now". It's been bugging me but I can't find it. Does anyone know which ep it is? Thanks.
  18. Sloan III was born in S6 and is a year older than his Auntie Sofia although like Izzie's daughter Hannah/Sarah he was adopted. Izzie's daughter was 11? in S2 so could be a resident now. 1-3 were all the same year and S4-5 were one year since Lexie became a resident the first ep of S6 so all the babies are or were closer together than the seasons. *Headache* If any of the writers actually remember S3 now there's also a cousin that's already appeared on the show as a baby: Laura Grey-Thompson.
  19. Fair enough SO, I can understand that. I do remember there were rumours that she would come back provided it was definitely the finale but either that changed or it was literally just fan rumours. And she's got a lot of projects to juggle. So I guess Calzona it is then for biggest nostalgic guest stars next season. I think S19 would survive one its own, partly due to lack of other options for ABC, although there's no doubt that the network loves the synergy opportunities or whatever it's called now. A little like how Private Practice basically survived it's last couple of seaso
  20. Go until they're ready to launch that Zola as an intern spin-off without having to time jump?
  21. I'm not surprised but I really hope they announce it as the last season. I've said that before though and here were are. This time next year they'll give it a 2 season renewal to bring it up to 20 years. 😉 On the one hand it does deserve to have a wrap up season and plan accordingly but OTOH I wouldn't have been upset if it had ended this year. They're losing cast, EP seems like she's just waiting it out now and I really can't imagine them going on for another 3-4 years. Again that's been said many times. I mean Teddy and Owen round 506? Nope. Mer/McWidower/Jo, no thanks. Bailey/Ben
  22. I agree but I also think they'll give Grey's a finale season since it's been on the air nearly 20 years, not a suddenly announced finale in a few weeks. Maybe they could do 10-13 eps? I suppose the only big guest star to get back would be Sandra Oh to reaffirm Cris and Mer forever but all the other relationships (including between dead people!) seem tied up and cast are exiting. Unless potential Mer/Hayes or Jo/Hayes are supposed to be interesting. I liked April listing all the reasons that rushed marriage to Matthew was such a terrible idea straight out of fan complaints.
  23. I didn't really like the dress but they made a point to say that Mer found the right dress for her after a day of grumpily trying them on. The rest of the time they barely pretended it wasn't going to be Izzie's wedding. I get the nitpicking, it's just that they didn't care at all about the practicalities of any of it including the obvious size difference in actresses which had even been brought up on the show itself before. It's a minor miracle that they actually mentioned Alex's family not being at the wedding due to the switcheroo when his brother came to town.
  24. That's the magic of clothes on TV, they always become the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. The anvils flying about the switch before it happened were pretty huge and then a few episodes later Izzie was gone for good. But they did actually make a big deal about Meredith finding a good dress for her personally, even though it was still huge and white. At least in Katherine Heigl's 27 Dresses she made sure to tell a bride "thank goodness we're the same size!" (Why do I remember that?). But KH and EP are completely different shapes and sizes. I remember there was discussion that maybe
  25. It was all kind of fuzzed together. They'd already had sex by the time they realised who each other was at the hospital but Derek made no effort to distance himself professionally from Mer (quite the opposite) and encouraged her interest in Neuro from the start. He had a lot of sway over her career and could basically request her or anyone to work with him. There was a lot of Bailey/Izzie being angry because Meredith was dating "all of our boss" and Bailey couldn't exactly forbid it. It got messy and that's before Addie showed up. But they also mentioned a lot that it was considered a bad thin
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