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  1. rootsonrootsonroot

    S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    That rehearsal footage was honestly television gold. The Barack Obama part especially, and him talking about how he picked the song. He can't dance but man do I love him.
  2. rootsonrootsonroot

    S01.E02: Song From the Year I Was Born

    I would love to see Jake as a future pro on the regular show. Him, Brightyn, and Rylee are my favorites.
  3. rootsonrootsonroot

    S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    I literally never said that. Don't put words in my mouth. I'm very sad about Tinashe going home and would've preferred it to be Joe, Bobby, Mary Lou, or John.
  4. rootsonrootsonroot

    S27.E06: Week 4: Trios Night

    Joe is a terrible dancer, but the vitriol about his personality is just... unnecessary. He hasn't really done much other than be a nice, genuine dude, who just straight up CANNOT DANCE. The hatred for him is insane. He's trying, don't blame him, blame the people voting for him. I feel awful for Tinashe. She should've made it to the semi-finals at least. Milo and DeMarcus had my favorite dances of the night.