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  1. Yes, now I know. Was coming to correct that 😂.
  2. I like to think of it as TPTB turning back the page on long waits like last season's announcements. If that's the case, then THANK GOODNESS. The 2020-2021 retirements took waaaaaay too long in my opinion. It took so long a bald blue guy from a freaking comic book had to be the one to tell us! 😂
  3. I wish her well. Was never given that much attention, but I always did consider her a consistent, hard-working DCC. Will be missed!
  4. Love to see as point: Chandi Will probably NEVER be point, but hey that's OK I still think she's awesome: Kristin.
  5. "You Are Wasting Our Time!" Yeah, you got that right. Gosh, I DESPISE cliffhanger episodes.
  6. I know this may be an odd/stupid thing to complain about as it is the year 2021, but I really do wish they wouldn’t put too much emphasis on amount of SM followers. Again, I know I’m in the minority here but it just irks me 🤷‍♂️.
  7. Happy Judy was honest about Kat. Sad she was overridden, but oh well lol.
  8. I'm sorry. Her dancing HAS stepped up. But SG was, in my opinion, way too big of a "promotion." However, with that being said the decision has been made and I do wish her and the rest of Show Group congratulations. And no, I don't consider her a "great ambassador." And, darn, there I go again. Complaining about something that already happened ... 😂
  9. *sigh* So I will say this. Marissa is not, and will probably never be, one of my "favorites," but I feel I (personally) really backed myself into a corner with this one. I've been a big advocate over the years for Gina Ligi, and that's mainly due to the dancing. I often defend her with the comment of "Well, sure, she's not for everyone but she's a great DANCER." To not at the very least admit that Marissa is one helluva a dancer would be hypocritical on my end. Still not my model DCC, but make no mistake ... Marissa Garrison can DANCE.
  10. Why am I not surprised? Aaaannnnnddd that’s what I get for giving TPTB even an a ounce of credit 😂.
  11. I know it was only a 15-second video, but I’m soooo happy to see they’re not hiding the rookies as much this year. Happy to see Ashlinn in the uniform :).
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