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  1. REALLY liked the two guest choreographers this week. Loved that Hannah finally got a shoutout and good on Evan for choosing Gina as point! Meredith is still crying. What a shock.
  2. Victoria talking about show group: "Yes. It can easily be taken away." I swear CMT are just trolling us at this point.
  3. @ByTor Thanks so much for pointing this out. I'll admit to also getting stuck on this "KaShara called for Caroline to be point" thing just like so many others where. However, after cooling off these past couple of days and thinking about it, I can totally see how CMT could do something like that. Thanks for letting cooler heads prevail! 😉
  4. Another highlight: When they called Kitty "a queen" in S13 and asked CMT to feature her EVEN MORE than they were already doing so.
  5. From time to time I journey forth from the safe forum haven and go to the Facebook page for a good laugh. I'll never forget the time they started talking about us. They practically compared us to a cult led by Shelly and she was somehow leading us against Victoria while Dayton was in training camp. Ah, yes. Good times ... good times. I so wish I could screenshot the comment but that was made last season and I don't even know it exists anymore. 😂🤣😂.
  6. All I gotta say is: Tara and Gabby, congratulations on being cut when you were. Now you don't have to be apart of this clusterf**k! 😂
  7. And by the way she spoke and waited you could tell that she was thinking REAL hard about the decision. She spoke like someone who expected to be taken seriously and knew what the effects of what she said could entail. And that's how it should've been.
  8. I can't believe what I just saw. And to think I waited till midnight so I could watch it as soon as Amazon put it up ... So y'all, get this: Jalyn is now "toxic"!!!! Did you hear that. That's right. Being upset and excusing herself so as to not cause a scene was a selfish and "unprofessional" thing to do apparently. As opposed to what, Kelli? Causing a scene in the middle of practice?!?!?!? Good heavens, this show is starting to jump the shark(Yes I know many people will say it already has, please don't laugh at me 😉 ). And to top it all off, they compared her to Savannah! 🤣😂🤣. Like, I like Savannah but I never really thought of her as someone the others absolutely "needed" to follow or look up to. Please someone, tell me. Am I missing something here??????? 😡. And Kashara, thank you for speaking your mind and THANK YOU for your point input. She clearly had thought it out, and when confronted with a choice politely and concisely mentioned that Caroline, not Amy OR Maddie, should be point. But nope, guess Kelli just disregarded that advice and stuck with seniority. Like come on TPTB. This woman was point for two years in a row above dancers like Lacey. Please tell me you at least took this piece of advice somewhat seriously. Oh, while I'm on a "rant," why did Meredith make the team? Look, I get it. I'm a guy. She's gorgeous. But she can't do the choreography and cries ... like more than teen Brianna from S12 did. Sigh .... Um. Good points? I think Kelcey and Chandi are very pretty. Rachel W. is very good looking. I was impressed with Hannah as usual, and Daphne is starting to grow on me. Also felt Alexendria's goodbye was very classy. Good for her. I dunno guys. Maybe I'm overreacting. But then again, maybe not 😑.
  9. Dang, this episode was weird. Jalyn is now "toxic"? Yeah, nope. And you can forget about convincing me that Victoria is a better dancer. Just ... not happening. Meredith is a very beautiful woman, but I don't know why she is still being kept in TC. Perhaps this will be explained in a future episode. But probably not.
  10. Well, here it is people. Today is the day we finally see the excuse reason Jalyn was left off of Show Group. Can't wait 😑.
  11. Just dropping in to say it appears over the last day or two we seem to have passed the record for most replies on a DCC thread with 309 pages, breaking the previous record of 307 pages held by "Finals, Trying Camp and Social Media" from 2018. We did it everybody! 😂🤣😂. CONGRATS! (Or maybe this isn't the top thread? Maybe there was a longer one but it's since been deleted? If so, then I apologize for spreading incorrect info haha.) Sorry for the quick change of subject, just thought it was cool. Now back to your discussions 😉
  12. SORRY. Saw the topic of discussion and just assumed this was the Former DCCs thread. 😂🤣😂
  13. Did I find the situation with Erica to be rather annoying at times? Yes Do I think she was a great dancer? Yes Do I think that this squad of talented ladies deserved a raise? 100% absolutely yes. So thank you Erica's lawsuit, thank you.
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