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  1. That and she always comes across as a kind, sweet human being. A photo like this from someone else on the team (not gonna name names) would at the very least get a raised eyebrow from me, but I always have found her to be respectable and the photo would definitely sell a calendar as @Blndee6 mentioned.
  2. OH yeah, that's right! She was also cheered for the Wildcats! Haha, so many people from one school :)
  3. Imagine a team with Heather, Gabby and Chandi. That would be fun! Three of my faves!
  4. I sometimes forget that both Gabby and Chandi were on the same college squad together at Arizona. As both are generally well-regarded by me and, I hope, others on the forum it makes me sad and a tad bit disappointed we never got to see them wear the Cowboys uniform together. 😞 (I know this is about a current member, but it's also about a former member as well so thought I'd post it here. If it doesn't belong here I guess move it to Current Squad? *shrugs*)
  5. I know many weren't that impressed with her, but I wouldn't mind seeing Taylor T. try again. Terrible media day aside, I feel that if she improved enough in that area she could in fact be a DCC good ambassador. I feel like her dancing is there, and she would be fun to see on the sidelines. Just my two cents. Maybe third time's the charm? Also would like to see Madeline again. First go around wasn't perfect, but I feel she has the potential to become a fan favorite if she improves her dancing and maintains the good attitude she had throughout last year's training camp.
  6. Amanda, Kelcey or Chandi would do well for me. And Kristin Dodd is a favorite of mine, though not sure what others think of her? 🙂
  7. Amen! The Victoria jokes make me laugh, but I do love talking about the other girls. You know, the ones we actually like or want to get to know a bit. 😉
  8. Well done! I do have to admit the first time it went over my head. But now that I really examine the comment I can't stop laughing! ;)
  9. Oh, yeah. I understood what Kelli was getting at. I just don't think I would've used the same words to say it.
  10. But, but we wouldn't understand. She wasn't giving them the right "PeRfORmanCE SiGnAlS" Yep, that's right. I'd like to say every time I hear that phrase I lose it, but I don't. Because I'm not quite sure that's an actual phrase in the English language.
  11. GABBY, a veteran, was sent home. 😡 Sorry guys, still not over this ... 😂
  12. I'm still waiting for official confirmation of Heather and Bridget's retirement. It wouldn't surprise me if Heather decided to retire after all that's happened, but all we have is a couple of social media posts that don't ACTUALLY say she's retiring, right? Ditto with Bridget. And where did the Christina one come from? Maybe I missed something? 🙂
  13. That's what I'm hoping for! ;) Please no, on both counts lol 😂
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