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  1. You guys! Alanna is engaged! Oh, happy days. What wonderful news. Wishing her and her fiance a happy marriage and wonderful life! 🙂
  2. Thank you for such a wonderful and well-written response! Perhaps I was a bit harsh. Or maybe just cranky from work! 😂. Either way the points you've made are very good and of course I will keep my eyes open to see just how many retirements we get this year. And yes! Thank you for mentioning that there is still some real class acts. Looking back at my original comment I think I was just upset with the Brennan and Hannah cuts I forgot this is a team of 36, not two!
  3. Out of those ones? Jalyn's the easy choice for me. I get this sinking feeling that if she tries to return for a 4th season CMT and K&J will be chomping at the bit and cut her for a story line. She's already suffered enough in my opinion. Other than that? I dunno. I'm starting to lose the will to care which is so sad to me. The off-season is usually the most fun because the core group of dedicated users usually come here and discuss at length over who's coming back, who's retiring and who's auditioning. And by the start of the audition process there will be "favorites" and such. Now however, at least for me, that fun is being stripped away thanks to this finasco of a season. I'm not trying to be rude or be too much of a buzzkill, BUT ... I just don't want to spend the off-season concerned about if someone is publicly drunk ... or sleeping around ... or ratting out teammates ... or being tone-deaf on world issues ... or, well I'm sure by now you get the idea. *Sigh* Anyone feel like talking me off the ledge here? 🤷‍♂️😉
  4. And yet there are so many on social media and the “Premier” FB group who just mindlessly gobble up whatever CMT wants them to. The fans marvel at the new rookies while putting down the “rude” and “unprofessional” Brennan, Lily and Hannah. They’ll also always talk about the “queen” Kat and “how far” VKs come and how she’ll make GL or point today. And of course, Maddie has such a large fan group it’s annoying. It’s so depressing sometimes ... 😂
  5. I find Taylor J to be relatively harmless. And I do appreciate her work as a teacher. However I did find it tragically hilarious that CMT had a whole segment filmed for her one-day tryout and then decided “naaaaah”! 😂
  6. Well guys, the end of the season is upon us. This season, and past year to be honest, have been quite a woozy. I like to be a man of my word, so I won’t actually be watching the finale (at least not live anyways). With that being said, I just wanna give a shout-out to all the awesome people on this forum. You all never fail to brighten my days, even on the worst of the them. And also just want say thank you to all our lovely moderators this season. Us members can be quite an emotional bunch, and this year there were MANY emotions and comments that I’m sure weren’t easy to moderate and keep track off. And of course, thank you to the 36 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Thank you so much for keeping us all entertained and happy! I hope the off-season treats you all well!
  7. Out of those eight the only two I’d truly be excited to leave are Tess and Lexie. They simply do nothing for me. I love Briana, Jalyn and Kristin, and Rachel A. has really grown on me. I have to admit to not caring that much about Savannah. I have this feeling Maddie’s gonna be here for a while ...
  8. And still is to this day even though she isn’t on the team anymore! 😅 (I remain a Kashara fan, but I do almost have to feel bad for those that weren’t and were probably looking forward to her retirement ..... only to slowly realize CMT loves her haha 😂 )
  9. ... and is all the more stronger and well-off for it in my opinion!
  10. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Thank god we have "co-points" this season. She may not be my favorite, but I'm just gonna act like Maddie is solo point. Don't think I'm gonna acknowledge Rachel W. as "point" going forward.
  11. I don’t know why I even bother with this show anymore ... 🙄. P.S. Lily’s beautiful inside and out!
  12. Hmmmm interesting! I’ll admit to liking Cianna’s look and dancing! 😉
  13. Glad to hear it. Anyways, this is very welcome news to me! Gina has really grown since that awkward office visit in S12. Improved as a teammate and is an excellent dancer. Some of the best character growth on the show IMO.
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