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  1. Really wish they had of replaced Nina with someone else . Don’t really care for CW.
  2. The nu Thomas is really hard for me to watch because I see nothing interesting nor even good looking about him. As someone upthread said ,”little beady eyes.” And such a high forehead and not a believable actor. If he’s going for a villian character it isn’t working because there’s nothing likeable for me to want to like him as the case with victor Newman , a Villian one loves to hate.
  3. Not only was Maura west’s singing off, but her dress was horrible and yikes, her whole performance was horrible in that scene.
  4. I agree maxi and peter are too forced and have no chemistry. Put him with Sasha.
  5. That Thomas is bland. Too high forehead, little beady eyes and zero personality and then there’s eyebrows Flo. Storyline pretty much dull at this time.
  6. Ugh, kinda getting sick of whiney Hope and slurpy bubbly Steffy...move onto something else writers.
  7. Ava is getting to be the Amara of Get Shorty!
  8. It pained me hearing Steffy whisper her total airtime today plus her gothic ministerial costume was way overboard. I swear Liam has the squintiest eyes ever and they dart back and forth while he has that dumb ass look! I like the actor but not the stories they give him. I’ll be glad when Thorne grows his hair and gets a better storyline.Inmho the whole soap as of now is dragging a bit....there’s always Monday.
  9. Cannot stand Anna with Finn! She belongs with Robert effing Scorpio!! Love that man!
  10. Where is sally and the gang? Where are the Avants? Is this all there is?
  11. I liked the Sally Spectra they first brought on board. I think they paired her with a romantic lead way too early. Should have kept it more in line with the previous specter/forrester theme of years ago. Too driveling serious for me now.
  12. Haven't posted in awhile but had to see what all of you thought about the storyline and ,snot nose brat, and lazy writing. Pretty much DITTO!
  13. what has she done to her damn mouth?? It looks horrible, just horrible. Are Brook and Quinn the only women on the show that keep their own mouths??
  14. Just like her acting. The whole triangle thing yet again, is as boring as hell. Makes me wanna say "Bueller, Bueller?"
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