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  1. Not sure how I feel about seeing OUR FLAG on the ground; it should never touch the ground. The concept of the picture (nude pregnant woman draped under cloth) isn’t off-putting; it’s oft repeated especially in classical art and can be quite tasteful and beautiful. Seeing the Stars and Stripes on that cloth WHILE it is on the floor is a real game changer though. That’s just my two cents having served 20+ years in the military. Do I think Meredith needs to be thrown in the clink or bring the outrage machine to life over it? Naw, absolutely not...but maybe a gentle reminder is in store especially since these talented women often participate in morale and welfare events at military installations.
  2. I was so bummed when Brennan got cut last year. Her performance didn’t wow me, but her perseverance did. I was happy to see the vets pull for her, too. It is well deserved support. I don’t know why Kelli and Judy insist on clinging on to Victoria. Oh wait...I do know why: Tina Kalina. The amount of latitude they have given to VK is ridiculous. I wonder what the vets and rookies think about it. If we notice from weekly abridged episodes, it must be glaringly obvious real time in the flesh.
  3. I love Malena. My soul will be crushed if she doesn’t make the team this season. IKR!!
  4. My eyes are bleeding. Favoritism much? Victoria has fumbled during the entire training camp — and she slighted a vet, but Taylor doesn’t handle an answer well during Media Training (TBF though, she was set up for failure; if the title of a seminar involves “training,” then training should indeed be a part of the equation) and she gets cut even though she’s been a star performer. SMH. ICE. It’s a foregone conclusion: Victoria is going to be a DCC BECAUSE of who her mother is. I mean no slight against Victoria; she seems like a genuinely lovely and talented young lady, but she is not ready to be a DCC.
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